Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)

Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)

50 CentJoy BryantAdewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeOmar Benson Miller
Jim Sheridan


Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005) is a English,Spanish movie. Jim Sheridan has directed this movie. 50 Cent,Joy Bryant,Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje,Omar Benson Miller are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005) is considered one of the best Biography,Crime,Drama,Music movie in India and around the world.

A tale of an inner city drug dealer who turns away from crime to pursue his passion, rap music.

Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005) Reviews

  • It isn't *that* bad.


    I don't see why everyone has such a problem with this movie - I thought it was okay, it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, and it didn't have the best acting ever, but it certainly wasn't the worst movie ever. The ending wasn't too good, but the movie wasn't too shabby, the storyline was good and it proved to keep me entertained for the full two hours. I learnt a lot about 50 cent during the movie, even though I'm not a fan of rap and/or 50 cent himself, I still enjoyed it. The movie gives you inspiration, if 50 cent can go through a lot and come out of it a billion dollar rapper at the end, it makes you think that you could probably do something on the same level. You don't have to like rap and/or 50 cent to enjoy this movie and read into it. If you enjoyed the trailer, don't let the bad reviews put you off, that's what I did, yet I liked the movie.

  • This film is underrated!


    I have read through all of these comments, and am astounded at the amount of negativity towards it. I cannot believe that any film within the IMDb database can be voted as 1 out of 10, thats just stupid. Alrite, i agree its not an Oscar winning film, but I enjoyed it! OK, 50 cent's acting is brilliant, but he pulls it off! The film boasts a reasonable story based on his life, and to be honest it wasn't amazing, but it was generally enjoyable! Lost's Mr Eko played his character well, as did Terrence Howard! And Bill Duke, as the Ghetto Godfather is astoundingly brilliant! 8 Mile was a good film, and this is as good! So please, ignore the negative views and watch this film!!!!

  • Think Outside of the Box


    I watched this movie for one reason: Terrence Howard. As always, Howard is brilliant. The other performances are solid, including Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson who, for people who don't seem to understand this, plays himself. (If 50 Cent were to "act", as some maintain, then he would not be portraying his true self, and the entire movie would self-destruct into a moot point.) The camera shots, angles, and lighting are superb, the dialog is genuine, and the plot line is believable. But this is not run-of-the-mill Hollywood fare. There is no seamless stream of canned emotional music to fill in the gaps for underactive imaginations. There are no handy-dandy humor scenes for fluffy feel-good filling. There are no flat characters to artificially ease the main character into some orchestrated epiphany. There isn't even really a hero. There is only a man who is trying to live as best as he can in a self-serving world, a man who finds a measure of strength even as he runs from his fears. In order to truly appreciate the message that this movie has to offer, you have to think outside of your comfortable movie-watching box. This movie is gritty, powerful and raw. This movie makes no excuses. This movie is about as close as the big screen can get to portraying real life. No, it's not a pleasant movie. Neither is life.

  • Great for what it is


    IMDb reviewers are real sackless sheep. Everybody is bashing 50 Cent but very little of these rants posing as reviews actually speak about the actual movie. Let's get one thing straight. If you hate 50 so much that you cant even write a partial review on this movie don't review it. Im not fond of 50 as a rapper and as a person but that is a lousy reason to give this movie bad reviews. Get Rich Or Die Trying is loosely based on the life of Curtis Jackson and based on that reason its pretty good. 50 plays himself and there are good performances from Terrance Howard as well as Joy Bryant who plays 50's girlfriend in the movie. Bill Duke is pretty good as the boss of the organization 50 links up with. The movie covers his childhood as well is how he became to be a rapper. One might question the authenticity of the story being told in this movie(this being the movie's real flaw) but as far as entertainment goes I enjoyed myself. Its a shame when people allow the nut-swallowing groupies that run amok on IMDb dictate to you what is quality movies. These weirdos think that defending movies that were rightfully panned like Freddy Got Fingered, Nothing But Trouble, Batman and Robin, The Musketeer, The Black Dahlia makes them hip and cool and not pathetic posers in dire need of a life. And as far as acting goes last time I checked, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad "Musty Arm" Pitt(overrated beyond belief), Chuck Norris are not real actors! To all of you reasonable people out there do not allow the circus freaks on IMDb to tell you what counts for quality cinema because you will be disappointed every time. There are a lot of great movies that never made the Top 250. Just goes to show you the bandwagon mentality of these pseudo intellectual rodents. And as far as the sheep go, I wouldn't waste time trying to reason with you. I'd rather beat you senseless when I see you in public you gutless cowards! Go fawn over the ever-so-overrated Quentin Tarantino like the spineless groupies you are. PS: to the token that apologized online for 50 Cent instead of writing an actual review on the movie, grow some sack will ya? You and your fraudulent Caucasian friends deserve each other. Duplicitous vermin deserve each other. BRING ON THE UNHELPFUL VOTES!!!

  • Get Rich or Die Trying'


    This movie is doomed for poor reviews. In real life, 50 is the protégé of Eminem, and now he decides to do a movie based on his life at the same point in his career as Eminem did. The funny thing is, it's a good movie. I am a fan of this genre of music in small doses, but i have no personal crush on 50 cent and I found this movie intriguing. 50 didn't wreck any scenes. In fact, he was similar to eminem in this role, never looking out of place or forcing anything. As previously mentioned, there are so many 50 bashers and people who feel rappers have no right to be in the movie industry, that the voting for this movie wont actually represent the general population who aren't biased before seeing a movie. And lastly, I have no clue how this movie promotes drugs. 50 takes nine bullets and barely lives cause of it, the one drug kingpin is killed and the other doing life behind bars. Not to mention the fact that his friend is put in a wheelchair and that earlier in the film when u see Marcus with Dangerous, an addict comes up all messed up handing change to one of the dealers. This is reality of drug wars, its not glamorizing it.


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