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Jimmy (2013)

Jimmy (2013)

Ted LevinePatrick FabianKelly CarlsonBob Gunton
Mark Freiburger


Jimmy (2013) is a English movie. Mark Freiburger has directed this movie. Ted Levine,Patrick Fabian,Kelly Carlson,Bob Gunton are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Jimmy (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

The story of a mentally challenged teenager who interacts with supernatural beings he calls "Watchers".

Jimmy (2013) Reviews

  • Well done!


    I was able to see this movie at a festival and really enjoyed this movie. While I thought all the actors were great, the lead actor who played Jimmy was amazing. I was waiting for him to break character and he never did. Some great surprises kept me guessing what was going to happen. This is another great project from director and may be his best. I enjoyed how real the action was for several of the sports scenes. Overall a wonderful film and deserves a afternoon with family or friends. A great movie for the whole family! I will own this one on DVD! If you get a chance to see this in the theater, go. You will not be disappointed.

  • A nice family film.


    This film is based on a story by Robert Whitlow. The title character, Jimmy (Ian Colletti) is a developmentally delayed teen living in Georgia. He's a very likable young man but has two strange quirks—he's deathly afraid of water and he sees people no one else sees! Now you'd think that perhaps this is a horror film…it isn't! Instead, these are benign people who seem to be watching over him and you immediately wonder if they might not be angels. Exactly why he has both becomes apparent at the exciting conclusion of the movie. The film begins with the viewer seeing Jimmy in danger on a dock at the lake. What brought him to this situation and will he survive? Well, the scene changes to two months earlier and slowly through the course of the film you learn about Jimmy's life and death struggle at the end of the film and the events leading to it. In the meantime, he learns a lot about growing up, overcoming his fears and putting his faith in God. A huge dilemma for Jimmy is baptism, as his church is one that believes in immersion baptism—something that drives the young man into a panic attack. Other dilemmas also arise—including what to do when you learn secrets that might get him or someone else hurt. Jimmy is clearly a family film for Christian audiences. Fortunately, it does not come off as heavy-handed and can be enjoyed by a wider audience than some religious films. It also doesn't seem patronizing when it comes to folks with intellectual delays. I should point out, however, that viewers should be at least 8 to 10 years old in my opinion, as there is some violence and intense situations that might scare younger viewers. Additionally, the acting and production values are surprisingly good for this sort of movie. I was particularly impressed by Mr. Colletti, as he sure did a great job in the title role. I have no idea if this young man is actually developmentally delayed or just did a great job in portraying someone who is. The bottom line is that he was very convincing and will impress you in this role. As for the rest, I didn't recognize these people but they all seemed very natural— which is a testament to the direction by Mark Freiburger. The film is entertaining and well worth your time. My only complaint, and it's minor, is that sometimes the film used the roving camera technique—with some jerky movement that is very popular recently. I could do without this myself. If you are interested in the film, it's available for rent from Netflix and to buy from Netflix and other retailers.

  • Spoiler alert for parents of YOUNG children


    Our family watched this tonight, and I have to agree that it's a great movie, but I did not preview it for my youngest viewers (age 4 and 6) and I wish I had. There was an intensely real kidnapping/hostage scene at the end that we ended up fast-forwarding through. My little ones said they weren't scared, but the reality of the scene sticks with you, and I know my elementary-aged children will also be thinking about how they would handle being put in a similar situation. Enjoy, but be forewarned if you are watching with little ones. I did appreciate the Christian influence, and the simple way that Jimmy sees life. It's refreshing!

  • Best film I have seen in a while


    We watched this as a family last night and we just sat in silence when it was finished. All I can say is WOW! Fantastic cinematography, sound track, and acting. The casting is over the top superb. The screen writing is well done - believable and draws you in immediately. It is intense, yet fun; full of conflict, yet loving. The use of irony throughout is extremely effective - just when you think you have it figured out, they flip you upside down and take you with them. The most important thing I appreciate about this film is that it is wholesome and honors what is right. There are no language or modesty issues or inappropriate scenes. Those things aren't needed to make a top-notch film - and Jimmy is a prime example of that. Bravo to the team - and please continue to produce family friendly God-honoring films. We need more! Thank you!

  • Religious propaganda


    I tried to get through it. The acting was pretty good, but heck, it becomes just too much of a typical Bible-belt Christian sermon. Jimmy's watchers, of course, are angels, okay, I was ready to go with that. Jimmy gets a desire to go to the front of the church at an altar call.... okay, I was willing to even go that far. But when they started telling Jimmy he needed to be Baptised by submersion, I thought oh no, no NO! (Jimmy, who has a huge fear of water right? But somehow in the Bible-belt, even the sinless innocent Jimmy needs to be dunked for some reason to "really" be saved?) but still, I didn't turn it off. The final nail in the coffin and where I just had to stop this religious propaganda, was the hospital scene where Jimmy's grandfather lay dying, and Jimmy gives him the complete Evangelical Christian plan of Salvation, I said ENOUGH. I knew exactly what would be the outcomes. It was all just preaching to the choir, no thanks.


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