Kat (2001)

Kat (2001)

Liv CorfixenMartin BrygmannCharlotte MunckSøren Pilmark
Martin Schmidt


Kat (2001) is a Danish movie. Martin Schmidt has directed this movie. Liv Corfixen,Martin Brygmann,Charlotte Munck,Søren Pilmark are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2001. Kat (2001) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

Due to a failed séance of her flat mate's quirky grandparents, the cat of law student Maria gets possessed by demonic powers and starts some horrible massacres, adding even more trouble to Maria's already complicated personal situation after the split from her boyfriend Henrik.

Kat (2001) Reviews



    I saw Kat yesterday and it was presented by the instructor who told us about the movie and wished us a "unpleasant" experience. He was right - it was unpleasant. It had no story, yet the actors were OK, they used cheap tricks to scare us, some were unwillingly funny as the computer graphics were plainly horrible. The worst movie I have ever seen in a theater.

  • It is utter crap


    One of the worst films to come out of Denmark... EVER. Please, do not waste time nor money on this. Martin Schmidt has done two films previously to this "Sidste Time" which is excellent and "Mørkeleg" which is crap, but not as much crap as "Kat".

  • Scary

    Steen Langstrup2001-06-13

    I am the writer of the novel, that KAT is based upon. I feel the need to speak up for this movie. I do find it to be too far away from the book, but this is a very scary movie anyway. I see it as one of three most scary movies to have been made in Denmark ever. It is by far the best Martin Schmidt-movie up to this date.The music made by Gary Chang is brilliant.

  • Kitty litter


    Clichéd, tiresome psychological thriller/horror movie with a one-note central performance by Liv Corfixen, whose titular feline is accidentally possessed by a demon, when it happens to gate-crash an occult seance by the upstairs neighbours. Eventually it turns into a panther-like monster, attacking targets of its owner's jealous rage, like her two-timing boyfriend (a miscast Martin Brygmann) and her ditto roommate (Charlotte Munck). Only Pilmark as the cop on the case manages to rise above the material and emerge unscathed from this incoherent and unintentionally funny piece of dreck. After the risible teen-horrors "Sidste Time", "Mørkeleg" and now this, the time seems ripe for director/horror buff Martin Schmidt to try his hand out at other genres.

  • Everyday Horrors


    The blurb called this the story of Maria's fear that "her boyfriend's cheating on her" raising a "psychic connection to a series of bestial killings..." For me, from the very start, it was about owning a cat, about noisy upstairs neighbors, about friends who, as of course they very well ought to, know their weird-seeming relations better than one can oneself. This is a film that uses the mundane to create its horror. So it's much scarier than dreck like the American "Ring." An excellent touchpoint is "Cat People."


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