L'immortale (2019)

Marco D'AmoreGiuseppe AielloSalvatore D'OnofrioGianni Vastarella
Marco D'Amore


L'immortale (2019) is a Italian,Latvian,Neapolitan movie. Marco D'Amore has directed this movie. Marco D'Amore,Giuseppe Aiello,Salvatore D'Onofrio,Gianni Vastarella are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. L'immortale (2019) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Ciro's body is slowly sinking in the Gulf of Naples. As he plunges into darkness, memories emerge. It's 1980, the earth is shaking, and buildings are falling. A baby's cry emerges from beneath the rubble. Ten years later, the baby has grown into a young boy surviving, on his own, on the streets of Naples and getting his upbringing from the underworld. The aimless child of no one becomes Ciro Di Marzio, the Immortal.

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