Kaakkaa Muttai (2014)

Kaakkaa Muttai (2014)

RameshJ. VigneshAishwarya RajeshRamesh Thilak
M. Manikandan


Kaakkaa Muttai (2014) is a Tamil movie. M. Manikandan has directed this movie. Ramesh,J. Vignesh,Aishwarya Rajesh,Ramesh Thilak are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Kaakkaa Muttai (2014) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

It is all about the life and times of two kids Periya Kakka Muttai (Vignesh) and his younger brother Chinna Kaaka Muttai (Ramesh) growing up in a slum, who make their living stealing coal from the railway yard. Their father is in the jail while mother (Ishwarya Rajesh) brings them up. The urchins have their own dreams like any other kids and here, they want to try out a Pizza from the newly opened Pizza shop. Their curiosity about pizza is because, the new shop is opened by Tamil star Silambarasan. They decide that by hook or crook, they will gain entry into the upmarket Pizza shop and have a slice of it with their own money. Will they succeed in their attempt ?


Kaakkaa Muttai (2014) Reviews

  • Absolutely brilliant subtext. Must watch movie


    To the average viewer this might just be another really good movie. But others who catch the absolutely brilliant subtext throughout the movie will thoroughly enjoy it while at the same time introspect how we never stop to contemplate the miserable inequality in the country in our busy lives(even if we are aware of it and find it woeful, visuals always remind us how bad it really is). It will definitely change the outlook of a lot of people on equality, privilege and related things. The movie follows the life of two slum kids as they aspire to eat from the new pizza shop opened next to their home(if you can call it one). The movie captures their journey as they try to make the money needed for the pizza and the eventual turn of events. The movie beautifully captures the glaring social inequality without you having to cry through it. The movie addresses a lot of issues too in the most subtle manner. There is no dearth for humor either which makes this movie a complete package though it is a bit saddening that we need to look for humor in this movie. And all the actors have done a brilliant job. Kudos to Iyshwarya Rajesh who has gone out of her comfort zone to give a brilliant performance. As for the title you'll figure it out yourself. This is a must watch movie.

  • Kaaka Muttai - the pizza 'dream'


    Kaaka Muttai - the pizza 'dream' simple realistic but brilliantly shot movie! Simply excellent! GV Prakash gave one of the best BGMs in recent times, lifting the whole essence of the movie. The lead characters - played by two boys, did excellent in showing realism! Everyone acted to the script and nothing went haywire. Very great to see the whole theater went into applause after the climax Good to see the appreciation this has received. Easily the Best of 2015!! Note: Simbu on screen after a long long time!! Go and watch in theaters don't miss this gem!

  • Subtle and heart touching


    I went to watch this movie under the influence of good reviews and had fairly high expectations. This movie just stood to this test. I would call this story as euphemism - a harsh reality presented in a mild way. Though the story is about two slum kids and the problems they face owing to their poverty, no fuss is made about their craving. Instead it takes shape of a story of their hard work and dedication to fulfill their desire. It manages to touch your heart. Direction is just superb which is assisted by some catchy music. The combination of the story of slum dwellers with some peppy music reminded me of slumdog millionaire. Watch it. Such movies are hard to come by.

  • Kaaka Muttai is a heart-touching phenomenal apologue of two brothers and their pursuit of wanting to earn Pizza.


