Hell Fest (2018)

Hell Fest (2018)

Cynthea MercadoStephen ConroyAmy ForsythReign Edwards
Gregory Plotkin


Hell Fest (2018) is a English movie. Gregory Plotkin has directed this movie. Cynthea Mercado,Stephen Conroy,Amy Forsyth,Reign Edwards are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Hell Fest (2018) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Hell Fest is introduced as a horror theme park which travels across the country during the Halloween season. A young girl from Cincinnati is shown to be separated from her group during one of the mazes. There she is confronted by a masked figure known as "The Other" (Stephen Conroy). She recognizes The Other as a man who had been following her and her group of friends the entire night. The Other attacks the girl, stabbing her in the gut before hanging her. The young girl's corpse appears to blend in with the other prop bodies as The Other leaves the scene. Natalie (Amy Forsyth) is shown to be arriving at her former apartment where her best friend, Brooke (Reign Edwards), still resides. She greets her old friend but is disappointed to learn that a former classmate, Taylor (Bex Taylor-Klaus), whom Natalie does not get along with is living with her. Though Natalie's visit was planned, Brooke is shown to have been uncertain that Natalie would actually arrive as she had been distant of ...


Hell Fest (2018) Reviews

  • It was decent


    Pro - -> Liked the premise in a theme/scare park -> The villain has a frightening presence, great mask -> Filled with action from the beginning Con - -> Didn't care about any of the characters/potential victims -> Very little clarity about the killer and his motivations -> Was too predictable I think it is worth a watch for horror fans, better as a rental than seeing it in the cinema.

  • Cool retro horror


    I probably can't add much more here, but I felt I had to step in to push aside the haters. I love a good slasher flick and this film really hits the spot! Great costume design and soundtrack too! Highly recommended.

  • Hell Fest (2018)


    I felt like this film should have came out in October but close enough I guess. I actually really liked the trailer for this. Amusement park themed horrors have a lot of potential. They don't happen that often but they can be so much fun. Look at The Funhouse, that's a solid horror film. Anyways, I wanted to satisfy the horror itch with this slasher. Overall, its not the greatest thing ever but it was a fun flick. It shows off the horror themed park very well and has enough action to keep it afloat for an hour an a half. The film is about a group of friends who get VIP tickets to a traveling amusement park named Hell Fest. The horror theme park has levels of madness where the scares increase if the visitor dares to go there. Unbeknownst to the group a deranged masked killer sneaks into the park and starts stalking the group namely the lead character, Natalie. Its hard for the group to decipher what is real and what isn't as everything in the park is filled with scares and attacks. I thought the visuals of the park were nice. You feel like you are actually vicariously living through the park and the scares. There are bright lights, creative monsters, and rides, its all very atmospheric. The character's are terrible. Some are underdeveloped and others are just super annoying. You root for the killer in all honesty. The film has a lot of cheap expected scares and at times skimps on the gore. I was okay with that because slasher's of the past sometimes feel that way. This is not going to be a super memorable slasher film but I do appreciate the theme of the film and was satisfied enough with the end product. The Hell Fest slasher killer doesn't exactly have a great presence and he falls into regular horror killer tropes but I was entertained with this mindless flick. Its what was needed. A decent enough intro into this upcoming month of horror. 6.5/10



    This movie was entertaining enough for what it is... a slasher flick. I'm not sure slasher type movies would ever earn 10 stars because there's usually not much acting, just a lot of screaming and running. LOL. HellFest was a good flick to see in the theater. The misleads were fun, the graphics and style reminded me of 80's horror. You don't expect to see an Academy Award winning movie, you expect to have fun. And this was a fun ride. I would recommend seeing this movie if you like campy, fun, slasher-horror movies. Not sure why it would only get 1-2 stars,...you saw the trailer and knew what to expect for the most part.

  • Great set and costume design, but Average to Mediocre Horror


    First let me start off, the set design and costumes were amazing. Some of the horror mazes in Hell Fest were extremely creepy. Unfortunately, the plot is a typical generic slasher movie, full of cliches. Nothing really original about this movie. I found two of the characters to be obnoxious and I was waiting for them to be dispatched by the killer. This is the kind of movie where you just turn off your brain and just go with it.


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