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Hemlock Society (2012)

Hemlock Society (2012)

Koyel MallickParambrata ChattopadhyayRoopa GangulyDipankar Dey
Srijit Mukherji


Hemlock Society (2012) is a Bengali movie. Srijit Mukherji has directed this movie. Koyel Mallick,Parambrata Chattopadhyay,Roopa Ganguly,Dipankar Dey are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Hemlock Society (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The plot revolves around a man who runs a school called "Hemlock Society" which teaches aspirants how to successfully commit suicide. He develops a bond with one of its students, Meghna (Koel), a depressed and dejected woman, and what follows is an unforgettable and life-changing journey for both.

Hemlock Society (2012) Reviews

  • Die, but don't make a scene!


    Concept: I'm really amazed by the concept of the movie. I have never seen such a movie in any language. Read one story in my childhood in similar concept and happened to come by an article few days ago. But, I could never imagine someone would ever dare to make a movie on this topic. Topic? If summarized its "Assisted Suicide"! To make it more clear, let me translate the tagline of the movie i.e. "Morbe moro chorio na" (Die if you want but don't embarrass). So there is private organization which helps people to commit suicide successfully! Provides a 3 days crash course to enlighten the participants about various methods to suicide. What not to do and what to do etc. Meghna(Koel Mallik) recently has broken up with her bf. She's very upset after breaking up a 14yrs long relationship and wants to end herself. Enter Ananda Kar(Parambrata) the CEO of "Hemlock Society". He asks her to join the course so she could die properly without embarrassing everyone including herself. Rest you need to see. Character development: Only two characters come into focus since the movie begins. Meghna and Ananda, even though I would say its Koel's movie. She first time got the chance to break out of her usual happy, bubbly, naughty characters. Her d-glam representation is also something she tried first time. And, I love her so I liked her anyway Supporting characters are also very strong actors but not much explored. Direction: So Srijit Mukherjee made a hat-trick with his 3rd movie. Another totally different subject executed very well. A very beautifully crafted movie. Well executed first half and not so well executed second half. But, I've a question to Srijit, what is this obsession of him to explain everything, every character getting justice. Life is boring, zero dramatic. Why not keep that way. Would have really loved it if the "6 months later" part was not there. Screenplay: Slow but steady. At a length of 2 and half hours its too much. Movies on such concept should be crisp and short. Which has the scope to impact to audience. Last few minutes just dilutes everything, breaks the quirky environment it created from start. Cinematography: Good but not great. Songs and background score: Few are already hit. Nice mix of pop and normal filmy music. Background music is apt to situations. Editing: Poor job with editing. The movie should have been 30 minutes shorter. Verdict: Even with few downside this movie wins (or would win) hearts because of its subject and great acting. Watch it even if you have to watch it with subs.

  • Overall an excellent film to enjoy...


    If you are not one of those, who love watching romantic films end with a happy scene, then this film is suitable completely for you. Completely a new concept and an excellent work by the director of the movie. Not because I am a Bengali, but truly it is one of the films which is a must watch. Cinematography was good, with great music. the acting was good too. Parambrata, Koel, Dipankar Dey were excellent. I guess the use of Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Soumitra Chatterjee along with Sabitri Chatterjee was not needed for such small roles. some other actors could have been used. Use of such great actors in such small roles means nothing. Even the entry of Jeet in a special appearance was forceful. But overall the film is a success and a must see.

  • A delightful dark comedy


    Hemlock Society is a black comedy directed by Srijit Mukherji and is based on an institution teaching people how to commit suicide successfully. The plot opens up with a melodious song being performed in a typical Kolkata pub and captures the essence of the nightlife of city of joy. Plot development is slow but magnetic till the first half of the movie and after that it becomes somewhat predictable. Parambrata Chaterjee has played his part pretty well as the male lead and for some reasons I think Koyel Mullick was not a great choice for the female lead but given the budget constraints it is an acceptable choice and ultimately worked for the movie. Roopali Ganguly and Dipanker Dey have acted well and the well-balanced chemistry between them as a couple is one of the best points of the movie. Background score was well synchronized with the scenes and the integrated emotional elements. The plot became thinner in the second half and it would have been better if the movie was cut short 20 minutes. I would have loved it if they have shown more of Kolkata, its food and the vibrant culture. Some of the scenes in the background are witty (such as a suicide note: Thank you for the fish) and shows the director's attention to detail. It is good to see that Indian directors are attempting seriously to make dark comedies and this film takes us closer to that dream.