    Kaaka Muttai (காக்கா முட்டை) is a Tamil film written, directed and filmed by M Manikandan. Awesome debut with a masterpiece! This film had seen its release in Toronto International Film festival last year on 5th September, 2014. Manikandan has set a new benchmark for the film industry. The film is an apologue of sorts, which deals with so much of relevant and vital issues of our country. Although, we know these realities, we have failed to acknowledge the same, our sensory organs deny to notice these. It appears to be Children's movie since two boys are the lead protagonists, but it actually turns out to be everyone's movie. Manikandan has handled issues viz. Social Class divide, underprivileged children struggling to fulfill their desires, pain of compromising with poverty, child labour, businessmen's power to strike the right chord using money, politician's selfish agenda to cash-in every incident & to turn it in their favour, media's desperate attempts to show a story even without crosschecking the facts etc. Beauty of the movie is that Manikandan is able to convey these messages in a very light but heart-touching manner. I was choked with emotions while watching this movie. I was reflecting continuously how am I contributing to change the things for better. Probably no efforts at all. I just end up writing this film's review and with due respect to every section of the society, somebody will be highlighting the issues through media, people in power might be promising a lot, but in reality, action is missing. How many of us actually become the reason for the change which makes our country a better place for every citizen? The grimness of the issues dealt in the movie is leavened most of the times with a steady stream of fabulous characters. The life of the characters in the movie is being shown through a cinematic spectrum, but it looks like as if we are watching it live and in person. Kaaka Muttai (means Crow's eggs) is the story of two brothers (real names: Vignesh and Ramesh) who live in the area of Chennai. They stay with their mother (Aishwarya Rajesh), paternal grandmother and a pug. Filmmaker has chosen not to give names to these siblings. The two brothers call themselves as Periya Kaaka Muttai (Vignesh) and Chinna Kaaka Muttai (Ramesh). Father is in jail and mother is trying to bail him out. She is working hard to make ends meet. The opening scene itself is an interesting one with younger Kaaka Muttai's bed- wetting. The two brothers enjoy going to a playground where the elder Kaaka Muttai feeds crow with rice which was his share of food and he had filled his pocket with the same hiding from mother and grandmother. They both enjoy having raw kaaka muttai as well. It is disturbing to see these kids (one of them hasn't even stopped bed- wetting), not going to school, but to pick up coal from the railway lines, sell the same to earn a meager sum of Rs. 10 a day. Manikandan's magic is to make these tough scenes also appear light with siblings' banter. If elder Kaaka Muttai demands cell phone from his father, younger one keeps on telling mother to get a TV for him. It is a delight to watch their joy when mother does finally bring a TV and another TV was delivered at home to grandmother as part of government's scheme. The kids lose the playground to developmental activities happening in the city and in no time, trees were cut, ground was leveled and tall structure was standing there. A Pizza store opened which was inaugurated by the actor Silambarasan. Kaaka Muttai(s) and his friends were elated to see the actor eating Pizza. There starts a new desire for both the brothers i.e. to have Pizza. When they learn that it would cost them Rs. 299/- for a Pizza, they decide to earn it. They start working very hard, get help from their friend (an adult friend) Fruit Juice in collecting more coal, sell the same and earn more every day. What happens thereafter? What all these two brothers do? Do they manage to earn Pizza for themselves? If yes, how do they do it? What all they had to face in the process? How do they arrange the resources to have a bite of Pizza. How rest of the cast make a part of this story? It appears to be a simple tale of two brothers desiring to have a bite of Pizza, but this story has been conveyed with so much of depth. Vignesh and Ramesh are the true heroes of the film. They are so convincing throughout the movie. Aishwarya is brilliant as their mother and she has done such a powerful work in the movie. She is persistent in following up with advocate to get her husband back. As a loving mother of two naughty children, she adds so much value. Grandmother is also superb. Rest of the cast are all very good. Lot many scenes are worth mentioning but that may reveal this beautiful story. Let me mention a few scenes. Grandmother's pizza making efforts when she learns about boys' desire to have one. Children going beyond their limits to earn Pizza for themselves. Their befriending a rich boy, and communicating with one another by standing on either side of iron fencing – the social divide is so nicely conveyed. Everyday when they meet, they have some stories to talk about. Another scene is where heart-to-heart conversation between mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law happens. It is heartening to see the relationship between them even amidst crisis. A must-watch movie.

  • Subtitle based review of the Crow's nest


    " You can not complete the Indian modern cinema panorama without considering movies from Southern India. My quest for quality cinema has taken a positive beating due to parenthood but this weekend was a lucky one where I choose to see The Crow's egg -Kaakkaa Muttai. I do not know Tamil and this review is based on subtitles. I grew up in gateway of North East part of India ad mist the tea gardens of Darjeeling and my maternal family was from one such tea gardens. As you may know; there were lots of tribes in India and during one of these childhood visits I meet a young tribal man. I profoundly remember his name as Mongru as he befriended me as a child of 5 years old. He used to work as our part time domestic help and always had stories for me, mostly hunting. 'Mongru' had once told me that crow's meat tastes more bitter than Karela(bitter gourd). It was so yuck as a moment that I remember that line even now and writing down today. However, coming back to Kaakkaa Muttai – it puts up a grave social commentary from the angle of a cinema. The story is about two slums kids , brothers, known as elder crow and junior crow as their quest of protein (eggs) makes them steal eggs from the nest and gets them this nick name from the community kids. They dnt mind it at all and even call's their slum home as crow's egg's house.Their act is also supported by their grand mother just because she knows that family can't afford the chicken eggs. The crow brother's father is in Jail and their mother works in a factory to meet ends & legal fees for their father's bail. As life would have it, crow brothers lands up to know about Pizza which sells at INR 300 & does what it takes to have a pizza. The rest of the film is a cinematic journey about the brother's quest to eat a pizza. What makes Kaakkaa Muttai appealing as a cinema is its undercurrent and the flows. It puts forward to you the social issues we see every day but skilfully avoid. The film does take you on the journey of the brothers and their aging grand mother for the quest of the pizza. The film exposes you to child labour, politics, media , consumerism yet it does to lecture you. The cult innocence of the poor brothers who make 10 bucks a day by picking coal off the railway tracks steals your heart. This genre is not new & critic can indeed say that highlighting poverty does not end it. But I wondered Kaakkaa Muttai highlighted the bringing of innocence verses the social imbalance beautifully. This film did indeed remind me of I am Kalam because of close synergies of the casting of leads child actors & back drop but overall both films are brilliant and different. It's a must watch if you like to watch a good cinema & I intentionally avoided the term off beat; as this word depends on which side of fence you are really. But then - I concluded, I thought over & now I know why 'Mongru' tasted that bitter crow's meat. It just took me thirty years to find it. Thank you Kaakkaa Muttai."


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