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Graphic Sexual Horror (2009)

Graphic Sexual Horror (2009)

Peter AckworthClaire AdamsCyd BlackPrincess Donna
Barbara Bell,Anna Lorentzon


Graphic Sexual Horror (2009) is a English movie. Barbara Bell,Anna Lorentzon has directed this movie. Peter Ackworth,Claire Adams,Cyd Black,Princess Donna are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. Graphic Sexual Horror (2009) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

Graphic Sexual Horror takes a peek behind the terrifying facade behind the most notorious of bondage websites, exploring the dark mind of its artistic creator and asking hard questions about personal responsibility. Interviews reveal deep fascinations with bondage and sadomasochism that run parallel, and in fact become irreversibly entwined with the lure of money.


Graphic Sexual Horror (2009) Reviews

  • Excellent subject for discussion


    Just watched Graphic Sexual Horror at the Hot Docs screening at Bloor Cinema. The film is well put together and documents the topic of discussion in a neutral, non judgmental manner; the way any good documentary should. The subject matter, while graphic and disturbing (yes, the title is very appropriate) is very interesting and thought provoking. It's a great study of human behavior, sex, society and culture. How far is too far? How thin is the line between pornography and art? Is torture alright if it's consensual? If you're looking for a film that will definitely spark discussions, give this a shot. Whether you like it or not, this film will certainly get you thinking.

  • Important because of the details.


    I wanted to give the film a 10 but frankly as a documentary, it seems a little too in love with the subject to be objective - this subject certainly requires a wider context. Here is a very personal fetish/addiction/compulsion for viewing young women being elaborately bound, sexually humiliated and objectified and assuming the appearance of being tortured - it has then been carefully funneled into a form of artistic expression. Neat fact about the internet is that as long as what you've deeply expressed is authentic, someone out there is likely to share your passion. What I found most satisfying after viewing this film is the very obvious ambivalence that the women feel about their "enthusiastic" and/or "willing" participation in the bdsm scenarios conjured up by Brent. With him, they access profound issues relating to childhood/pubescent trauma and have found an echo in another which promises to normalize feelings which are un-normalize-able. It's a truth which flies under the radar in our desperate-to-be-glib-with-our-addictions culture. I have always felt uncomfortable in the way that kink.com (a popular descendant of insex.com) and it's family of sites display by the interviews placed at the end of each performance. Performers speak with giddy joy at the delights experienced by one or other aspect of the treatment that they'd received, ignoring the entire subject of HOW such outré experiences would be wished by (or to) anyone. The film doesn't address this aspect other than in passing, but it doesn't hide it either. I am very glad the film exists and hope it does provoke conversation about a very complicated part of our varied communal experience.

  • 2009's best documentary


    I am so impressed with Slamdance for picking this film for their 2009 program. talk about brave film making. Though the subject of Graphic Sexual Horror might appear to be marginal - an extreme porn website? - the ideas are anything but. The documentary explores the issue of freedom of expression in an open-minded manner that shows just how important extreme cases are to establishing the precedence of freedom. The government uses the same arguments they made for shutting down Insex.com as they use to put people into jail for being verbally rude to an Airplaine stewardess. Freedom of speech is always taken away in the name of safety. "Somebody think of the children" The film was sold out both nights, I saw it on the second night, and everyone in the audience seemed to react very positive. I felt like I was seeing something historic... This is definitively a first in so many aspects of documentary film-making, as far as subject matter goes. This film asks a lot of hard questions,refuses to spoon-feed answers, and its funny too, it doesn't take itself too seriously. I also felt like it had a strong feminist message. Easily my favorite film of Slamdance 2009

  • Graphic, but not dirty.


    We all need a job to make money. Some jobs we enjoy and some jobs we do not care for all that much. Anna and Barbara capture the true working environment of women involved with a website called Insex.com, a bondage and sado-masochism website. The women involved are actors that get paid, and they feel like wimps or poor workers if they do not follow through with the filming. I am so glad that someone finally decided to take the world in-depth into the reality of porn sites that some may consider extremely disturbing. Instead of being disturbed, I found myself enlightened, inspired, and educated from viewing "Graphic Sexual Horror." It is the best documentary I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. Before viewing this film, I found websites like Insex.com to be degrading to women and disgusting. After viewing this film, I thought differently. Some people are into these acts, and they are done in the privacy of some people's homes. GO SEE THE DOCUMENTARY!

  • Something to think about


    I saw this film at Slamdance and was very impressed. I consider myself somewhat of an extremist, having been drawn to the margins of culture and society from an early age, that's where the light gets in. This film was very inspiring to see. First, it's great to see women film-makers foray into fields dominated by men and come out with a story that is truthful, objective, and empowering to women. If we are free to make any choice, then some choices we make can be questionable to others. In today's consumerist society, where everything and everyone is for sale, it is very important to ask the question- who am I selling myself to and for what? Things that we take for granted is what takes away our freedom. This film is a brilliant metaphor for the most important question of human existence- do I know myself? The answer may very well need to be graphic, sexual, and horrific to get across.


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