I Am Jane Doe (2017)

I Am Jane Doe (2017)

Erik BauerJohn MontgomeryRob PortmanClaire McCaskill
Mary Mazzio


I Am Jane Doe (2017) is a English movie. Mary Mazzio has directed this movie. Erik Bauer,John Montgomery,Rob Portman,Claire McCaskill are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. I Am Jane Doe (2017) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

The epic battle that several American mothers are waging on behalf of their middle-school daughters, victims of sex trafficking on Backpage.com, the adult classifieds section that for years was part of the iconic Village Voice. Narrated by Academy Award-nominee Jessica Chastain and directed by award-winning filmmaker Mary Mazzio, the documentary follows the journey of these young girls and their mothers in real time as they run headlong into a collision course not only with Backpage but with judges, powerful corporations, special interest groups, and an outdated internet freedom law that has been interpreted by federal judges to protect websites from any responsibility for hosting ads which sell underage girls. I AM JANE DOE is a gut-wrenching human story and fresh look at a social and legal issue that affects every community in America.


I Am Jane Doe (2017) Reviews

  • Inspirational


    Fantastic film that opened my eyes through the horrors of Backpage.com and the child sex trafficking industry in this country. So rarely do you see a documentary this raw and honest come out with the full intention of doing good. I have seen this movie twice: once myself and a second time with my family, and it doesn't get easier. But, it does inspire me to join the fight and help in whatever way I can. To me, that is the greatest signifier of a well-made film.

  • A Shocking Catalyst for Change


    I AM JANE DOE is assaulting to any viewer. It revolts and disgusts any average audience, and it does so intentionally. Just look at the subject matter, and you can see why so many people seem to have a problem with accepting this film. The repeated rape and sale of children is a disgusting notion, one that cuts a person to the core. When I used to think about human trafficking, I always thought of it like in the movie "Taken". It happens to "dumb" people over seas. It doesn't effect me, or my life, at all. Watching this documentary rips apart that false assumption. Any American child, no matter their race, gender, sexuality, or socioeconomic status is at risk to be repeatedly raped and sold. That is abhorrent in every sense. It is the destruction of innocence, the eradication of futures. And it could happen to anyone. That is a terrifying concept. What I AM JANE DOE does so well is aim those natural human emotions of confusion and disgust and rage on the broken system that allows for the insane profit off of the sale of children. There seems to be many comments so far about how viewers were disappointed that there was no happy ending in this film. That there wasn't a "fix" that was found to child sex trafficking. And it seems that those same people were also upset over the specific targeting of Backpage.com. I couldn't disagree with these comments more, as I thought the film handled this tactfully. It carefully and clearly exposed not only the injustice in our legal system for allowing Backpage.com to continue to profit off of the sale of children, but also carefully handled the horrific experiences these children went through, giving their trauma justice without spinning off down the rabbit hole to a depressing story about each different graphic instance of a child being sold for sex. Instead, I AM JANE DOE specifically focuses on the legal efforts to take away the ease in ability to profit off of the sale of children with the goal of a unification of efforts. Instead of having a single lawyer stand up for three girls in Seattle, and a law firm in Boston mounting its own case- I AM JANE DOE has encouraged the combination of efforts and collaboration between lawyers and activists and every day Americans in a universal call for change. Yes, this film does not offer a permanent solution to prostitution- because there is no magic pill to fix this- instead, the film offers a route to take for the ordinary citizen who is motivated to fight this, and exposes the lack of morals present in far too many technology companies that are willing to write off the sale of thousands of American children every year as collateral damage in their search for higher profits. I AM JANE DOE calls for a change in the way we treat the internet. It demands a revolution against these companies that have so little regard for human life. It is already proving to be a catalyst, creating an avenue for true bipartisan politics, in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate (led by Senators McCain, Portman, Heitkamp, and McCaskill - outspoken leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties), to amend the loophole that allows websites to profit off of rape with impunity. Starting this documentary, I was angry. I was disgusted. I was revolted. I felt sick to my stomach knowing that one day this could happen to my children. This could happen to my best friend, my family, my neighbors. That knowledge made me full of sadness and rage. By the end of the film however, my thoughts had changed. I am now motivated. I have seen the power of a single voice standing up to massive corporations and unfair laws. Imagine what all our voices could do? I am determined to stand up for the hundreds of thousands of children who cannot stand up for themselves. I will Speak Out. I will Fight Back. Will You?

  • "I am Jane Doe" will leave you angry and heartbroken. But it needs to be watched.


    So it actually took awhile for me to get around to watching "I am Jane Doe." I missed the window where the film was in theaters and there weren't any other screenings near me. I finally got to watch it on Netflix a couple weeks ago and I'm so glad I did. This film is eyeopening. It left me angry, heartbroken, and itching to get involved in the fight against human trafficking. The fact that this happens right under our noses, in our very neighborhoods, should enrage everyone. And the absence of justice against Backpage, even with a damning Senate report, is unbelievable. Watch this. It's so important.

  • Well made and vitally important


    I just watched this documentary on Netflix and I had to write something about it. The subject matter made me sick to my stomach, but THIS FILM NEEDS TO BE WATCHED. Getting the word out about child sex trafficking and Backpage's horrible sins against humanity is the first step towards fixing the problem. Watch "I am Jane Doe." Share with your friends. Demand action. 10/10 if you want a better world for your children.

  • Eye-opening and a call to change


    This documentary shows a horrific side of American society. Throughout the plot there are stories of individual victims of child sex trafficking. These stories tear you apart inside as you see innocent children turned into merchandise and hear the dehumanizing terrors they have to face. These stories, however are presented along with a way to fight. This film reveals the blatant malice of Backpage.com, so while we see these painful stories we are simultaneously exposed to a legal and political battle. This honest documentary has a spark of hope and a future that we could impact. Few documentaries have been able to both make me cry and make me feel inspired as this film did. I am Jane Doe is a must watch and will change the way you see prostitution.


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