Il était une fois un flic... (1972)

Alain DelonMireille DarcMichel ConstantinMichael Lonsdale
Georges Lautner


Il était une fois un flic... (1972) is a French movie. Georges Lautner has directed this movie. Alain Delon,Mireille Darc,Michel Constantin,Michael Lonsdale are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1972. Il était une fois un flic... (1972) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime movie in India and around the world.

For a special mission to destroy drug dealers in Nice, hardcore bachelor inspector Campana has to don the role of a married man with a child. He adjusts himself well but will have to fight a lot before being able to achieve final victory.

Il était une fois un flic... (1972) Reviews

  • This is an enjoyable action cum comedy film directed by Georges Lautner about cops and gangsters.


    French director Georges Lautner had always remained faithful to his image as a director of comedy films.It is with a lot of nostalgia that fans remember films such as 'Les Tontons Flingueurs', 'Le Guignolo', 'Joyeuses Pâques' etc.However,his impressive filmography is also full of films where he combined comedy with crime in order to give viewers something more to enjoy than mere laughter.'There was once a cop' is one such film which makes good use of French city Nice as the setting for a comedy film with shades of action about a tough cop who transforms into a family man in order to get desired results.Director Georges Lautner ensures that there is a good balance between action, comedy and suspense in his film.For this reason,he extracts good performances from actors namely Michel Constantin,Michel Lonsdale and Mireille Darc.He also got invaluable support from screen writer Francis Veber for devising comedy scenes.Lastly,this is a very useful film to understand the mechanism of French police especially in the context of special missions.

  • Back into mainstream,without tears....


    After an intriguing offbeat movie where he directed Rita Hayworth ,"La Route de Salina" and where he showed some ambition -it happened several times in his career-,Georges Lautner returns to Georges Lautner's style: a good old Comédie à la Française .This one is rather pleasant and the talented Michel Constantin and the brat make a nice pair.As for Mireille Darc, not exactly my kind of actress, she is passable.The screenplay is solid,the lines are often funny and the kid is of course a naughty boy. If you want to have fun,this movie is your cup of tea.But if you are a Bergman fan,well..

  • Constantin at his best


    This movie is a mixture between gangster movie and comedy. Georges Lautner created a typical french comedy with quite a good portion of violence, drugs, sex and sarcasm. Michel Constantin plays Campana, a commissar at the drugs bureau of Paris police. He gets an undercover job in Nice to catch an Italian-french mafia boss. As he slips into the identity of a gangster's brother, who was already killed, he has to play the role of a loving husband with child - something that is not so easy for a confirmed single like Campana. Unfortunately American killers chase behind the Nice mafia clan too, in order to get control of french drug trades to USA. Constantin played Campana very cool, a silent hero that struggles against the police in Nice, the Nice mafia clan, the American killers and American police from the Bureau against Narcotics and dangerous Drugs (BND). There are a lot of sarcastic elements that bases on the French - American "friendship" - very funny for all Europeans. All in all a great movie to have fun and a good time. Set in scene perfectly by Lautner.

  • Solid crime thriller


    This movie has a very conventional story without big surprises. In spite of that the duell between the main Charakters is very engrossing, so watching this film is never a waste of time.

  • Very stylised, somewhat romantic, crime comedy


    Inspector Campana (Michel Constantin), a driven, focussed single man, volunteers for an undercover assignment as a dead Mafia operative's brother, a family man. With his rentafamily (fake wife and nine-year old son) he travels to the South of France to attend the dead man's funeral, then infiltrate the dead man's world. The style of the film includes elements reminiscent of John Boorman's Point Blank, as well as referencing the classics of the French farce. The representation of family here is quite continental, and makes me think of great Czech comedies of the period, such as Setkani v Cervenci and Jak vytrhnout velrybe stolicku. Elements of the style of this film also show up in later British crime films, such as Wild Bill.

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