iNumber Number (2013)

iNumber Number (2013)

LANGEnglish,Zulu,Afrikaans,Southern Sotho
S'Dumo MtshaliPresley ChweneyagaeIsrael Matseke-ZuluOwen Sejake
Donovan Marsh


iNumber Number (2013) is a English,Zulu,Afrikaans,Southern Sotho movie. Donovan Marsh has directed this movie. S'Dumo Mtshali,Presley Chweneyagae,Israel Matseke-Zulu,Owen Sejake are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. iNumber Number (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

When Chili Ngcobo, an honest but ambitious undercover cop, is cheated out of a major reward by his corrupt superiors, he infiltrates a cash-in-transit heist gang, and instead of busting them, he decides to participate in a one off score. He must face off against his partner who refuses to let him do it and one of the gang members who recognizes him as a cop.


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iNumber Number (2013) Reviews

  • A gritty entertaining story about a heist going wrong


    Once again I've seen a South African film quite different from films from the Western hemisphere. An gritty but entertaining story about to cops, which are also best friends. Lawful good cops, but not earning enough to pay all the bills. Their good, but corruption at the local police station makes it even worse. Then there comes a chance on getting it on a heist. Just this once. Not really a good idea. In the beginning the film is raw, using ultra near close up, moving camera, even running camera and sudden focus changes. Quite extreme and artful. But this soon gets more normal. Still there a heavy use of color filters all across the film, yellow and blue. Very talented use of effects and very suitable as well. The roughness suits this movie which deals with criminal scumbags planning to do a heist. Not one of the is safe and trustworthy. The film is inspired by Hollywood action movies, but is told very differently still. But it does show the graphics in the violence as we'd see in an American movie. I enjoyed the film very much, and so did the crowd at Films from the South Festival in Oslo. Recommended if you like something different.

  • Reservoir Numbers


    The obvious comparisons to Reservoir Dogs are there. And it's not the worst "remake" (re-imagening or whatever you want to call it, because it's not just exactly the same) I have seen. The action is pretty neat and it does take into account where it is shot. We do have our "regular" B-movie characters all over this movie, but they are doing a good job for a low budget thriller. The story has some twists and turns, I didn't try to think too much about where it would be going (I can imagine seeing most of them a mile ahead). Not surprising then, but a nice pace and good stunt/action sequences. Morality aside, this works finely

  • Another Great Find For Me


    (an undercover cop and his partner risk their careers to cash in on a one time robbery). As mentioned before, this is like a reverse remake of reservoir dogs since it's foreign, but it's better than that movie since it's faster paced, a lot more violent, has more action, and you actually see the botched robbery (they rob an armored truck in this one though). the heist itself is an awesome scene, and it would've been cool if the police showed up and skroef opened fire on them and a bloody shootout ensued between the group of robbers and the cops. anyway, avenged is a great crime thriller full of hardcore action and suspense that heist movie junkies will definitely like. something I wanted to point out is that it had somewhat of a very weird color filter, but then again, lock, stock, and two smoking barrels had one too so it didn't bother me. I'd say avenged is my third favorite heist flick with firestorm and the town being in first and second place

  • A great time waster but...


    I agree to some of the other reviews, this B picture from South Africa is a great time waster, very entertaining, pleasant to watch. I am surprised that this feature mostly played by black actors was made by a white director. But why not, after all? There are here some sub characters very effective to appreciate and, most of all, there are not love story scheme for sissies; except maybe the tiny one for some supporting characters, between the gang leader's daughter and her lover. That's all. This movie starts like an authentic noir flick, with borderline cops, heats on the edge...Very promising atmosphere indeed. And the action sequences, for instance the armored truck heist, are bloody at the most. Speaking of this, I think that the slow motion armored car guards murders - in the Sam Pekinpah's style - were some kind of useless. Purely gratuitous,but that's my own opinion. And also speaking of the armored truck guards, I loved the short scene where the two of them appear in the movie, after nearly more than a hour, and start to speak of themselves. I first thought they would have an important part afterwards...But I was wrong. SPOILERS BELOW, BEWARE... Those two ordinary supporting characters die only a couple of minutes after being presented to the audience, those characters for whom this same audience may start feeling some empathy. Unfortunately, the whole film was wiped out by a happy ending very not appropriate for this kind of scheme. I won't even speak of the sequence when you have the feeling to watch a RESERVOIR DOGS rip off.

  • Highly Entertaining Crime Drama


    This is a good story about two underpaid undercover cops trying to do the right thing while surrounded by corruption. It was a little slow and hard to follow at the beginning and seemed to jump around a bit, but the story does develop well and has some twists and turns that keep it interesting and entertaining right to the end. Does contain graphic violence, not unlike most movies in this genre. Although the storyline is quite different, the pace and presentation of the movie reminded me a little of "Training Day" and although I'm not usually a big fan of jerky camera work, they made good use of it in this movie to really draw you into some of the action.


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