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Jiao zhu zhuan (2017)

Jiao zhu zhuan (2017)

Talu WangTian'ai ZhangSimon YamGuansen Sheng
Lei Yang


Jiao zhu zhuan (2017) is a Mandarin movie. Lei Yang has directed this movie. Talu Wang,Tian'ai Zhang,Simon Yam,Guansen Sheng are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Jiao zhu zhuan (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

When the battle of humans and winged tribes escalated,,,the winged tribes lose the battle,the descendants winged tribe seeks for Naga legendary pearl which has ability to release their wings to fly,preventing destruction of their people in the epic fantasy created.

Jiao zhu zhuan (2017) Reviews



    First off: a movie is a story (sometime fictional, sometimes not) that becomes virtual reality due to: 1) great cinematography 2) excellent script 3) good acting 4) CASTING choices. This movie falls into FANTASY, so you are not judging their government or their censorship. As far as special effects: they are not good, or even close to perfect, but terrible? I work with computers all the time. My 13 years old nephew can spot the smallest oversight. Still they are not making the movie "unwatchable". The acting overall is good, but taiwanese actor Darren Wang is EXCELLENT. The casting is flawless and the 3 main characters mesh together brilliantly. Finally, the screenplay. I would have give them 7 stars, if it wasn't for the special effect. What a pleasure to laugh like that ! Only Guardian of the Galaxy 2 has a better screenplay in terms of laughs. Also, I gave the an extra star because THIS MOVIE HAS NO GUNS, EXPLOSIONS, OR ACTION like we are used to. So, to me, it's a plus.

  • Great, light-hearted fun!


    I think people dissing this movie are coming from the background of watching too many (exorbitantly budgeted) slick Hollywood movies and that is the bar they use to compare all other cinema. That is just NOT FAIR! This movie should be watched with an open mind - forget the CGI - that's not the point - for me - its all about how creative the storylines are. The script was pretty good - but the imagination of these people... That's just brilliant! Winged people and Naga pearls ... Chinese mythology is so RICH! If you are sick and tired of all the (plastic) Hollywood tripe - I would highly recommend getting into Asian cinema. Some of the most original and creative stories I have ever come across and just SO different. Love it. This is a great popcorn movie. It's by no means a masterpiece of cinema - but its DEFINITELY entertaining! :)

  • Just another Chinese flop


    With the censorship of movies and lack of imaginations. very few movies from China worth your time to watch. This is definitely not one of those. I enjoy adventure movies, that's why I enjoyed the movie. This got full and logical stories, soso acting, OK special effects and make up. The music is thin. I won't recommend you to see this unless have time and money.

  • A soso plot and dated special effects


    The plot to this movie is pretty thin. Some of the conflict in this movie seems forced. Like when the thief refuses to go with the prince and the winged lady for no real reason. He gives some half baked excuse that doesn't seem to be in character. Then suddenly he shows up with 3 dragons to speed them back to the city? They don't really flesh out the characters much. Like why does the girl and her brother hate each other? Why does she like humans when they all mistreat her? And the childish fart jokes detract from the movie. It's not even funny.

  • Has one problem... but it's a big problem


    Having watched a number of big budget movies from China on Netflix, I have noticed a common problem with a significant portion of them that probably explains why these movies haven't really caught on. "Legend of the Naga Pearls" has another example of this ultimately fatal problem. Yes, there are some good things to say about the movie despite having this big problem. Visually, the movie look gorgeous, with good cinematography, good sets and costumes, and some good special effects. The cast is charming and game. There is some exciting action. And the world that this movie is set in really feels like a new world and not derived from other previous fantasy movies. So what's the problem? Well, to put it bluntly, the movie makes little sense. Although I got a little idea of what was going on, most of the time the movie moves from scene to scene without answering for the most part some really big questions that keep coming up. For example, how did the hero manage to get the three dragons before the climatic sequence? I don't think the incoherent story is due to translation problems, nor do I think you have to know Chinese history or culture to understand the story. The story simply doesn't go into enough detail about the characters and the various plot threads. As a result, you can't get involved with what happens. This is not the worst Chinese blockbuster I have seen, and I admit it is better than some American blockbusters. But I would say skip it, even if you have interest in Chinese cinema.


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