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Heaven's War (2018)

Heaven's War (2018)

Jason GerhardtDonny BoazKelly PattonChloe Clark
Danny Carrales


Heaven's War (2018) is a English movie. Danny Carrales has directed this movie. Jason Gerhardt,Donny Boaz,Kelly Patton,Chloe Clark are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Heaven's War (2018) is considered one of the best Fantasy,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The movie follows the story of Jonah Thomas, a US senator, who gets trapped in an epic battle fought between life and death.

Heaven's War (2018) Reviews

  • Great Film!


    This film deals with real issues the world experiences today through the spiritual realm. Danny Carrales went to great depths to represent how the spirit realm exists and interacts with our physical world, as well as how our actions come with consequences, both positive and negative. Through stunning visual effects and an engaging story, Heaven's War challenges its viewers to look beyond their comfort zone and see how their actions not only impact this world, but will also echo in eternity.

  • Well written movie with a message plus a great learning tool


    Let me address the elephant in the room. Yes, this is a religious movie. Before you decide not to watch the movie let me encourage you to let go of your stereotypes and consider this one. If you are a person of faith you will definitely enjoy watching the movie and the struggles the protagonist deals with. If you aren't a person of faith have you ever had that little voice in your head guide you or tell you something and followed or ignored that little voice. Our protagonist ignored the voice and Gabriel was sent to slap some sense into him and get him to listen to the voice. His failure to listen to the voice adds conflict to the story line and pulls you in emotionally. Yes, this is about good and evil and the filmmaker doesn't hide the fact that he is a believer. Having said all that, I am a novice screenwriter and there are so many nuggets about storytelling in this film that it should be required watching for all film students. The use of cutting from one scene to another builds excitement and anticipation. The use of CGI adds to the story but doesn't make the story about CGI. Dialogue was realistic and there are some very emotional scenes. Again, if you are a person of faith you will enjoy it. If you aren't consider this a love story on several different levels. If you are trying to get into the business watch and learn how to put all the pieces together to create a great story with conflict that has emotional impact.

  • Courageous Filmmaking


    There's no doubt the audience for which this film was made. With that being said, the attention to detail, the risk-taking, and the overall redemptive message of this film are worth seeing it. The choreography of the fight scenes and other action scenes are well done. The CGI supersedes that of many film of this genre and budget. Well done.

  • A Valiant Attempt to Lower the Veil


    In a nutshell, "Heaven's War" is a Christian movie that depicts the struggle between angels and demons for the soul of a U.S. senator. As a Christian, I liked that the movie attempts to lower the veil between our physical world and the spiritual world. The problem is that when you go too literal in your depiction it comes across as somewhat cheesy. By the end of the movie, it seemed to me the writer had attempted to turn "A Christmas Carol" into a political thriller. Still I would recommend that people see the movie for the message.

  • Actually an amazing movie


    Literally all the bad reviews are from non-Christians. Watch this movie. It's a unique twist of psychological thriller and fantasy. Even if you don't care for the "message" it's still worth watching.

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