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Game of Aces (2016)

Game of Aces (2016)

Chris KleinVictoria SummerWerner DaehnRandy Oglesby
Damien Lay


Game of Aces (2016) is a English movie. Damien Lay has directed this movie. Chris Klein,Victoria Summer,Werner Daehn,Randy Oglesby are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Game of Aces (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,War movie in India and around the world.

A rescue attempt of a German traitor during World War I has unexpected consequences and sets off an adventure across the Arabian desert.

Game of Aces (2016) Reviews

  • Big desert for small film


    The idea behind the movie is quite OK, but why is the German so evil (bark bark I iz ein evil soldier !!) , the English lady so pale with a perfect makeup and the washed-up American so... American? I don't want to reveal the plot or the twist but how in god's name did they manage to find themselves at the exact same point in this huge a** desert? and wouldn't the sandstorm maybe cover some key elements? Anyway : - German soldier evil laugh "check" - American sad back story "check" - Perfect desert proof makeup "check" watch it only if you have absolutely nothing better to do (such as setting the table, or washing the dishes)

  • This is an adventure and it gets better as the more you see.


    I read the review and I certainly disagree. It may seem a little as they are driving across the desert but then it gets interesting. Its not a quick slam dunk movie but takes you into wandering whats going on the further it gets. And you also never really know who the goods guys are till the very end. Watch it carefully and you will be satisfied in the end. If you take the negative iew then you won't enjoy it and might as well stop before its gets going.

  • All aces! A winning adventure film


    Excellent adventure film set in the Egyptian desert in WW1 (circa 1917). A truly engaging film with a twisty plot filmed in a superb desert location (near Death Valley). And nice close action photography of biplanes (none actually flown by the ace pilot main characters). (spoiler:) Essentially three characters: an ace pilot German double- agent who only speaks German, a bilingual English nurse, and an American ex-baseball player, grounded ace pilot. Brilliant chase scene and a struggle to the death over stolen intelligence, with no sex, romance, or gratuitous violence. Rated R for some appropriate cussing.

  • Lost in the dessert


    This movie appealed to me by the theme and period; Dessert, WW1, action and adventure. The story about the German fighter-pilot (ace) that crashed in the Egyptian dessert and the couple sent out to rescue him and his secret intelligence was interesting too. But I might have had too high expectations for this movie – because it was a big disappointment for several reasons: There is a strange Tarantino-feel to the title-texts, just like the music is completely out of place too being like something from a Western. Then all the characters was so cliché (German = evil, British = civilized, American = heroic and reckless), and at the same time all of them was kind of annoying. So the first 45 minutes carried by their dialog was a real bore. The camera-angles could have supported the drama – but instead often felt static and plain. Even the tones and colors was grey'ish instead of warm and saturated – which could have improved the pictures a lot. Then historically I guess many things can be wrong too – like if the airplane-types was used in Egypt etc. – but I can accept that. So many good ingredients was just wasted and yes – lost in the dessert. I give it a 4 for idea and the effort.

  • A must see!


    In an era which I love, I adored this film. Set in the Arabian desert during WW1, a lovely English nurse and a strong headed American pilot are brought together to find a missing German ace which turns out to be a deadly game of deception and survival. Filled with adventure, suspense and cheeky comments .. pay attention as the story unfolds bringing you to a surprising ending...It captured me. The trailer gives nothing away.


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