Horror Story (2013)

Horror Story (2013)

Karan KundraNishant MalkaniHasan ZaidiRavish Desai
Ayush Raina


Horror Story (2013) is a Hindi movie. Ayush Raina has directed this movie. Karan Kundra,Nishant Malkani,Hasan Zaidi,Ravish Desai are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Horror Story (2013) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Seven friends reunite to bid farewell to one of their friends.They choose a haunted location an hotel which was earlier and Asylum and got destroyed due to fire.The cause of which was never know the owner of the hotel also committed suicide where rumors stated the ghost pushed him to suicide.But the friends still enter the hotel a night which will change their lives forever.


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Horror Story (2013) Reviews

  • A good Movie with a bad ending


    A very good effort by Ayush Raina , he gave a good thriller and horror experience and he managed to maintain it throughout the movie.First half was really terrific ,the impact of the first half creates huge expectation in the second half but its there the movie some what failed to meet the expectation . The background music is too high in the second half and its some what irritating and avoids the thrill effect in many scenes ,the climax failed to maintain the horror and the movie failed to be a complete horror movie at the end . The climax is in a simple Indian movie style which destroys the ramp created throughout the movie . The movie is completely in a Hollywood style with a Indian masala climax.on the whole its a very good horror movie with a simple ending.

  • Spooky and Horror


    Movie is amazing and quite fearful.It is good Bollywood film and not like other horror films of Bollywood which are somewhat funny but not fearful.The star cast of the movie is new and acting by them is good.This movie doesn't have any songs and the story of the movie is average . The lighting and sound effects are good.Pros of the movie are it is quite fearful.The movie is short and it doesn't contain any unwanted scenes.Few scenes in the movie is good,can surely send shivers down your spine.Cons of the movie are dialogues of the movie and few are unnecessary and last 5-10 minutes of the movie is a little silly.Overall the movie is good and quite spooky and fearful.

  • Welcome to The Grandiose... The hotel lived up to the name, the movie itself didn't...


    Director Ayush Raina tried a little bit too hard and failed in the attempt. For a horror movie then "Horror Story" was surprisingly shallow and devoid of anything particularly scary. The story is about seven young people who hear the story of a business man who committed suicide at a reportedly haunted hotel by the name of The Grandiose. Being as carefree as young people are they decide to go to the hotel as a farewell to the departed. As they set foot inside the hotel, it quickly becomes clear that something is most definitely not right at the hotel, and there is something dark and evil roaming the long abandoned corridors. I will say that the hotel itself was really nicely detailed, and had lots of interesting things to be seen, and the atmosphere was indeed one of the best aspects of the entire movie. The dialogue in the movie was horribly scripted, and many times you sit there and think 'did they really just say that?' Most of the time the dialogue doesn't have a particularly natural flow to it and comes off as forced and artificial. As for the acting, well, let's just say that some of the people were doing good enough jobs, while others had a tendency to over do it and put on a very theatrical act that was just uncalled for and just turned out to be too much. The camera-work in "Horror Story" was actually quite good, and made the movie all the more enjoyable and watchable. Oh, and before I forget, then I will also give praise to the music and sound score in the movie, because it was quite good. Lots of great atmospheric music here and great usage of sound effects. For a horror movie, then "Horror Story" was frightfully devoid of anything particularly scary. Or perhaps I have just been watching too many horror movies, because I didn't find this movie the least bit scary or terrifying. There are far better non-Western horror movies out there, especially from Japan, Korea and Thailand, which might be a better bet if you are looking for a good scare.

  • Amateurish attempt at horror


    From all the pre-release hype surrounding this movie, I was expecting a good quality horror flick but was disappointed in about 15 minutes in to the movie. The movie reeks of amateurishness throughout. The direction, acting, cinematography were all sub standard. I see some reviewers have commented this to be the best Indian Horror film. This cannot get any further from the truth. 1920 was far superior in every department. Even Bhoot and Haunted were better than this time waster. I cannot fathom how Vikram Bhatt got in to making this movie after having set a certain standard with 1920. Horror is not about loud background sounds, or shrieking (over acting) youngsters; this movie is replete with these. There is not one moment that I can call suspenseful or scary. The can rolling back, the radio playing without batteries -- come on! Get original. The set, a supposedly decrepit hotel, is not scary at all. It looks designed in very room and corner and does not evoke the feeling of being in a dilapidated building. The walls in all the rooms have the same look - someone rubbed their hands in charcoal and went streaking the walls with soot to make them look old. Poor casting, acting, cinematography, story, dialogs and direction. The worst was the set. I would recommend you see this movie to appreciate some of the other Indian horror movies better.

  • Then what if it is copied,Horror Story is a good one time watch


    Bollywood movies are these days badly criticized for borrowing some elements or even whole concept from Hollywood flicks.Horror story too was panned as some referred it as direct copy of grave encounters and had some scenes similar to two or three other English movies.. I have also seen Grave encounters and yes the plot was quite similar..OK lets assume that the critics haven't seen any of the above English movies..I am sure then they must have reviewed the horror story positively..So why not put ourselves in that category of those who are more on bollywood side and watch foreign movies less often.. Bollywood wants to present Hollywood flicks for our typical Indian spectators in our own style..Why not think that way rather than to criticize almost every Indian horror movie.. Just forget that you have seen grave encounters or any of other English horror and watch The Horror Story..I assure you that you won't be disappointed..There are some flaws but as per horror quotient is considered it will surely terrify you.. I rate it 7 out of 10..A must one time watch for all supernatural horror movie fans


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