  • Synchronize the good and bad days of your life and learn to celebrate it in your way!


    The story of Hemlock Society is about a man who runs a workshop to help people get rid of the yearning for suicide and the turmoil brought about with the entrance of an utterly depressed girl. The moral of the story - - kill yourself if you wish but don't influence others. This movie celebrates life in its own way and is a landmark in the Bengali Film Industry. To be honest, Hemlock Society is the celebration of a Bengali romantic satire. It gives us a new look towards life. The main obstacle that the director Srijit Mukherjee might have faced while making this movie was the success of his previous two movies, Autograph and BaisheySrabon. While both were loved by the critics and audiences alike, the question was whether the movie has the same maturity as Autograph or can it scale the high standards set by BaisheySrabon. Keeping all comparisons aside, we can say that the movie is a beautiful celebration of life. For people who were skeptic about the fact that a movie which is based on assisted-suicide will be dark, they were not completely wrong. The daughter, who cannot tolerate her mother, is lonely, dealing with post- breakup and professional issues – the script had all the ingredients to make a dark and gory movie. However surprisingly, the movie celebrates life. Although there are some very serious issues concerning relationships, the film is not devoid of any fun. However, just as you are starting to have fun, a dialogue or a scene just wipes the smile off your face. Let us now discuss the characters and how they have been portrayed. Parambrata, playing the role of AnandaKar, does complete justice to the character. He has done complete justice to his new-found name of being the gen-next Rajesh Khanna of the Bengali Film Industry. It was a tough ask for Koel who has been portraying lively characters for most of her films. Credits to the director for presenting her in a completely new light and let's hope this opens up more scopes for this versatile and immensely talented actress. After a long time will we see veteran actor DipankarDey playing a character with so many shades. RoopaGanguly essays the role of Koel's stepmother with elegance. Apart from these, we have a host of actors from the Bengali Film Fraternity playing faculty members of the Society. The host of characters include Soumitra Chatterjee(col. Samaresh Bagchi), Sabyasachi Chakraborty (Dhomoni Ghosh), Sabitri Chatterjee (Jhulon Gupta), Barun Chanda (Trenlet Biswas); Raj Chakraborty as Setu Venkatraman; Bratya Basu as Raktim Ganguly; Sudeshna Guha as Shikha Goon; and Sohag Sen (Miss Cella Neous). All these characters have their own brand of comedy and they are a treat to watch. Another point for Srijit which has clicked is the competence and ability of his crew. The film excels in cinematography with excellent editing and synchronized background score. The Art Direction deserves special mention because of the choice of colors. Workshop rooms are painted in black covered with suicide-notes while white is the color for prayer rooms. The tracks by Anupam Roy have a sad undercurrent flowing through them. All in all, Hemlock Society deserves to be watched by all and sundry as this movie celebrates life and also celebrates those people who know how to celebrate life.

  • If you want to stop 'Suicide' must watch


    It's really hard to describe how delightful this movie is. I am heartly giving thanks to Author who writes this kind of script so that directors are makings movies and we people can watch this with our families. Wish i can watch this again and again whenever I feel depressed and whoever feel so. This movie makes you laugh after end of the day. This movie gives you some ideas to live. We can breathe again tomorrow but we cannot wake up in our way. If you want to see some good movie,are you really looking for a nice and decent valuable movie ? This movie is worth watching. Don't miss it. I haven't seen trailer or reviews when I watches this,it's a good story where good things happens.


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