I Love Me (2012)

I Love Me (2012)

Kadambari JethwaniAsif AliJins BaskarJoju George
B. Unnikrishnan


I Love Me (2012) is a Malayalam movie. B. Unnikrishnan has directed this movie. Kadambari Jethwani,Asif Ali,Jins Baskar,Joju George are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. I Love Me (2012) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Ram Mohan, an eminent businessman in Bangkok, has discovered that his business empire and personal life are in danger. To save himself, he hires two small-time crooks from India to murder a person.

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  • twist is better than most of the new movies


    I would have never rated this or any movie but the plot is better and more creative than most of the new movies coming out. If only people could see the difference between the new movies with all kind of "out of this world crap" and this movie with it's simple twist, they might rate it good. The cast is new but so was everyone at one point. High priced super duper universal mega stars wont do a script like this but one of these actors will become a star one day and they will thank this movie. Songs are OK. Overall I think it is a good thriller. What it lacks is probably the no-relation title to the story but that could be a positive too. If it was marketed in the right medium maybe it could have been a success.I enjoyed the movie.

  • Buffoonery!


    I Love Me is just not done; a movie with so many twists and wacky turns, the title doesn't suggest anything at all. Yes, it is a thriller, but you will laugh at the dialogs and the twists at the end made my stomach pain. Anoop Menon disappoints, while Unnimenon is lame in his own style, Asif Ali seems to be playing his real life character in all his movies including this while the Mollywood's latest import is sheer dummy. It is this movie, that we interpret that she cannot act, talk or laugh. Thattathin Marayathu was a gimmick for her. The locales have not been harnessed properly while the soundtrack is inspiring but the screenplay and the score don't match each other. Writing is fresh, but many important plot points were skipped and the cinematography is very poor. Non-linear story-telling wasn't executed properly and too much detailing towards the end spoils this script. First half is very suspense-filled but second half is full of songs and buffoonery which makes it an annoying drama. I am sad that such a beautiful cast (except the lead lady) was wasted with such a bad execution of a good plot. The humor isn't humor here. It is spalstickish parody. References made were too ballisitc and the English prose just didn't fit in. BOTTOM LINE: 75% Not recommended. Performances aren't charming, but if you have free time and want some nerve-racked, watch it! Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES Language: Strong | Sex, Nudity or Mouth-Kiss: No, Implied | Violence: Strong | Gore: No | Alcohol: Strong | Smoking or Drugs: No


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