Infidelity in Suburbia (2017)

Infidelity in Suburbia (2017)

Sarah ButlerMarcus RosnerPeter BensonArlo Hajdu
David Winning


Infidelity in Suburbia (2017) is a English movie. David Winning has directed this movie. Sarah Butler,Marcus Rosner,Peter Benson,Arlo Hajdu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Infidelity in Suburbia (2017) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Married for close to ten years, Laura and Greg Halpern still love each other but don't seem to be in sync on many levels, from parenting their seven year old son Jamie, to the priorities on discretionary spending - Laura who wants a new kitchen, while Greg focuses on what Laura considers the money pit of their sailboat - to Laura believing that Greg spends too much time at work - to their sex life. Greg gives into Laura on the issue of the kitchen when they meet Elliot Graverston, a contractor and sailor who offers to do the project at a reduced rate. Mira, Laura's married friend, opened up to her about the fact that she would willingly cheat with Elliot but, while finding him attractive, Laura remains committed to her wedding vows to Greg despite their problems. When Laura discovers circumstantial evidence that Greg is having an affair, she believing with his work assistant Hanna, Laura turns to Elliot for emotional support, who in turn offers himself sexually to her. In the process ...


Infidelity in Suburbia (2017) Reviews

  • WARNING: For Vegetarians only ----- REASON: Because this is sooooo corny


    Having watched the entire film to see how it ends I can only say the film started off lousy and only progressed downward from an already lousy beginning. I don't care if the actors/actresses agreed to work for free, and the director picked up this script from the "Buy 1 and get 3 scripts free" bin this is just so boring that I cannot pick out even one scene where the dialogue was worthy to be edited in. Who would even accept responsibility for putting their career ending name to this piece of junk? The film genre is listed as a Thriller much like the (1987) Fatal Attraction was which includes a love triangle that goes terribly wrong where the innocent and unsuspecting spouse is threatened by the unscrupulous scorned third party lover. Sound familiar? Well "Infidelity In Suburbia" is the end result of one person watching the original (1987) Fatal Attraction, and passing the film content by word of mouth from a first person 1 through person 1,000 and what you have left of a half decent film is this diluted piece of junk. The ending if I told you what happened, would not be considered a spoiler, because the entire film is spoiled from beginning to end. After investing 90 minutes just to watch a terrible ending that I would rather have washed the dinner dishes and thrown out the garbage instead of wasting my time watching this garbage. I give it two thumbs down because I only have two thumbs.

  • Wouldn't it be great if.....

    golfer_088072017-10-26 the end of one of these "same old, same old" movies, the husband were to be seen packing his clothes and telling his cheating wife that he could no longer be married to her, as he had no trust in her and no respect for her. At least that would be a non-predictable ending.

  • Marcus Rosner is hot, but that's the only reason to watch


    Last night's first Lifetime "world premiere" was something with the rather clinical title "Infidelity in Suburbia," though it's different from all Lifetime's other movies about infidelity in suburbia only in the relative affluence of the characters: they all have big homes with spectacular views and both the hero and the villain own boats which are parked next to each other in the local marina. Greg Halpern (Peter Benson) is a successful attorney — at least we think he's an attorney because there's a passing reference to a big case he's supposedly working on — only he's so busy he leaves his wife Laura (Sarah Butler, top-billed) home a lot. Looking for something that can occupy her during his long absences and also help overcome her sexual frustration — even on the rare occasions they're under the same roof at the same time they can't make love, it seems, without being interrupted (in the opening scene, even before we know who these people are, Greg's attempt to get it on with Laura is broken up when their son Jamie, played by Arlo Hajdu, innocently but annoyingly walks in on them in their bedroom) — Laura persuades Greg to allow her to get their kitchen remodeled. Alas, Greg makes the mistake of hiring as his contractor hot young Elliot Graverston (Marcus Rosner, a glorious hunk of man-meat director David Winning makes even more delectable by showing him with his shirt off a lot), and Elliot soon makes his lascivious interest in Laura quite apparent. They have sex for the first time while taking a shower together and then they become a typical American adulterous couple, with her constantly expressing guilt feelings about what she's doing and then going ahead and doing it anyway (the attitude Mike Nichols and Elaine May brilliantly satirized in their 1960 comedy routine "Adultery" on their album "An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May"). One of the reasons Laura let herself have the affair with Elliot was she was convinced Greg was cheating on her with his office assistant Hannah (Lucie Guest), not only because they were working long nights together but because she found a pair of purple panties on her husband's boat and later looked up Hannah on a singles' dating Web site and saw a photo of her wearing similar purple panties. It turns out that Greg and Hannah were just working together those long nights, and the panties were left there by a teenager who sneaked on to Greg's boat with her boyfriend for their own sexual experience at night — but in the meantime Laura is predictably in over her head with Elliot. That's right: Infidelity in Suburbia is yet another Lifetime movie in which the writer (Christie Will this time) can't be content just with making her character a master seducer and so drop-dead gorgeous no woman in the dramatis personae can resist him — not Laura, not her single friend Mira (Miranda Frigon), and not Hannah when she finally meets Elliot at a party Greg is throwing in his backyard. No, he has to be an insanely possessive psycho as well, determined to get Laura to leave Greg for him and willing to stop at nothing, including murder, to make that happen. It was pretty much another Lifetime loser, and as with some previous movies on this channel (including "Open Marriage") I've had the feeling that if, instead of portraying the "other man" as crazy and evil, they had kept it a story about a couple tempted to the sexual underground but ultimately deciding that they're better off both physically and psychologically staying together, director David Winning and writer Christie Will (names that seem to invite bad puns) would have had a stronger and more moving film.

  • ...a Waste of time and good mood !!


    ...first at girlfriend choose this film to watch...she liked soap-style movies with a bit of pain barrier is high....but after aprox. 20 minutes i had to stand up and go to the back porch,because the movie is so trashy (in the very bad way..not like trashy but GOOD..acting,script,etc)...even my girlfriend came in a few minutes later...what a sick-making movie..waste of time and lost of good mood !! CONCLUSION : Don´t watch this movie,...its completely rubbish and disgustig in every sense,trust me ( i can´t remember watch a movie wich is even more worse)

  • this low budget flick was advertised as "knisternder erotikthriller" by moviestar ...


    Well it has horrible plain dialogues, plot and you are searching for some erotic in it. It is not thrilling either and at least the german version had a really bad syncro. (no worries there is no way i can spoiler the plot, because its such a bad generic plot) That is one of the movies you shouldnt even watch, when you have nothing better to do, because even then you will feel how much time you have wasted.


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