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Gansin (2015)

Gansin (2015)

Ju Ji-HoonKang-woo KimJi-Yeon LimYoo-Young Lee
Kyu-dong Min


Gansin (2015) is a Korean movie. Kyu-dong Min has directed this movie. Ju Ji-Hoon,Kang-woo Kim,Ji-Yeon Lim,Yoo-Young Lee are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Gansin (2015) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,History,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The story of Joseon's tyrant king Yeonsan who exploits the populace for his own carnal pleasures, his seemingly loyal retainer who controls him and all court dealings, and a woman who seeks vengeance.

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Gansin (2015) Reviews

  • A particularly abrasive film from South Korea, but I couldn't stop watching


    Note: Check me out as the "Asian Movie Enthusiast" on YouTube, where I review tons of Asian movies. The Treacherous (2015) (South Korean Drama). After being engulfed with insanity and revenge, a prince demands beautiful women (regardless of age, marriage status, or social class) to be rounded up for his personal pleasure – this caused widespread anger in the kingdom. One of the would-be sex slaves makes an impression, but his long-time friend also has eyes for her. This film has some serious balls, and will likely offend many viewers with its immoral male characters, its wild tonal shifts, and its depiction of women (who inexplicably become very willing to be sex slaves once they enter the palace). However, this is way more interesting than one might think. Although this is primarily a drama, it does have a few highly entertaining doses of humor. There's a lengthy, hilarious "training" sequence where the women are formally educated in the art of sexual pleasure. The prince is a psycho nutcase, which provides some entertainment value in itself. Of course, there are some disturbing moments of graphic violence mixed in, which creates those oddly captivating tonal shifts. Despite the plethora of sexual references, there are only a small handful of sex scenes shown (one of which is a fairly graphic girl-on-girl intercourse). Performances are solid; the story and characters have an engaging dynamic. This film is beautifully shot and has a great visual style about it, with outstanding production values and set designs. A particularly abrasive film from South Korea, but I couldn't stop watching.

  • Korean "Caligula"


    If your an audience member that wants to see a historically accurate film about one of the most sadistic and tyrannical King in Korean history. This film will not be for you. However this is a color, vibrant and super erotic and sexual film. Sometimes the plot just didn't seem all that focused at times and I just didn't really know what direction this film was trying to go. Is it a vengeance movie or is this suppose to be an exploitation film like "Caligula". However it's a uncomfortable movie to sit through, because the cinematography and the design of the setting and costumes is done really well. So when it comes to the really uncomfortable sexual parts it can really grab the audiences attention. It's quite obvious the director wanted to arouse and shock the audiences and that is clearly the direction it was going despite the super oppressive elements of this movie. However there is porn for that, except this sometimes seemed like a really high quality porn with really good acting. Overall if you are looking for a fantasy like movie that takes place during the Joseon dynasty. And has a lot of uncomfortable sexual and erotic elements in it, this might be for you. Also nothing against the up and coming actress Lim Ji-Yeon that is hitting the big screen, but her acting just wasn't impactful enough to carry the climax. I say this since it would be nice to see Lim Ji-Yeon making other movies that doesn't revolve around her exposing herself to sell tickets. I give this movie a 6 because I didn't feel bored all the way through, and because of the good costume design, setting, acting and cinematography. 6/10

  • Solid Porn & Gore


    I watched this on N after watching the fairly lame but entertaining Eungyo...The Muse...another K outing. Really just trying to my mind off Britney Spears... she's still really hot...hotter than ever in fact... and now 35 old! Well, this was a vast improvement. The Sex here, really nice... accomplished... much better than PornTube or YouPorn. And the gore inventive I thought. Boy living back then in K must'V been a real rush! Love Historical Pieces. Still, though --- my mind staid on BS so it wasn't completely effective. Nevertheless Give it a ten for original gore and great porn. Man you guys want ten lines? You really like a lot of hocus pocus Kuhn?

  • The overall feeling is on the third level


    The overall feeling is on the third level. I'm not familiar with the history of the stick, I don't know what exaggeration is. The whole film reflects the political characteristics through red-picking and coup. As long as the wind turns fast, it will always be a winner. The rhythm and pictures are good, but the plot always feels very fast, and there are always some inexplicable background sounds in the source of the movie, which seriously affects the viewing.


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