Hatchback (2019)

Hatchback (2019)

Larkin BellSri ChilukuriMyles CranfordMichelle Gallagher
Eric H. Sheffield


Hatchback (2019) is a English movie. Eric H. Sheffield has directed this movie. Larkin Bell,Sri Chilukuri,Myles Cranford,Michelle Gallagher are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Hatchback (2019) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Wyatt, a cynical narcoleptic who lives in a flop house-like apartment, wants to be a journalist. His career dreams are nearly dashed when he notices a mysterious girl named Fern living on his block in an 88' Toyota Tercel hatchback. Fern's father went missing and assumed dead when she was a young child living in Montana. After receiving a cryptic letter from a stranger named Dr. Green, telling her that her father is alive and living in LA, she decides to go look for him herself. Together the two set off on a journey to find Fern's elusive dad among the derelict corners of the city, while developing a not so platonic interest for each other along the way.


Hatchback (2019) Reviews

  • "Hatchback": Good if you're in The Mood


    If you fancy a flick about a homeless chick living in a compact car parked along a curb on a neighborhood street who falls in love with a guy who lives on the block who falls in love with her back......if THAT'S what you're yearning for, then the new quirky romance "Hatchback" is for you, my friend. Turns out I was in a place where this is PRECISELY what I had a hankering for. And I liked it. Give "Hatchback" a test drive. Chances are you'll enjoy the ride.

  • good little indie


    As a lover of indie films this one did not disappoint. worth a watch. pretty good. love two main characters. hope they make more indie gems. pretty sad at the end ..did they get together? i dont know i like to think they did. anyway, solid 8.

  • Better do something useful instead


    Just dont watch this movie. Its another of those "Independent" movies that simply shouldnt exist.

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