Hotarubi no mori e (2011)

Hotarubi no mori e (2011)

Koki UchiyamaAyane SakuraShinpachi TsujiIzumi Sawada
Takahiro Ômori


Hotarubi no mori e (2011) is a Japanese movie. Takahiro Ômori has directed this movie. Koki Uchiyama,Ayane Sakura,Shinpachi Tsuji,Izumi Sawada are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Hotarubi no mori e (2011) is considered one of the best Animation,Drama,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

Hotaru is rescued by a spirit when she gets lost in a forest as a child. The two become friends, despite the spirit revealing that he will disappear if he is ever touched by a human.

Hotarubi no mori e (2011) Reviews

  • Short sweet and magical


    I don't understand why many people here seemingly disappointed with the simplicity of plot. 'Hotarubu no mori e' is one of those animes that gonna linger around in your head for while after watching. It's story of a little girl who gets into kinda of crush with a forest spirit. Beautiful soundtrack with breathtaking shots of forest and summer is delightful to watch. The story is simple with no major twists or heavy drama, most of expressions of simple and short which makes this too romantic. This is definitely a film that I would cherish and watch over and over. Nothing less to Ghibili studios'.

  • A truly rare gem


    This film is the epitome of 'short yet full' way of telling a story.It is about childhood, and the difficulties of being alone as a kid.It uses an extraordinary almost ethereal character to guide the girl - and the audience - through the one way travel of growing up and the lessons you learn along the way.It explores a child's view on mortality, love, and friendship all in one. Finally, it is about leaving childhood behind and moving on while keeping the memories alive either happy ones or sad ones.It's an unmissable experience that will leave you with a sweet yet nostalgic feeling.Its a masterpiece in every aspect.

  • Short in length, but quite long enough.


    "Hotarubi No Mori E" is yet another fine example of Japanese creativity and talent to make a heart warming story. Some might think that 40 minutes isn't all that long, but in this case, it was more than enough to tell a tale. A young girl named Hotaru gets lost in the woods during a summer vacation in her uncle's mountain lodge. Just when she starts to fear no one would find her, a young man with a mask covering his face appears and shows the way home. But there's something mysterious about Gin, and as it seems, he may even be a forest god in a human form. Hotaru is intrigued, and still, she cannot touch him. Years go by, with each new summer the girl returns to the same enchanted forest looking for this secretive boy. Hotaru feels closer to Gin as time passes, while she continues to grow up. Finally, she will unravel the secret behind mysterious Gin who doesn't seem to grow old, but things will never be same again for any of them. "Hotarubi No Mori E" is a perfect exemplar why I like Japanese animation so much. Forest and it's spiritual surrounding represent an important part of Japanese culture, whereas this symbol can be found in many anime originated from Japan, but also in other Asian productions and traditions. An interesting and touching story is told without fireworks and big splashes. Maybe not the best but still solid animation, fairytale characters and a nice story make this anime more than worth watching.

  • I liked this movie it was refreshing.


    Before watching this I didn't know what to expect especially since it is such a short anime film. What I really liked about it was the story in general, the sound effects, the sketches and the voice actors. The whole idea was nothing I would imagine and the ending was nothing I had expected. I liked how all the spirits in the forest looked out for him and how he grew up alone in the forest. It was as though he was raised by wolves without the wolf part of course (haha) unless you include that one spirit. The whole time I expected a cliché happy ending. I assumed they would find the mountain god who gave him the powers and then they would give her some as well. That didn't seem all that unlikely seeing as they didn't introduce the family too well. I assume it was because they didn't want us to get attached to something that would be left behind. The main point in the whole movie was companionship, how no one wants to be lonely. In the end he appreciated her so much that he didn't mind being obliterated if only he could hug her. The ending was absolutely touching and even though I rarely cry when watching films this made me tear up.

  • Magical and soulful, I just used 2 of my fav words :)


    "It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love." The quote by Miguel de Unamuno becomes soulful and symbolic when we refer to it as in the context of this amazing anime. It's believed that the genre of romance has grown stiff and it seems very difficult to find a movie that does not deplete of originality and true sensuality, a genre that has nothing fresh to offer and most suggested things are a cliché these days. Well then, I'm truly glad I can say that whoever sports that belief is wrong. The evidence: Hotarubi no Mori e.


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