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Forev (2013)

Forev (2013)

Noël WellsMatt MiderAmanda BauerTimmy L'Heureux
Molly Green,James Leffler


Forev (2013) is a English movie. Molly Green,James Leffler has directed this movie. Noël Wells,Matt Mider,Amanda Bauer,Timmy L'Heureux are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Forev (2013) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Sophie and Pete get engaged on their first date, which is a 6-hour drive through the desert. And then nothing goes wrong... nothing at all.

Forev (2013) Reviews

  • Very nice and simple story !!


    Everybody in this story is nice .... no violence .... no hate .... no anger! And that's what makes this flick fun and enjoyable. It's a road trip movie with three main characters - Sophie, Pete, & Jess. Sophie likes to have fun, Pete is sort of an immature loner, and Jess is Pete's sister. Sophie & Pete live in the same apartment building and Pete must drive six hours away to get his sister at college. Sophie decides to join Pete for the ride. Along the way there is the usual personal conflicts and self discovery as seen in other road trip movies. What makes this one shine is that each personality stands out and is consistent in character. They are charming, irritating, lovable and totally unlikeable at times. The ending might be taken by some as just too sweet but as a movie it completed the circle! Enjoy!

  • Weird, simple, funny, surprising and sweet. I recommend it for a calm and funny evening.


    This movie is pretty good actually. I was surprised! The actors are very convincing, the storyline interesting, the dialogs believable - it all just fits perfectly together. It's a movie that works without picking up overused clichés yet showing some within a framework that makes it clear that they are just that. It doesn't obsessively try hard to be funny at all costs yet has it's moments that just make you laugh by being natural and down to earth. This movie works with a slow momentum, step by step closing in on the viewer and giving the characters depth and credibility. It's not a blockbuster in it's traditional sense yet I'm happy that it isn't because it might just not be every ones taste - but in my opinion that's what makes this movie special. There aren't really any moments when I felt bored by this slow approach though. It is a nice movie with charming characters, a good and believable atmosphere through and through. I really enjoyed watching it till the end, it doesn't forcefully try to sell you any ideals like many movies of this sort do. It's a calm, yet entertaining, funny, weird and surprisingly attaching movie. All the actors did a superb job here - they really grow on you. If you want to enjoy a calm and bewitchingly movie for a change this one is a very good choice! I wish more movies were like this.

  • Subtle, simple, heartwarming, funny


    i don't write good reviews very often. This just had to be a good review. Why didn't this movie become more popular when it came out? It's funny, you don't see what's coming, and it's very sweet. Not the sickeningly sweet kind of thing you'd expect, but sweet. Makes you want to find someone to share it with you. It's that kind of sweet. The characters are good. Not schlocky or trite or overdone or hammy. Just good. The movie makes you feel like a fly-on-the-wall watching the two main characters interact and come together. Watch it.

  • Sweet, uplifiting and not what I expected


    A few years ago I made a note to myself to 'write something joyous', the basic idea being to write a story, probably a romance, devoid of conflict. It would be hard to make such a thing interesting but I think it's possible. I never did write it, but from the IMDb description of this film I thought that someone else might have. It turns out though that it was presumably intended as sarcasm because things do go wrong. So I was a little disappointed in that sense, but that's my failing, not the film's and it may well be better for having conflict. I certainly wasn't disappointed in the film as a whole, it's sweet and uplifting with likable characters, solid performances and decent writing. It probably won't stay with you for long but it's an enjoyable way to spend 90 minutes, especially after a hard day. So I'm glad I watched it, even if it wasn't what I was expecting. But I still hope that one day someone will make the film that I thought this might be.


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