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Justice (2017)

Justice (2017)

Ellen HollmanJamie-Lynn SiglerStephen LangJackson Rathbone
Richard Gabai


Justice (2017) is a movie. Richard Gabai has directed this movie. Ellen Hollman,Jamie-Lynn Sigler,Stephen Lang,Jackson Rathbone are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Justice (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Western movie in India and around the world.

It's 1868 and the war has been over for three years. An old abandoned mine is now being transformed into a military stronghold by a corrupt Mayor and band of blood thirsty outlaws whom are a part of a larger web hell-bent on a re-surge of the civil war. When a US Marshal, James McCord comes to town only to find out that his brother has been murdered, his search for the killer takes him on life or death struggle for a much greater cause.


Justice (2017) Reviews

  • Some films are so bad they are good; this isn't one of them


    Cowboy cliché after cowboy cliché. The lead is a 3 rd rate Clint Eastwood and ever other character, from the saloon whore with a heart of gold to the wicked black hearted mayor, has less life than the stage props. How many farm girls in the West fed chickens in full make and a clean dress?

  • I watch anything, even this movie


    When they tell me, a movie is bad, i think to myself "Let's see how bad it really is"... Well if there is "A" class Actors there should be a "A" class movies, this is not one of them. With the exception of Stephen Lang, the acting is awful, also it is even harder to believe if the actresses look with so much work done on their faces, and the hair cuts and costumes look new, freshly done, freshly ironed, so clean, so neat, it seems more like a Hollywood costume party than a old western story, you won't believe any of the actors everything looks staged, the photography didn't take advantage of the lighting. If you are like me I know you will watch it, but you've been warned. This movie has the acting, costumes and photography of a Porn.

  • Mediocre Acting, Horrible Screenplay


    The screenplay for this movie is slow, ridiculous and stupid. Many things are not plausible, especially at the end (spoiler alert, if you can spoil THIS movie) where a wooden cross 10 feet up falls over to impale the bad guy in the chest, right side up. Then the good guy says "thank you" to his dead preacher brother. Wow. There is some good acting by a couple of actors, but unfortunately, the dialogue is dumb.

  • for the slow, simple minded


    I'm guessing this is supposed to be a western for the masses? Cliché after cliché after cliché... it's so bad, you start to wonder if this is supposed to be a comedy, but then you realize, no, they actually tried to make a western and failed terribly. I actually laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of some of the scenes. Hard to watch. Don't waste your time. I've seen this movie a hundred times and this is the worst rendition.

  • Save your time.


    I love a good western so much that I can even enjoy a fair to medium one. This one never rose to the lowest level. I also write for the stage so I recognize good writing. And directing. Let me list a few glaring shortcomings here: Writing. Directing. Sets. Make up. Costumes. Probably more. Everything seemed to be deficient. Perhaps the actors could have been good . . . but not when living with these problems. This production -for most involved- will probably be poisonous to their careers and for this I sympathize with them. One star. It goes downhill from there. During the credits at the end of "Justice", I noticed the names listed for the people in town and those who appeared as Army soldiers. It is entitled: TOWNSPEOPLE AND CALVERY. Suddenly I realized that my earlier, unflattering remarks were well deserved. Make it ½ star.


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