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Hurricane (2018)

Hurricane (2018)

Iwan RheonMilo GibsonStefanie MartiniKrystof Hádek
David Blair


Hurricane (2018) is a French,English,Polish,German movie. David Blair has directed this movie. Iwan Rheon,Milo Gibson,Stefanie Martini,Krystof Hádek are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Hurricane (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,War movie in India and around the world.

Mission of Honor is the story of Hurricane Squadron 303, a group of brave pilots who fought in the skies over England in WW2, not just to keep Great Britain free from the Nazis, but also to keep alive the very idea of their own country, which had existed in its modern form for barely twenty years before it was crushed between the opposing jaws of Germany and Russia. Equipped with the almost-obsolete Hurricane and (with some initial reluctance) given RAF blue uniforms, while they fought, Poland lived.


Hurricane (2018) Reviews

  • A true Story that needed a better budget .


    As I have spent most of my adult life living around the Northolt area I am very aware of the debt my country owed to the brave few who protected Britain from the Luftwaffe in the summer of 1940. Northolt base was the home to 303 Polish squadron this film is an almost fitting tribute to those courageous men. Unfortunately, although a well intended film, I think it could have been so much better if given a bigger budget, This really looks like a low budget made for TV movie. If the makers had given a little more care and attention to the story line which was a a bit 2 dimensional as it depicts The British pilots as arrogant toffs that hated the Pols and the Pols as melancholy aggressive drunks. This was mostly false as the fatigued British pilots and officers were aware that they needed all the help they could get. My grandfather told me that the Polish pilots were always polite and good humoured when dealing with the locals and other members of the armed forces in the area. This is represented in a small scene , but nowhere else. Most of the performances are good and save a rather bland script that could have done with a little more spit and polish. This could also be said for the special effects used to recreate the aerial battle sequences. The CGI went from OK to bloody awful video game graphics. But I could over look this as despite the films flaws as it is a fascinating true story and well worth a watch.

  • A missed opportunity to make a worthwhile historical film


    Where to begin? This film is disappointing on so many levels. To begin with the script must have been written by a teenager, or at best a millennial with no appreciation for how people spoke on the 1940s. Time and again words were used that brought me up with a bump and a cringe. "Thanks for the invite" is a horrible late 20th century replacement for "Thanks for the invitation". It just grates. And no one ever said "Roger that" in that era. There are other examples but I gave up on hoping for script authenticity after a short while. But the absolute worst of this film was the total ignorance of aerial combat in the Second World War. Fighter pilots never EVER flew straight and level for more that 5 seconds at a time, and they were constantly swivelling their heads to scan the sky for the enemy. So to see Hurricanes and ME109s flying in a straight line with the pilots staring fixedly ahead like Sunday day-trippers in the middle lane of an empty motorway was risible in the extreme. The combat scenes were created in CGI by kids who, again, have no clue as to how it actually took place. The Hurricane couldn't out-fly the ME109. The latter could out-climb even the more agile Spitfire, and though it couldn't out-turn a Spitfire it certainly could the Hurricane. So we were treated to scenes of 109s flying straight and level while Hurricanes picked them off and blew them out of the sky. That just didn't happen. Actually, the CGI fighter sequences in Star Wars were more akin to how it was, not the pedestrian sequences we were obliged to watch. In fact anyone who has read anything about the Battle of Britain knows that the Hurricane was always sent to engage the slow-moving bombers. The German fighters that we're sent to protect them were taken on by the Spitfires. The high kill score for Hurricane squadrons was for bombers; hugely important because it was the bombers that did the damage on the ground. But of course that doesn't chime with the desired picture of sky-jockeys in one-on-one combat. Oh, and the skin of the Hurricane was FABRIC not metal, so the sight of bullets spanging off the metal sides of these planes was completely incorrect. It's the Spitfire that had an aluminium monocoque fuselage. And the women at the plotting table? The idea that one of them would countermand the instructions of the senior officer in charge of deploying the squadrons is ridiculous. This film was a juvenile attempt at heroic storytelling that dismally failed, and made a bit of a mockery of the real Polish heroes of the RAF. The storyline was weak, the dialogue written by people with a tin ear for the period, and combat sequences that would have been acceptable if someone on the team had done just one hour's research. And the final engagement between the hero's Hurricane and the 109? I won't deliver a spoiler but it was absolutely ridiculous. For shame.

  • Well intentioned, poorly executed


    As mentioned elsewhere, the Poles deserve better than this - many of the CGI kills were highly improbable - tailplanes don't just blow up - there's no fuel down there. That said, it is worth a watch. A better film in this genre is Dark Blue World, but it revolves around Czech pilots with real spitfires.....

  • A solid movie


    I have just come back from the cinema and wanted to share my thoughts. I don't want to spoil anything so I'm keeping the plot to the minimum. The movie is based on true accounts of the finest of Polish squadrons, the 303 squadron formed in RAF, Northolt. It tells the bittersweet story of people who had nothing but themselves and their skills to offer in the fight against Germans during WWII. (Note, I'm not writing Nazis. These were Germans of that era). Having been thought of like the scum of the earth, these men proved that given the opportunity they can be incomparable in the air battles while many English pilots weren't even combat ready. The movie plays itself a bit slowly, CGI isn't the best you can get these days, there are many fictional subplots interwoven by the ones responsible for the screenplay, also there are some emblems missing from the planes, most notably the Polish checkered logo and Donald Duck from Zumbach's (Rheon's) plane. Despite those slight omissions, and some fictitious plots it is quite enjoyable. It takes itself seriously, without pompous heroism nor wallows in martyrdom. It is a well organized, quite serious flick that makes you think. Most people didn't realize it at the time but Poland lost due to the fact that before the war there were only 20 years of freedom, hence the military was not ready to deal with Germans' forces. There were atrocities committed all over Poland, but some people were able to flee and add to the allied effort, it's great that they're getting the recognition they had deserved. I highly recommend it to anyone, even though it might be a bit uncomfortable for some British to watch.

  • A poor movie


    A great story of the heroism and skill shown by Polish pilots deserves a much better telling. In fact it has already been done by channel four with their docudrama, "Bloody foreigners" which tells the story more concisely in half the time, with personal recollection of some of the pilots themselves and dramatisation. Hurricane is so low budget, in fact I suspect more of the budget was spent on sandwiches than the CGI. A lack of characterisation of the principal players and of the very, real hurdles put in front of talented but "Foreign" pilots, make this a very lazy effort at best. The only upside, maybe, that the viewer who's interest in this story has been piqued, will probe further elsewhere and may, more fully, appreciate the sacrifice , talent and bravery of our erstwhile Polish allies.


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