Hickey (2016)

Hickey (2016)

Troy DohertyFlavia WatsonRaychel Diane WeinerZedrick Restauro
Alex Grossman


Hickey (2016) is a English movie. Alex Grossman has directed this movie. Troy Doherty,Flavia Watson,Raychel Diane Weiner,Zedrick Restauro are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Hickey (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Brilliant but insecure, young Ryan has 24 hours to save the store he hates in order to win the heart of the girl he loves.

Hickey (2016) Reviews

  • Average Love Story


    The opening credits were inventive. I enjoyed them with the rock song played over them. Hickey is a simple film, a sort of bridge of the teen comedy genre, about a boy who likes a girl. To be more succinct: a nerdy just got accepted to MIT boy in love with the girl next door who wants to be a famous singer some day. Hickey is the unwanted nickname of Ryan Chess (tv series, "Chuggington"), the store he and the girl he has a crush on works at is being shutdown. To get the girl (so she doesn't leave) he needs to save the store from closing. I watched this film primarily because of Tiny Lister, though his role as security guard wasn't that huge. There's some funny scenes but mainly it's a drama rather than a comedy if looking at the whole. I mean, the film likes to paint this about a boy liking a girl, and that's there but it's actually more about a boy not wanting to leave his newly divorced mother and go all the way across the country to college, and how this incredibly intelligent guy lets his emotions rule his life. It should be a balance of the two rather than one being more prominent than the other, in my opinion. Overall, it's an okay film. It's not great but it's not too bad, either. There are funny moments, sweet moments, dramatic etc., and while, as a whole, it could have been better, it's just an average film with an average story. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Tired effort.


    Empire Records......................nope. This robo reviewer says my review is too short. To bad this movie wasn't shorter.

  • This is a 'FAKE ' FILM!!! STAY AWAY


    This is something IMDb (which is OWNED BY AMAZON) Must crack down on. Lately, people with NO affiliation with ANY ACCREDITED UNION, STUDIO, are making what is nothing more than a FAKE movie. While creativity always good, to these people are operating under FAKE products. IMDB should REMOVE ALL OF THESE, AND BAN THE PEOPLE FROM EVER POSTING AGAIN, As Shikande who actually works in this business, I do know unions can be a catch-22 to get into, but all of these MIUST BE STOPPED

  • Too Simple


    This movie is really very predictable. When I was watching it I knew what'll happen and I was right. It's a story about a boy who likes a girl but this girl do not like him... I saw films like this 1000 times but other films were much more interesting

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