Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü? (2006)

Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü? (2006)

Haluk BilginerSebnem DönmezBeyazGüven Kiraç
Ezel Akay


Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü? (2006) is a Turkish movie. Ezel Akay has directed this movie. Haluk Bilginer,Sebnem Dönmez,Beyaz,Güven Kiraç are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü? (2006) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,History movie in India and around the world.

This is a story of two legendary men, Karagoz and Hacivat, who lived and died by their sense of humor. Bursa, 1330. A an ancient, crowded Roman city at the border of Byzantium. Changed hands 4 years ago and the small Ottoman tribe is just being transformed as a local state, on the remains of the old Eastern Roman Empire. The story takes place in an unrecorded period time, the last 2 months in the lives of two legendary Turkish stand-up comedians, Karagoz & Hacivat? They lived and died during the first clashes of the decaying Eastern Roman Empire and the first Ottomans of the 14th century Anatolia. Their stories and characters are adapted for traditional shadow theatre of the later Ottoman Empire, in modern Turkey and all over the Middle-East, Greece, and western Asia. Their legend and the truth about their tragic deaths are twisted and distorted, although their stingy humor still lingers on. After the the leader of the growing tribe of Ottomans, Orhan Gazi, notices the talents of two ...


Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü? (2006) Reviews

  • A fantastic movie


    I watched this movie during the Copenhagen film festival, and thought I was going to see an ethnically different movie with poor actor, poor instruction and poor special effects, if any. I have never been more wrong regarding expectations when entering a movie theater. I watched a fascinating story with good acting performances, that had a fascinating and important story to tell, which was as valid in the 13th century as it is today. Besides picturing philosophical topics, it has and "underplayed" humor regarding how humans use religion. By far the best movie I have seen this year. The only downside to the movie is that it is too long - on the other hand, this provides time to think about the plot and the points the movie is making.

  • Early maturity for Ezel Akay


    "Karagoz Hacivat Neden Olduruldu" is Akay and Kazak's take of the legendary personalities Karagoz and Hacivat who are the main characters of Turkish shadow theater. Although their life stories are not known, Akay and Kazak tell a very plausible story that could easily be true. True or not, their story fits exactly what they symbolize - the synthesis of crude and sophisticated humor freely targeting dishonesty, corruption, unfairness and inequality in society. The setting is the early 14th century, when Byzantian and Seljuk Empires were in shambles following the destructive Mongolian invasion. At the Muslim/Christian borderlands, and out of the reach of the now weakening Mongolian power, the Ottoman State is at its infancy, rapidly expanding at the expense of the neighboring Byzantian and Turkish principalities. Since the cultural homogenization is not as fast as military conquests, a colorful, eclectic intermixing of cultures is underway. This is the perfect breeding ground for the elements Akay seems to take his inspirations from, and he weaves them into his story so masterfully. Ezel Akay seems to reach his maturity at a very early stage. With his second movie, he already has a signature style and an efficient formula to make the audience laugh and cry with only a snap of a finger. He has absolute emotional control over the audience, thanks to his masterful use of visuals and music. He also owes a lot to Haluk Bilginer (Karagoz), who is an acting genius. (His talents seem to include Mongolian throat singing if my ears did not deceive me). Beyazit Öztürk (Hacivat) is not as talented an actor, but he is the wisest choice for the role. Another good casting is Güven Kirac as the villain. He has such a wide acting range, he gave me the impression that he could have played almost all the roles in the movie. Like Akay's earlier movie 'Neredesin Firuze', the music is outstanding - Central Asian Turko-Mongolian tunes yet to be "contaminated" by Middle Eastern influences, beginning to clash with already eclectic Eastern Roman-Judaic melodies. The dynamic synthetic nature of the music parallels with the cultural synthesis what early Ottoman state and society building is all about.

  • A Link To'day


    Firstly, the movie is not in comedy genre at all, and not pretending to be. Director continue his vivid style in costume, place, speech and casting in his second big hit. He offers more than expected and screening a tale that the world of 'Hacivat ve Karagöz' simulate an alive one referencing today with its own details. Some traditions lasting till 'day is a heritage from old tribes lived before Ottoman Empire and Islam. These proved but not accepted truths has wounded a wide group of people in Turkey because of the position of Islam in Turkey; old shaman belief, former folks, lost traditions, secretly surviving believes and suppressed nations in Anatolia.. The movie points out bribe, position of women in society, naiveness of religious belief, statesman's tricks, cultural mixture, habits transferred by nations and humor as a criticism. Lastly, this tale, a milestone for Turkish cinema with it's unique technique, is a political review with a historical base which stars two famous shadow players.

  • Congratulations and thanks for another good film by Ezel Akay


    I would like to thank and congratulate Ezel Akay who is also directed another good comedy "Neredesin Firuze" for this marvelous film with a very good story, extraordinary performances of Haluk Bilginer, Sebnem Donmez, Beyazit Ozturk, Aysen Gruda and others and with a wonderful soundtrack. I agree that the story of the film is based on rumors and folk stories, but it must also be said that the historical background is realistic. It helps understanding the historical and cultural environment of Anatolia in 13th and 14th century. Disintegration of Seljuk rule, Mongol invasion, rise of Ottomans, islamization of both Anatolia and Turkmen tribes, role of women in an early Islamic society, life and beliefs of Turkmen tribes, collapsing Bisance and more are the historical background of the film which successfully enlivens these serious subjects with a humorous story. It must also be added that the soundtrack of the film is based on the historical Turkish music with a contemporary performance. I strongly recommend this film not only to everyone who is interested in these issues but also to everyone who wants to have a good time and enjoy.

  • Fantastic Movie Striving to be a Turkish Classic


    With its plot, actors, and artistic direction, there is no doubt that this movie is the best of Turkish cinema. The historical background is well studied, surveyed and depicted with a whimsical style. A true expression of the 13th Century Anatolia with its turmoil in the region is illustrated with fantastic humor and warm acting. Although the movie does not claim to be a pure comedy, with its wit, satire, and critical humor, it is also one of the best Turkish comedies. The most powerful part of the movie are the dialogs between the main characters "Hacivat" and "Karagoz" who are now the lead characters of Turkish traditional shadow play. Their lives unknown, they are remembered to be two contrasting characters, one of which coming from the educated class, and the other from the nomadic illiterate tribes. Despite its historical setting, the story is still valid today considering the political setting in the world and freedom of speech.


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