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Fear, Inc. (2016)

Fear, Inc. (2016)

Lucas NeffCaitlin StaseyChris MarquetteStephanie Drake
Vincent Masciale


Fear, Inc. (2016) is a English movie. Vincent Masciale has directed this movie. Lucas Neff,Caitlin Stasey,Chris Marquette,Stephanie Drake are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Fear, Inc. (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Fear, Inc. follows a company of degenerates who can be hired for a premium to bring your greatest fears to life. But when horror junkie Joe Foster's customized scare seemingly begins, he and his friends must decide if this company is there to scare them or make them pawns in their own sick game.

Fear, Inc. (2016) Reviews

  • Maybe if the lead character wasn't so annoying it would have been better


    I don't really know what to say about this movie as there is not a whole lot to say. It's a horror-comedy, packed with jokes that 99% of them fall flat to the ground as they aren't funny at all. Our lead man is incredibly obnoxious and annoying and often ruins scenes that could have been somewhat suspenseful by cracking various jokes etc and being over-enthustiastic about everything. There are some semi-clever homages to other horror films, the Saw one had a great set up but again slightly ruined by the lead character's personality. But none of the cast really impresses if I'm gonna be honest, not even Chris Marquette whom I usually like. He's not bad per se, but it's a fairly ungrateful part he was given as the best friend of the douchebag in the lead. So yeah can't say I liked it very much, it's directed by a guy called Vincient Masciale and although he didn't get it right this time I wouldn't write him off completely and he could quite possibly learn from the mistakes he did with this one.

  • Fear Inc.? More like Fear gone bankrupt.


    You've already seen this movie. It's called The Game. Sure this is different. By different I mean not as good, less interesting, lower budget, bad acting and taking short cuts to twists that are extremely predictable and really really bad. It is not funny. It is not scary. It is not suspenseful. It is not thrilling. The satire fell flat on every front. I mean every front. It just went on and on and on with a great many awful attempts at satiric horror homages, and I mean awful. From the opening scene to the idiotic ending, Fear Inc. searched and searched for an identity that it never found and left me with a raised eyebrow asking myself "is that it?" The main character actually wears a Freddy sweater throughout the entire movie. It was so sad. Just do yourself a favor and pass up this movie in favor of a nice root canal or colonoscopy. You'll thank me.

  • A Refreshing Horror


    A cool horror that that has a company that caters pure horror to paying customers who like to be scared. This off the grid company goes all out creating your ultimate nightmare. A horror movie buff and his friends sign up and have their lives changed forever. This was awesome. It felt like The Game (1997) on steroids with some April Fool's Day (1986) mixed in brought to a whole new level. Slick writing as well which kept the film interesting. Twist after twist kept you wondering what was real and what wasn't. Don't miss this one. It was a change from the zombies, ghosts, vampires and any found footage film.

  • Funny With Lots Of Twists


    You never know what you're going to get when you go to see an indie with no major stars (albeit a fun cameo from Scream Queens star Abigail Breslin) at a film festival (Tribeca for this one), so was pleasantly surprised when this one didn't disappoint. Fear Inc is about a company that takes haunted houses to a more extreme level. The main character doesn't take life seriously and is always looking for an adrenaline rush, so when he finds out about the company, he calls them and things really kick off. He immediately thinks all the weird things happening to he and his friends are a part of the deal, but then things get twisty and we aren't really sure. Turns into more of a thriller from there. Main cast is really good, mainly TV actors. And a lot of funny cameos (jump to conclusions guy from office space is in it and so funny). I saw one of the twists coming, but others got me. Definitely recommend checking out whenever it's available after the festival.

  • That was actually quite decent


    I have seen so many of these low budget thrillers that when someone makes something even slightly original its like a breath of fresh air. I was not expecting much to be honest but I am pleasantly surprised by how decent it was. Its quite difficult to initially like the movie since the bloke who plays the lead is mind-numbing irritating but once you get past that you can actually enjoy the movie quite a bit. The girl who plays the lead is seriously beautiful. Her voice is something to die for as well.I think I am in love. I think a lot many more people would have enjoyed the movie if Bighead from Silicon Valley's doppelganger lead was replaced by someone else. For a while I was certain that I was witnessing the worst ever actor in the history of civilization but to be fair to him he does improve towards the end. Its actually quite a decent movie even with its many flaws. You should give it a try if you enjoy low budget slasher movies.


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