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Front of the Class (2008)

Front of the Class (2008)

James WolkTreat WilliamsDominic Scott KaySarah Drew
Peter Werner


Front of the Class (2008) is a English movie. Peter Werner has directed this movie. James Wolk,Treat Williams,Dominic Scott Kay,Sarah Drew are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. Front of the Class (2008) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

After being challenged by Tourette's syndrome from a very young age, Brad Cohen defies all odds to become a gifted teacher. As Cohen grows up, he must face friends and classmates who don't realize that he sometimes cannot control his outbursts and a father who seems unwilling to accept his son's condition.

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Front of the Class (2008) Reviews

  • with a person with tourettes, this movie moved me.


    one word to describe it. Wow. Front of the class is about the true story of a kid with tourettes who's lifelong goal is to become a teacher but has to overcome his obstacles with tourettes. with a dad that never accepted him as a son, kids who don't know anything about the desease and all the things in between but what made this movie great was the determination to not only people with tourettes or a disability but people who dog you by saying your no good for this or you will never amount to anything. the movie has good acting and the determination that goes along with the movie and the cast is top notch. this movie has heart, and with a guy that has tourette syndrome, i could relate and it kept me keeping all hope going and pursue my dreams. defiantly worth a watch if your curious about tourettes, or just a great drama that sucks you in. 10/10. HIGHLY recommended.

  • Very good, inspiring


    In this fact-based story, Brad Cohen has Tourette's Syndrome. This means he makes noises involuntarily, even in places like school, where he would be expected to behave. Early in the movie, with James Wolk narrating, we first see Brad as a child in St. Louis, played by Dominic Scott Kay. Brad is picked on by other children and told to behave by his teachers. Since he can't control himself, he is constantly being sent to the principal. His father Norman (Treat Williams) has divorced his mother and still believes Brad should work harder to control his actions. So mother Ellen (Patricia Heaton) must raise Brad and his brother Jeff (Charles Wyson) pretty much on her own. Ellen does research and finds out there is a name for Brad's condition, but no cure. The one thing Brad can do that pleases his father is play baseball, where rude noises are tolerated. For the first part of the movie, the scenes of Brad's childhood alternate with those of the adult Brad, played by Wolk, who is living with a roommate Ron (not a real person, I found out, but a composite of several friends) and trying unsuccessfully to get a job as a second grade teacher in Atlanta, where his father runs a construction business. Norman wants Brad to work for him, but Brad is determined to prove he can make it as a teacher. Young Brad finally finds a school that will accept him. The actions of Principal Myer inspire him not to give up, and he is determined to be a teacher unlike those who mistreated him. But finding that job won't be easy. Though Brad demonstrates a great deal of confidence and determination and has a winning personality, and even though he succeeded as a student teacher. No one wants to take a chance on him. But Brad pushes harder, even as financial considerations force him to work for his father--doing the dirty work on job sites. Finally, Brad hears from Mountain View Elementary. They actually want him! Jim Ovbey (Joe Chrest) is the principal, and Hilarie Straka (Dianne Butler, who reminds me of Patricia Routledge in appearance) is the assistant principal who actually hired him. Susan Scott (Helen Ingebritsen) is his mentor. But it still won't be easy to get through the first year. Some parents are uncomfortable with him. There are students with problems, but Brad has the ability to deal with those. After all, he too was a problem student, and he learned from his disability. Will he succeed? Well, if he didn't, would you be watching this? Oh, Brad also wants to have relationships with women. Can he do that too? What do you think? I predict an Emmy nomination for James Wolk. It's not just that he effectively shows Brad's disability, or that he seamlessly integrates it into what seem he makes like normal conversation. He shows a very confident, very determined, easily likable man, in a way that would have made his performance a winner even if Brad had been like most of us. And he is an excellent teacher and loved by his students, who are also effectively portrayed. Patricia Heaton does a very good job, partly because I didn't even know who he was. I know her mainly from "Back to You" and clips of "Everybody Loves Raymond". Mike Pniewski has only a few lines, but as the principal who changed Brad's life, he is outstanding. Sarah Drew does a very good job as Nancy, the girl who accepts Brad as he is and may go on to be more than just a girlfriend. I only have one criticism. Does Brad really make those noises THAT often in real life? He says it's mainly when he's nervous, but I think the writers could have cut back a little when he wasn't. This is definitely worthy of the name Hallmark Hall of Fame.

  • Beautiful Family Film


    I normally don't watch Hallmark films. Seeing this last night may have changed my outlook on them, though it was too bad it was broadcast after my daughter was in bed. I'd love for her to see it on DVD. This is the true story of a young man, Brad Cohen, with Tourette syndrome who wants to become a teacher and get his master's degree. It's a very simple story made magical and engaging by the strength of its leading player, James Wolk. I hope to see more of him in other work soon. His ability to capture the helplessness of Tourette's while burning through it with his heart and charm is remarkable. The story divides its time between Brad's struggles in everyday life with his disorder, attempting to get the teaching position, his relationships with his family, students, and new girlfriend. The script is a bit Hallmark-heavy-handed at times, but it comes with the brand. This *is* a greeting card company, after all. The supporting cast is wonderful. Sarah Drew is every boy's crush as Brad's new girlfriend. Treat Williams is powerful and sympathetic as Brad's father. I highly recommend this film for great family viewing full of life lessons and love.

  • Fantastic Movie, and even better person


    We had the great honor and pleasure of meeting Brad at a weekend long retreat for families dealing with Tourette's that he hosted over Halloween weekend, our 6 yr old was diagnosed last spring. He is truly an inspiration, and the movie only scratches the surface of how wonderful a person he really is. As for the question of if he makes the noises that often, from the 2 1/2 days we were around him, yes it is that often if not even more often. In the auditorium scene if you look you will see a quick shot of a teacher in a white shirt and tie standing in the back, that is Brad. He was only able to stay for a minute so his ticks didn't interfere with the movie.

  • Very well done movie


    I was looking for other movies that Dominic Scott Kay had done and stumbled on this one and I bought it and then I remembered seeing advertisement for its airing, but sadly never watched it. This was the best movie I have ever seen and have never heard of Tourett's Syndrome. the acting was superb from everyone even to the little kids. Jimmy was great and really looks like an older Dominic. We loved Dominic in the Santa movies and on NCIS as the boy scout. I will only support the Tourette cause, I hope the real Brad Cohen stays happy and is a true role model for anyone with disabilities. I hope you will do a follow-up movie. I would like to see more from Jimmy and of course Dominic.


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