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Ghost of Camp Blood (2018)

Steve DiasparraJamie MorganMariah JoyceNicholas Olson
Mark Polonia


Ghost of Camp Blood (2018) is a movie. Mark Polonia has directed this movie. Steve Diasparra,Jamie Morgan,Mariah Joyce,Nicholas Olson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Ghost of Camp Blood (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Infamous Blackwood Forest is still haunted by the numerous deaths at the hands of a masked clown killer, but now, it's haunted by something else. The vengeful spirit of the recently deceased Camp Blood Killer is out for revenge from beyond the grave.

Ghost of Camp Blood (2018) Reviews

  • Kinda week.


    Need brad Sykes back these horrible camp blood films being released are a joke. Although Mark is not at fault , producer needs to spend more cash. Cant make a movie on no budget, it shows but this one was just lost no feel at all. Sad compared to 1 , 2 ,3 only watchable ones.

  • They won't stop making them!


    As I write, we're only in the third month of 2018 but already there's another CAMP BLOOD sequel on release. This one has a new kind of killer, a hulking, Michael Myers-style murderer wearing the usual clown mask. This time around he's stalking a small number of people through a school rather than the usual woodland setting. There are the usual lame kill scenes and interminable dialogue in between, but at least it's a bit better shot than the last few in the series. It's no surprise that this series shows little sign of flagging because these films must cost next to nothing to make.

  • Not bad for cheaply made movie


    This falls in line with the other camp blood movies. It's poorly written the acting isn't so good it's a film on a budget but you know for one of those we can movies that you just wanna watch something that's mine less you're kind of fun and has a fairly odd story, than take the time to watch this.

  • Horrible.


    Just a joke. Bad n police say no way ! These have sucked since part 2

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