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Lady Bug (2017)

Lady Bug (2017)

Christopher ShowermanChanel MarriottKendra MungerMara New
Brooks Campbell


Lady Bug (2017) is a English movie. Brooks Campbell has directed this movie. Christopher Showerman,Chanel Marriott,Kendra Munger,Mara New are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Lady Bug (2017) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

LADY BUG is a Psychological Thriller/Character study of a chemically dependent woman who loses control of her life after her children and Afghanistan war veteran husband leave her to start anew in a far off city. Willing to do anything to get to her children, she stows away on a private boat only to find her self face to face with a suicidal maniac.


Lady Bug (2017) Reviews

  • Not so bad psycho-thriller


    I can understand why this movie got a such low rating. It has an unusal story-telling to begin with. Secondly, and most importantly, who would want to be on a small boat in the middle of the ocean with a drug addict mother and a psychotic suicidal maniac. It is very hard to empathise between the two main problematic characters, hallucinations, fear, sex, hunger and thirst. Acting is okay, dialogs fine. Cameraman gives you what he can best, underwater, and overall. I enjoyed it...you may also like this one.

  • Indie Dead Calm rip-off


    LADY BUG is an indie spin on the psycho-thriller genre which turns out to be a total rip-off of the excellent DEAD CALM, the film that made the names of Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane. Unsurprisingly, it isn't anywhere near as good as that movie. A distressed woman flees the harsh reality of modern life and ends up on a small yacht at sea, where she's terrorised by a killer. It's boringly acted and scripted, out of focus for most of the time, trying to be arty and completely failing at it.

  • I only lasted 16 minutes


    A woman taking drugs on a boat. You are waiting for something to happen but it doesn't. 16 minutes of nothing is a long time. I gave up.

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