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In Darkness (2018)

In Darkness (2018)

Natalie DormerJoely RichardsonEd SkreinJames Cosmo
Anthony Byrne


In Darkness (2018) is a English,Serbo-Croatian,Russian movie. Anthony Byrne has directed this movie. Natalie Dormer,Joely Richardson,Ed Skrein,James Cosmo are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. In Darkness (2018) is considered one of the best Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A blind musician hears a murder committed in the apartment upstairs from hers that sends her down a dark path into London's gritty criminal underworld.

In Darkness (2018) Reviews

  • I'm a little confused


    I enjoyed the movie right up until the 'dramatic' reveal at the end. It's a movie that feels like it was written in parts and then everyone took a break and came back to it after a while and no one sat down and read through it again to make sure it all made sense. It tries very hard to be an intelligent thriller with as it turns out a reveal at the end that I guess was meant to be the big twist. The problem is that the big twist at the end assuming it was a big twist and reveal is that she is in fact not blind and has been pretending all along which creates A LOT of plot holes in the movie you have just watched. The other possible explanation is that the traumatic experience that caused her to go blind when she was a kid was reversed by the traumatic experience that she suffers at the end of the movie BUT the BIG problem is the movie does not explain either; in fact in a series of flashbacks it hints at she may have been able to see all along but that creates HUGE plot holes in the movie. For example why she simply didn't stop 'pretending' to be blind for ten seconds and slip the poison into the bad guys drink as she had planned before she dropped the vial. Its one of these movies that could have been a great movie but it loses its way somewhere along the telling of the story and then just leaves you feeling confused and asking what was that all about at the end of the movie rather than the intended feeling of satisfaction that she 'won' the movie plot and how clever she was to pull off that deception

  • questionable twists


    Sofia (Natalie Dormer) is a blind concert pianist in London. She agrees to play for the father of her upstairs neighbor Veronique (Emily Ratajkowski). Veronique falls to her death under suspicious circumstances. It's connected to her war criminal father from Bonsia. There are people after him and Sofia is hiding a secret herself. It's not the first movie with a blind woman who witnessed a crime. This one takes on some convoluted twists. I question the logic of the big twist. The turns don't really surprise but rather exasperates. Natalie Dormer is a great actress but this doesn't really work. The twists need to be better supported. This movie needs some simplifying.

  • What a silly ending!


    At the beginning, In Darkness plays like a good thriller centered on a blind musician who witnesses an horrible crime (with her ears) and then lives in a permanent paranoïa. Natalie acts - reasonnably - well. The director knows his jobs. Fine. And then things begin to unravel. Deeply. The plot turns to farce. Useless violent scenes are followed by useless dialogues. Just an example: would you torture a woman in van driving on a road, after kidnapping in a crowded street? Would you do that or, first, ask to give you what you want? Non, overkill, of course. Don't you think you could have met your victim, at night, in her appartment, without risking to be arrested by the police? Oh my... And that is far from being the sole inconsistency of this mediocre scenario. The worst being the so called BIG FINAL TWIST (Night Shyamala get out of this picture!) Silly. Meaningless. Laughable. You're left exhausted and bewildered by a big big mess. The scanrio has been co-written by Miss Dormer, and I guess she has managed to have some big melodramatic scenes, like actors competing for the Academy Awards like to play. Well, when a melodramatic scene makes no sense whatsoever and destroys the credibility of your character, you could do better without. Why a "5" note? Because of the photography, the level of acting and the idea at the start. I would give a much lower note to the script alone.

  • Would have been a good movie if...


    ...it had made sense. The story was too convoluted. None of the three of us ever understood what Alex, Marc and Veronique had to do with any of it, nor why Radic hated Veronique. Plus, the sex scene was completely unnecessary and seemed to be there for Natalie Dormer to show off.

  • Decent thriller with a nice lil twist, the sex scene n nudity was required....


    Dormer's earlier film The Forest was boring n lousy but in this film she gave a good performance. I liked this film's suspense n story. This movie will keep u glued till the end. The sex scene was necessary to establish the connection between the characters n the nudity to show off the tattoos.

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