Gangaajal (2003)

Gangaajal (2003)

Ajay DevgnGracy SinghMohan JoshiYashpal Sharma
Prakash Jha


Gangaajal (2003) is a Hindi movie. Prakash Jha has directed this movie. Ajay Devgn,Gracy Singh,Mohan Joshi,Yashpal Sharma are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. Gangaajal (2003) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

An SP Amit Kumar who is given charge of Tezpur police station in Bihar. The area is full of corruption, inefficiency, bribery, nepotism, favoritism and crime with help from the local police. Gradually Amit realizes that the local politician Sadhu Yadav is the one who benefits the most out of it. Amit arrests Sunder Yadav, Sadhu's son. While Sunder is released soon, some police officers, get frustrated with the system, and pour acid into the eyes of two of Yadav's men, blinding them. A hue and cry is raised by the media, crime almost comes to a standstill, and the police are regarded with respect. SP Amit Kumar must now put an end to this kind of situation.


Gangaajal (2003) Reviews

  • A very real drama revolving around politics, police and public.


    Firstly I must say I was very, very impressed with the realism of the whole atmosphere throughout the film, the initial setting is enough to engage your whole mind to the screen. Well, what makes the film shine so much? there are about several reasons.Ajay Devgan gives his very best performance here, as he did in 'Legend of Bhagat Singh'. Devgan manages to capture every emotion possible, by a man who is a policeman but also a human being, Gracy Singh does a decent work as well, despite having very brief appearance. Apart from Devgan's powerhouse performance, it's practically the whole cast that deserves to be applauded for doing justice to their various roles as well, above all Manoj Joshi and Yashpal Sharma deliver brilliant performances that just breathes even more life into the film. There is not a single cast actor who hasn't done any justice to his character, therefore 'Gangajal' is a small masterpiece and one of the rare gems of Bollywood drama. because of its honest team work by the whole cast and crew. A film you simply cannot ignore. Without a doubt, it's a 9.7 out of 10!

  • Essence of democracy is shown in Gangaajal.


    Movie is amazing, the movie depicts what actual liberalism stands for. What democracy stands for, and depicts the advantage of living in a civilize form of government. If we do not take care of the values that make us unique we can turn into savages as well. We do have such tendencies. There are on going debates about criminal justice system being broken in democracies. The golden rule of law, rich people have better chances of getting away with a crime. Although film shows that law or constitution is not weak in sense, but it is lack of good citizenship by us that makes it weak. Faith in the civilization, law, constitution, and democracy. The rights like freedom of press, and speech. The movie is all about that. It is finely depicted. Prakash Jha is an admirable director and good story teller. Ajay Devgan's enaction of the main role is wonderful. He deserved accolades or awards for his role. It was played with maturity and sensibility. He didn't go over the top as most actors do when they get a powerful role. He played it real and controlled. Gracy singh was OK. Mukesh Tiwari was quite good too, he wasn't loud as his other movies, he was quite controlled too. Mohan Joshi played a typical villain, he did it probably millions of time. Yashpal Sharma too was simply just OK. There was nothing amazing to do for villains other than what they did in other movies. The cop gang was good too. The jail cell incident gave me goosebumps because it was based on real incident, it was barbaric. it was funny to me how they only had one curse word allowed in the whole movie. haha. The movie was not just a cop movie about anti corruption. The message hidden in it was far greater. It was about a death of human civilization, and how when it dies the fundamental rights are crushed with it. The rights of freedom of press and freedom of objection to majority. Movie showed transformation democracy to anarchy back to democracy at the end. It was simply great, I didn't expect to be such a good movie but it is. Faults in society is curable, but the cure starts within ourselves first.

  • Excellent


    After Shool I knew there w'd be more in the row . not as good as shool was but in one way you feel good by watching nice good things happening to bad people and in that way Movie simply rocks. Gracy singh looks very nice and a typical indian wife. And I don't find whom to compare Ajay Devgan. He has become a perfect actor after starting from Phool aur Kaante. 3 cheers for him.. but I have one question: Why Ajay Devgan was not there in Apoorva's wedding. WHY NOT?????? He should be there. but anyways apart from that one I simply love this movie. excellent in everything. and after watching this movie I want to kill all the MINISTRERS:-P... I guess that's what movie wanted to say and it succeed too.. if you haven't watched it go and watch . Don't go for Kal ho na ho kinda crappyu movies. this one is much much better!!!!

  • A very under rated movie. A must watch if you are a fan of some hard hitting drama


    Gangaajal is a highly underrated movie. A fast paced story which keeps you involved and doesn't give you any breathing space and keeps your adrenaline going. Simply brilliant. Realism portrayed manages to suck you completely in the scenarios. You feel like punching those guys myself every time I watch it. Simply loved Ajay Devgan in Gangaajal. I haven't liked him better in any other movie. Only he could have played Amit Kumar like he did. His expressions and those eyes instill his angry police officer look. His body overall body language speaks volumes about his idealistic character. Apart from Ajay, all his subordinates have played their roles well. Mohan Joshi and Yashpal Sharma, though stereotyped, play their parts authoritatively. The performances overshadow the weaknesses of the second half. If you watch movies just for getting stress off you by watching a light hearted comedy, then Gangaajal is not for you. But if you like fast, edge of the seat, hard hitting stuff like "A Wednesday", for instance, then Gangaajal IS for you.

  • Dark and Violent


    Gangajal is a dark and ultra-violent movie; darker than Ardh Satya, more violent than Shool. In the end, the hero lives to survive another day and the villains die. But I would not call it a happy ending. The line between criminals and police, the good and the bad is wafer-thin in this movie. It's tough for me to cheer, when a person gets acid, a.k.a gangajal, poured into his eyes, even though he might be an incorrigible criminal. And, except for the hero Amit Kumar (essayed by Ajay Devgan), nobody seems to mind in the movie. Ajay Devgan brings a lot of passion with him. Mukesh Tiwari, who played the role of Bacha Yadav is convincing. Akhilesh Mishra as the corrupt D.S.P is refreshing. Others play their roles to the best of their abilities. Good triumphs over evil. But at what cost? At the end, Ajay Devgan thunders, "main samaaj ko darinda hone se bachaanaa chahtaa hoon." I agree with the sentiment whole-heartedly.


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