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Hidamari no kanojo (2013)

Hidamari no kanojo (2013)

Masaki SudaTetsuji TamayamaTakumi KitamuraJuri Ueno
Takahiro Miki


Hidamari no kanojo (2013) is a Japanese movie. Takahiro Miki has directed this movie. Masaki Suda,Tetsuji Tamayama,Takumi Kitamura,Juri Ueno are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Hidamari no kanojo (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Fantasy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A salesman named Kosuke Okuda happens to meet Mao Watarai, a friend from his middle school days. Back then Mao was bullied, but now she is an attractive woman. Kosuke and Mao fall in love and decide to marry, but Mao has a secret.

Hidamari no kanojo (2013) Reviews

  • Sweet, odd and fantastical - albeit a little slow-moving.


    On the surface, Girl In The Sunny Place - with its non-descript and oddly-phrased title - looks like just about every other Japanese romantic drama out there. Boy meets girl in a terribly cute fashion. Boy courts girl in a sigh-inducing way, and they fall head over heels in love. But boy and girl must inevitably be separated, either by (a) a terminal disease, (b) disapproving parents, (c) a deep, dark secret or (d) other. In the case of Girl In The Sunny Place, it's all of the above, kind of, which sets it apart from the rest of the pack - but also makes it an unusually complicated film to pull off. Salesman Kosuke Okuda (Jun Matsumoto) leads a boring, normal life, with no girl or happily ever after in sight. The last thing he expects is to run into Mao Watarai (Juri Ueno), a friend from his junior high school days, at a work meeting. As it turns out, Kosuke and Mao have a history together: she was the misfit new girl, awkward and slow, and he was the guy who stood up for her whenever she was bullied. Almost ten years later, they finally have the chance to fall in love. But, just as they're blissfully settling into their new lives together, they start to feel the consequences of a fateful decision made by Mao many years ago. There's a twist to this love story - one by which viewers might be puzzled, amused, fascinated or repulsed, occasionally at the same time. The revelation shouldn't really come as a big shock; in fact, clues to its nature are so obviously scattered throughout (there's a big clue in Mao's name) that it can sometimes feel as if the film takes an unnecessarily long time to get to its point. But it's so odd and fantastical that audience members might find themselves fretting over the metaphysics, biology and logic of the situation rather than really giving in to the love story. Twist aside, Girl In The Sunny Place is a solidly-crafted, if slightly plodding, romantic drama. Clocking in at 129 minutes, the film runs a little too long to support its rather slight story. At least the relationship between Kosuke and Mao is lovingly developed, and benefits from the sweet chemistry shared by Matsumoto and Ueno. It's largely due to their doe-eyed efforts that the film comes to pack the emotional punch that it does. The ending may be predictable but - if you give in to its sun-drenched, bittersweet charm - it can also be pretty darn heartrending.

  • true love and sadness


    ...this movie looks like the typical romance/teenager movie to pass the time but is not. Fantasy and a bit of "magic" is the formula to have a fresh approach to the conventional expectation of this genre. At first you would be submerged in these expected situations(but without relying on clichés)so is possibly to pass over the clues that the director let there to see what is going on behind this girl. The colors; the ambient; the lights are very well worked for the intended narrative. The final is OK and fulfill a positive end however this movie let me an emptiness and sadness sensation that the destiny is the destiny.

  • A movie set in japan around the themes of school life ,happiness and slight hints of magic and mysticism .


    The film is beautifully directed and the location is absolutely gorgeous. In the beginning the film develops quite slowly but is still interesting enough , It becomes a fun filled happy drama with elements of mystery in the middle and finally ends with a revelation . If you pay enough attention you can figure out what might happen . The acting is great and the actors do marvelous job at showcasing all the emotions required for the film. I adore this movie . I highly recommend watching it . (dont read for slight hints ) Its fantastic if you love cats like I do ! ;)


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