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Freier Fall (2013)

Freier Fall (2013)

Hanno KofflerMax RiemeltAttila BorlanKatharina Schüttler
Stephan Lacant


Freier Fall (2013) is a German,English movie. Stephan Lacant has directed this movie. Hanno Koffler,Max Riemelt,Attila Borlan,Katharina Schüttler are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Freier Fall (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

With a promising police career and a baby on the way, Marc's life seems to be right on track - then he meets fellow policeman Kay. During their regular jogs, Marc experiences a never-before-felt sense of ease and effortlessness - and what it means to fall in love with another man. Torn between his family and his new feelings for Kay, Marc sees his world careening more and more out of control. Suddenly, his life is in free fall and Marc realizes that, try as he may, he can't make everyone happy - least of all himself.


Freier Fall (2013) Reviews

  • As I Wait For Free Fall 2


    I want to say that Free Fall was an experience. In many ways is like a 40's melodrama. He, his wife and the other woman. What makes it feel different is that the other woman is a man. Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt are superb as the forbidden sides of this triangle. Frank, compassionate, truthful and painful, very painful. The love and passion, fear and guilt in Hanno Koffler's eyes are haunting and recognizable. Max Riemelt's Kay makes the alternative in Koffler's Marc's life totally plausible and fills it with a form of suspense that the ending didn't completely clear out. So I'm so happy there will be a part 2. I can't wait.

  • This film has stuck with me.


    When I started to watch Free Fall, I had no idea what I was in store for. The only reason I was mildly interested in it is because I noticed Hanno Koffler, whom I had seen in an earlier homosexual film I really enjoyed, Summer Storm. It is a film that sucks you in from the beginning, at first being all jumbled up and out of place leaving room to wonder, and then has a very steady progression. The characters are genuine and believable. (I don't know what it is but foreign gay films are always much better than American ones.) There are very heartbreaking and heartwarming scenes, as well as just uncomfortable ones; it is a roller coaster of emotions. Another thing is there was also some intense and erotic scenes; the two leads have excellent chemistry together. Some cookie-cutter gay problems ensue, but overall the films stands it's own in knowing that it needs to be more than "just a gay film". I was really impressed with the subtle and wonderful deliverance of Kay Engel by Max Riemelt. He's a very beautiful man and some of his scenes are worth seeing just for the sheer acting value. Very pleasing, a movie that has definitely stuck with me for all it gives. The runtime is necessary for all the material to sink in. Don't understand the comments that say it could have been shorter.

  • A very satisfying ending


    I won't re-hash all that has been written here about the plot - needless to say, this is a "coming out" story, but in my mind it was more of a coming-out to life and responsibility than just being gay or straight. We find Marc at the beginning of the movie as a bit of a slacker - he has taken the easy way most of his life - he comes from a family of police, so he joins the force, he isn't doing very well at the police academy because he just wont push or apply himself. He has a girlfriend and neither of them can commit to marriage despite the fact they are expecting a child. They have moved back in with the parents - again the easy way - and we find Marc is just "going with the flow." Along comes a gay guy who shakes things up, and in the end, forces March to examine his life. I loved the metaphor of running in this movie - at first he can't keep up with his colleagues on the force, but at the end, he pulls ahead of the pack, and we know he is on the way to manhood and making his own life decisions. I really love movies where the characters step up to life and become strong - that is my take away here.

  • A Film To Make You Think ! – Truly Superb


    Superbly shot, great dialogue, Overall, amazing cinema. Stephan Lacant – Genius. The Film Stars Max Riemelt (Kay) as a young Police officer. A Stunningly Handsome character with a Striking Face. Cheeky, playful, lovable Kay. This is the kind of platonic (or otherwise) Best Buddy many men would like, regardless of sexuality. This film shows Riemelt with his best look yet. After some initial brushes, Kay becomes friends with Marc (Hanno Koffler). A fellow Officer training at the academy. Marc a married man who is expecting a baby with his Wife Bettina (Katharina Schüttler). Eventually, Kay after a few flirty, maybe cheeky stunts, initially pushed aside as a "Joke" and a slight rebuff. Kay engages Marc in a an brief sexual encounter whilst out jogging. It is hard to say more without giving the plot away. But it is not long before things progress. Kay, whilst playing the passive character in this movie. He is the stronger of the two, who remains defiant and strong, the harder, better man. This, despite his loneliness, the rejection and aggression towards him. Meanwhile Marc struggles with his sexuality, feelings and family commitments. He deals with a separate set of emotional, anxious and eventual acceptances. Not forgetting bigotry that both men have to cope with. The film portrays a very real scenario. Situations that many people have or may find them in. Whether this be due to suppression of feelings, peer or family pressure. Watch the film, consider those you know and love. Then think! about it, that is the kind of movie this is. Not Arty or overly intellectual but very, very well scripted. All the actors play their roles well in this Movie. But it is obviously the two male leads that steal the limelight. Max's incredible looks and Handsome Hanno's rebuffs and reluctant start that turns into a happy, sexy swagger in his role. Please do watch this film with an open mind. The Sexual scenes are very well shot and far from seedy. The performances are outstanding. This is acting at its best, real life, gritty. The chemistry between them is electric. The looks and body language is just as you would expect in real life. I can't really put this into any one Genre of film. I cannot understand why it is in "Gay & Lesbian" sections either. This is a film that can be watched by all adults of any sexuality, intellectual level or background. But in order to enjoy and understand it, you might need a certain amount of understanding and acceptance. This is a movie that had my emotions up-down and all over, hairs raised, a kick in the guts, mixed thoughts. The works. I watched a couple of scenes to listen to the true spoken German Grammar. As one or two of the subtitles were amiss. I found this to be one of the best films I have ever watched. Whether or not you are happy with the ending is another matter. In Words: Powerful - Stunning – Captivating – Thrilling – Sadness – Happiness – Gritty – Enamour – Drawing – Sensual & Emotional. I would say there could never be Freier Fall II, too tacky. But the actors could command a fortune for "Kollision Wege".........or you choose a title?. A credit to all the cast and Crew – Thank You. ENJOY!

  • Erotic & Exotic Slice of Life


    This film is very, very erotic and just as exotic in the way the story is presented. From a film point of view it is unique in that the film's construction is very new, so new in fact that you marvel at just how seamlessly it is all put together. The cast is uniformly superb, with the three lead actors truly shining in a very believable way. The story itself is quite passé especially in view of the progress made with gay rights in Europe and Germany in particular. But the two male leads are so hot who cares? And the third supporting actor, an absolutely stunning woman, is a perfect foil for the two men who are bouncing off the walls for each other. As a film buff myself and also as an individual who has seen virtually every good film made with a gay plot, I can say this film stands at the very top, the highest peak, in just how beautifully the story is told. A couple of the reviews here were nasty because they feel the story here is as old as the hills and to some degree that is true, but the human heart in its varied dimensions is always new in terms of where it goes and how people react to where they are taken.


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