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Heropanti (2014)

Heropanti (2014)

Tiger ShroffKriti SanonParthaa AkerkarAnuradha Chandan
Sabir Khan


Heropanti (2014) is a Hindi movie. Sabir Khan has directed this movie. Tiger Shroff,Kriti Sanon,Parthaa Akerkar,Anuradha Chandan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Heropanti (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Rising from present India in the conflicting era of shining modernity and deep-rooted archaic traditions in the era of big city versus small towns, comes a love story sealed with an impossible fate. The story of the bold Bablu and the bratty Dimpy. Will Bablu and Dimpys love blossom under the terror of a brutal clan and the violent landscape it is set against. Heropanti is the story of today's youth, and the coming of age of its conflicting protagonists.


Heropanti (2014) Reviews

  • It is completely tiger shroff's movie


    When i first saw the trailer of the movie i thought that Tiger shroff is trying to ape salman khan but no he isn't trust me you can watch this movie for Mr.shroff alone .He carries the whole movie on his shoulders .He is the best thing that can happen to this movie .And i can say that this movie had a promising debut What is good about the movie ? Like i said tiger shroff is the soul of the movie .His dance,style and fights adds great attraction to the movie .He has the potential and can deliver hits .I think we will be hearing more of Mr.shroff .His versatility is praiseworthy . Music of the movie is fantastic .The script is pretty decent .But bollywood should stop relying on south Indian movie scripts What is bad about the movie ? Well apart from Mr.Shroff none of the actors deliver .Prakash raj did a convincing job but he needs to work on the dialog delivery .Kirti sanon has just been a pretty face in the movie and doesn't do much in the movie except for playing a damsel in distress . I would give this movie 7/10 one star for Mr.Shroff

  • Dear Critics! Frankly speaking.....I did not like it dear


    With enough criticism written, I would like to rub some more salt before you dare to even watch this one......This is Indian film industry's tradition that film fraternity writes and says only good things about any new entrant from their Khaandan, this time they are also carrying on this legacy and you can find that every critic and film personality is giving this more "3-4 stars" out of five. All I can say most of them have sold their soul and not only their profession, after 5 star to Kkrish-3 incident I have completely lost my faith. OK now lets talk about the movie, Everything about this movie was wrong the script, screenplay, the main actor and actresses except the song and Prakash Raj. They claim that movie's budget is Rs 35 Cr, well I don't see anything in the movie where they have actually invested as whole star-cast is fresh and I don't think if they charge crores, but you can guess that most of the fund was reserved for marketing and Critics fees. Now come to the story, then this is another South Indian Movie with heavy forgettable "Sadak Chaap" dialogue and running, jumping with non-sense fight scenes. We all know about weird look of Tiger Shroff, but it was disappointing to know that this chap is really good Gymnast and he may win few Olympic medals for the country but his family is more interested to force him to choose Acting career. This lad is completely emotionless and his expressions are flat, his dialogue delivery does not leave any impact on the audience,I was not expecting a great demonstration of acting skills from him and he even does not surprise us either. Director tried to create a new fusion of Gymnastic Abilities and Music but it's not very convincing or entertaining, Tiger Shroff did as much as 50-60 "flips", his "flips" are the only talent they were trying to show us, whether it was fight or dance scene, "FLIPS" were everywhere, after watching the whole movie they successfully convinced us that he can actually "Flip". And now about Actress, all I can say I may not recognize her if I see her in another movie because there is nothing for her but just to dance with hero and shed tears by using glycerin. My advice to you is that just watch video songs on the YouTube and you can skip the movie as there is nothing more entertaining than the songs. It's already available for free, no need to spend money. Please remember that Tiger Shroff can "Flip", Yes! he can actually "Flip", Oh God he "Filped Again", It's really Awesome that he can "flip", OMG how adorable he is flipping again. "THE FLIP" Rest choice is your! Make your own judgment. Note: English is not my First language.

  • "Let Me Tell You A Story For The nth Time." ♦ 41%


    So, the story goes like this: boy falls for a girl, girl has a strict father, girl's sister has eloped with boy's best friend, boy helps best friend in hiding, boy impresses father, boy over-impresses father, girls HAS to love him, father agrees, credits. No prizes for guessing, but this is what Heropanti is. The only difference is they gave the two lead roles to newbies. Tiger Shroff may have good parkour skills and a super bod, but his face resembles a 10-year old and trust me, this aggravates his acting. Let him grow and we'll see if he's really an actor material. Kriti Sanon is cute and can hide behind a stick; she acts fine but nothing remarkable. Supporting cast is fine. The plot goes out of bounds sometimes when reality loses grip and the scenes just show the writers' vivid imagination; e.g.: highbrow hooligans are intimidated by the the hero's witty dialogs which are funnier than they are descriptive. Also, Shroff's over-smart air pops up clearly during tense dramatic sequences. Then the whole drama is tried to save with the help of humor but that doesn't work much either. Action is good, songs are good, cinematography is good. But, since it solely depends on tried-tested formula, Heropanti is just average. BOTTOM LINE: Take your girlfriend with you if X-Men is not running nearby. It has its few moments. Can be skipped. Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • Forced action, stuffed songs and without required emotions


