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In a Relationship (2018)

In a Relationship (2018)

Emma RobertsMichael AngaranoDree HemingwayPatrick Gibson
Sam Boyd


In a Relationship (2018) is a English movie. Sam Boyd has directed this movie. Emma Roberts,Michael Angarano,Dree Hemingway,Patrick Gibson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. In a Relationship (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Long-term couple Owen and Hallie are breaking up (or maybe not?). Just as their relationship reaches a turning point, Matt and Willa embark on a romance of their own. A funny, deeply felt chronicle of one summer in the lives of two couples.

In a Relationship (2018) Reviews

  • Better than a lot of the ratings


    Yes it's maybe not as shiny and sparkly as how relationships are normally portrayed but it's just as good maybe s bit refreshing. The music is really excellent though.

  • What Love is Really Like


    Narrative movies at film festivals are often a gamble, so I was happy to see such an honest, funny, and sweet movie at Tribeca late last month. Hoping it's picked up for distribution soon, because it's the kind of movie that isn't made much anymore, and one that will please people who have been waiting for more authentic love stories.

  • Charmless, unfunny Friends episode


    SPOILER: Busting at the seams with overpriviledged talentless writing/directing this is a nothing movie that feels like a favor given to someone important's wannabe-movie-maker-kid. At best this is an unfunny, charmless Friends episode. The movie is about a group of 4 very white, very rich, very skinny, very unlikeable (but not in a charming way) 20 somethings who are aimless in their pursuit for a successful relationship. They watch fireworks (which the director shoots like he believes no one has ever had fireworks in a movie before). They dance at a Malibu house party (in a dance montage 10 minutes into the film). In one scene, the rich, beautiful white people talk about how they love the OJ movie ("the doc or the movie?" "the doc") to sound interesting, I guess, and then go on a date: a guided tour in Brentwood of the OJ murders. It's an unironic scene. It is meant to be romantic. It isn't. In another scene our protagonist Hallie (Emma "you are better than this movie" Roberts) takes one lame, contextless photo and then gets to be a part of a photography exhibit (because clearly in director Sam Boyd's world this is how success works). Hallie also gets to be the model in a photo shoot because her boss yells "the model didn't show up, is there anyone here who is a size zero?!" and luckily Hallie is a size zero (phewf crisis averted!) In yet another sequence Hallie does molly and becomes a lesbian in a pool for five minutes (yawn) for revenge on her boyfriend and then her friends make fun of her because, I guess, ew lesbians?? The director's perspective on life seems so myopic we think he might have watched The Bling Ring and thought it was a documentary. At the Q & A of the Tribeca film festival premiere writer/director Sam Boyd (who is signed to CAA because why?) said this movie was inspired by events with his still-girlfriend. We think she should change her status to "open relationship" because she should see other people... but not as much as we think you should see other movies.

  • Neither couple is worth rooting for


    Emma Roberts is the lead in this relationship comedy... which has its moments.. but in the end neither of the two couples in this movie is particularly worth rooting for.



    Finally got done processing my time at Tribeca this year (and my 7th trip to the festival). I always try to see as much as I humanly can when I go to NYC and this year was no exception. but allow me to cut to the chase, Sam Boyd's directorial debut In A Relationship was not only the best film I saw at Tribeca, It's the best romantic comedy I've seen in years. I bought tickets for the premiere initially based on the fact that I am a huge Patrick Gibson fan. Upon entering the theater I could sense an energy in the audience that started to hint at the fact that this was a film people were so excited to see. Sam Boyd's directors introduction was hilarious and endearing at the same time. I could tell he had put his heart and soul into what we were about to see and by the time the opening credits began to roll I knew I was there for more than just Patrick Gibson. (No slight to Gibson, his performance was easily the films best) But the writing... THE WRITING! This film had a soul written into it that reminded me of Reality Bites... or maybe the first time I saw Garden State. It is that type of youthful film that feels so natural and effortless in it's energy. Heartbreaking, hilarious, wickedly funny, I loved Boyd's depiction of life in Los Angeles. I am 43 now and although this film did make me feel somewhat old (hate to admit that) I loved it for that reason. It brought those mid 20s feeling rushing right back. GOD DAMN! thank you for that, In A Relationship. What a ride. I'll be seeing this again as soon as it gets a wide release. Oh and before I wrap this up. A funny detail I noticed was that John Candy's son Chris Candy plays a bit roll in this film as the character Ducharme. He was so great. Total natural comedian just like his dad.


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