Just Add Romance

Just Add Romance

GENRES TV Movie Romance
LANG English
Meghann Fahy Luke Macfarlane Brittney Wilson Debs Howard
Terry Ingram

Just Add Romance is a English movie. Terry Ingram has directed this movie. Meghann Fahy,Luke Macfarlane,Brittney Wilson,Debs Howard are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Just Add Romance is considered one of the best TV Movie,Romance movie in India and around the world.

When Carly and Jason, exact opposites, compete on a famed cooking show for the chance at their own restaurant, what will matter more - their culinary careers or their potential love?

Just Add Romance Reviews

  • Lots of kissing in this one!

    stevewyzard 2019-03-04

    Yet another winner from Hallmark: loved it from beginning to end! The best thing about Just Add Romance is that it's almost a satire of Food Network's show Chopped, even down to the other contestants being familiar archetypes: one is out of their depth, one is vivacious and positive, one is cynical and jaded, and one is arrogant and self-satisfied. It's a nice touch when the contestants all end up liking and respecting each other in spite of the competition. Also different from other Hallmark movies is that the two protagonists realize they like each other almost from the beginning, rather than finally figuring it out at the very end. The plot revolves around their efforts to keep the romance going in spite of their different cooking styles and competing against each other. Go Hallmark Go!

  • A Hallmark friendly and delightful cooking competition

    racer29 2019-03-04

    Only on Hallmark do they produce such a nice, friendly and respectful competition. In this case it was a cooking competition. The leads were both super and had such a natural flow and attraction that I got totally wrapped up in their enjoyment of each other. The plot had a few twists with conflicts, but they were resolved using respect and openness. Such a a great thing to see and I would recommend children see how conflict in competition can be handled with respect and openness. Luke was super as the lead male and I have liked him in his other Hallmark shows. I hope he gets more Hallmark shows or maybe in a mystery series. Meghann was also great but was new to me and Hallmark. The supporting cast filled in nicely and the filming locations were elegant and nice to see. Very enjoyable 2 hours and I will watch it several more times just to enjoy their joyful journey.

  • They kiss before the last five minutes!

    rightisright 2019-03-03

    A Hallmark movie that breaks the rules! But seriously, I hope they've signed Luke MacFarlane to a long term contract. His smooth charm carries any movie! And add in the tasty Meghann Fahy, and you have a winner. I

  • Another cooking movie.....

    bellafloor-69563 2019-03-03

    Hallmark has made plenty of cooking romances but I truly loved this one. A nice story and good played. I was happily surprised. You should watch it for an evening with your friend.

  • Well written given the subject matter

    phd_travel 2019-03-08

    For people who don't have patience to sit through a cooking competition reality show this is a nice shortcut. Luke MacFarlane and Megann Fahy play rivals in the competition many years after meeting in culinary school. There is a pleasant banter between the two. The romance escalates as the contest moves to a resort. How are the two going to deal with a romance and competing? The food is not quite in the foreground considering it's a cooking based movie. But the dialog is cute without being annoying. And the characters are likeable. You want to see who wins. Ok for a watch.



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