    For direction I just want to reframe the tag line of this film as "Direction- Kisi Ko Aati Nahi, Kisi Ko Milti Nahi" . Director just fails to add anything extra from his side to enhance the film. Even lots of places, for the sake of surprise he gives shock to audience. Story is very routine, screenplay is stale and dialogues are just OK. They show capital of India, Delhi just like a remote village. I mean to say no law and order, goons moving in open jeep!!! Why they prefer to choose Delhi when it could have been any place. Main male lead behaves like he does not have mind at all, when ever he wants to fight , he fights otherwise he surrenders or even plans to run away!!! Love scenes between the lead pair do not touch at all. This is the biggest setback of this action romantic film. Prakash Raj is an amazing actor but due to inappropriate visual support and routine dialogues his emotional scenes fall flat even after his mind blowing performance. Sunil Grover, famous as Gutthi comes in a scene and pushes you to laugh but this scene was intended to be emotional rather than funny. Performance wise Tiger Shroff as Bablu fights and dances impressively but he is just fine in other scenes. Kirti Sanon as Dimpy is OK. Samar Jay singh as Bhuppi makes his presence felt. Music by Sajid –Wajis is good. Choreography of song Whistle Baja is out standing.

  • Perhaps the era of adorable romance with an emotional depth is over.


    Watching this latest launching pad for another star son, presented as a youthful love saga, I strongly felt that perhaps we are now into a completely different era which is far away of those eternal love stories of the past. The emotional depth found in the adorable romance between the lead pairs of that golden era is lost somewhere in the materialistic development around and today a love story has to be served like a complete entertainment package, forcing everything into the script ranging from action, songs, dance & drama to six packs, naval shows and hurriedly edited sequences with more than one sub plots. Another remake of another South Hit PARUGU (Telugu-2008), HEROPANTI has been made with slight changes suiting the Hindi belt. But it actually walks on exactly the same pattern followed by South cinema, in which they mix more than 2-3 interesting subplots into one script and have a separate focus planned for both before and after the interval, intelligently. So in here too the couple actually meets just before the intermission and its probably the first Hindi love story in which the wooing act commences in the second half. Beginning with a typical marriage sequence and many clichéd insertions later, it simply reminds you of few recent films like CHENNAI EXPRESS, SON OF SARDAR, RANGREZZ and more. The hero's gang of friends starts overacting from their first scene itself and one doesn't get impressed much till we have an well executed chase & escape, action sequence towards the mid. Despite having few weird scenes, the film actually makes a greater impact post interval with an emotional climax again reminding you of DDLJ along with a lengthy duration which could have been shortened by at least 12-15 minutes. To put it straight, HEROPANTI is purely made keeping in mind the non- stop entertainment more suitable for single screens or smaller centers and has enough action & drama for that particular target audience. Hence it cannot be treated as an awfully made film, delivering nothing. However it's the writing which remains uneven throughout offering some really strange sequences as well as dialogues. For instance, it seems really silly to repeat the word HEROPANTI every 5-10 minutes by various artists in its initial hour. Prakash Raj coming on to the road with a bottle as a drunkard didn't really suit his own persona. A party song comes from no-where in the film all of a sudden and a particular dialogue truly left me confused saying, "Jo Dost Kameeney Nahin Hotey, Wo Kameenay Dost Nahi Hotey!!!!!!" Also another verse in the song "Rabba" really forced me to look into the lyrics writer's name i.e. Kausar Munir and he writes, "Chakhna Bhi Chahun, Rakhna Bhi Chahun, Sabse Chhupa Ke Ussey!!!!!!" And that is supposed to be a love song………….really! Musically, HEROPANTI does have some peppy tracks like "Raat Bhar" & "Whistle Baja" with the famous signature tune from Subhash Ghai's HERO featuring Tiger's father Jackie Shroff, fondly called as Jackie Dada. Moreover the encouraging part is that here we don't have a 5-6 songs thrown in every 12-15 minutes into the film as per the routine. The cinematography captures the action sequences and landscapes superbly. Plus the background score manages to build up the energy level to a large extent. In the performance section, Tiger Shroff confidently displays his well learned skills in Gymnastics & Martial Arts and makes a decent impact. He puts up a notable show as an actions hero for sure but remains average only in the acting department frankly. Having said that he is certainly not an extremely poor actor as was being predicted and made fun of in the social networking sites before the release. Still, his chocolate (girly) looks, not suitable for variety of roles, are sure to prove as a big limitation in his career without any doubt. Also I would not be able to call Tiger's dare devil stunts as something first of its kind on the screen, since just last year we saw Vidyut Jammal coming up with a much better stuff in his COMMANDO (2013). But since he is not any star-son with a solid backing, so many would not even recall his name & the film unfortunately. Kriti, who has earlier worked in a Telugu hit looks really gorgeous and plays her given role with an extreme ease as well as confidence. With a highly likable screen presence, she is sure to win many hearts post HEROPANTI and also would be the one who will get the maximum benefit from the film in the coming months. Sandeepa Dhar is fine as Kriti's elder sister (who also strangely vanishes towards the end) and the supporting cast has some mixed performers ranging from bad to average. Coming to the other big name in the film, Prakash Raj, the seasoned actor once again delivers a 'seen before' yet thoughtful performance of a father who is confused from the rebellious choices made by his two daughters repeatedly. Though this particular section of the movie (the last 15 minutes) could have become its major highlight, if handled more sensitively, yet I loved the important question raised by a caring father of a girl to her chosen boy as, "What exceptional qualities she sees in you which I am unable to see or find?" Summing up, no doubt HEROPANTI is just another average package of entertainment in a pure South style with all routine stuff. Still, it remains one step ahead than many careless entertainers such as R… RAJKUMAR. To give you a clear indication we earlier used to make HERO and now it has all gone down to HEROPANTI.


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