Les as de la jungle (2017)

Philippe BozoLaurent MorteauPascal CasanovaCéline Montsarrat
David Alaux


Les as de la jungle (2017) is a French movie. David Alaux has directed this movie. Philippe Bozo,Laurent Morteau,Pascal Casanova,Céline Montsarrat are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Les as de la jungle (2017) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

Maurice may look like a penguin - but he's a real tiger inside! Raised by a tigress, he's the clumsiest Kung-Fu master ever. Along with his friends, The Jungle Bunch, he intends to maintain order and justice in the jungle, as his mother did before him. But Igor, an evil koala, wants to destroy the jungle once and for all, helped by his army of silly baboons... The Jungle Bunch - to the rescue.

Les as de la jungle (2017) Reviews

  • Absolutely Terrible


    Went to see this with my three year old and I have to say I was very disappointed. Now I have seen a lot of kids films recently, Ferdinand, My Little Pony, Moana.. etc But this is so far under par that it should have only been a direct to DVD release if that. Very poor voice work, messy story, crazy amount of violence and punching that was not necessary in a child's film. Everyone involved should be ashamed of this mess. Would not recommend at all, not even on Netflix.

  • OK but let down by Englisg versions voice cast


    Took my 5 year old son to see this and it was very different than what I had lazily thought it would be from half watching a trailer at the cinema on our previous visit. We saw a tiger striped penguin and had hoped it would be like the Croods with mish-mash made up animals but more aimed at 5 year old's (Croods to me despite being loved by my son is prime for the 8+ audience). The film itself was competent enough in entertaining the 3 to 6 year old bracket but misses a trick in its story telling and humour not also targeting the adult and older children whop may want to see it to help create a good market for the film and possible sequels. The story was a little bland, the pacing a bit all over the place and jokes often misfiring even for the little ones. Having said that the screening was nearly full which these days is rare and I didn't realise until after that this is a TV show as well so maybe that helped re getting the crowd in but it helps that normally there is rarely two kid focused CGI films out at the same time. The main weaknesses for me was the voice cast most notably Maurice who just seemed to lack any kind of emotion. All lines delivered with the same non-descript do gooder type regardless of the situation. The big Gorillas voice was a little odd to and border-line offensive to listen to. More background re why Aces were set up originally as the evil Koala was not the main enemy until they had already been established and rejected him in a manner that implied he got beaten up and thrown out of their den which despite his arrogance etc. meaning he deserved to be omitted from the Aces seemed out of place with a team of heroes. This again is another example of the mixed up tone throughout and gave the impression of a film directed in chunks by different people focusing on different audiences. One minute cuteness and light and do gooder feel and the next rather aggressive violence for a 3-6 year old audience. This therefore to me came across as the clumsy attempt to appeal to the wider market age wise rather than the smarter methods we have for the main come to love with the majority of Disney, Lego, Pixar, DreamWorks etc. type animated / CGI family films. The main strengths was despite the budget and the obvious difference in class between the likes of Pixar type the CGI was spot on for the type of film. The backgrounds were very strong and the design of the main characters suited the film well and were done to a high, if just different to Pixar et al, standard. I would recommend it when it as there was no real alternative and is still enjoyable enough visit for the 3-6 year old kids to keep them happy but leave alone if the likes of Ninjago are out at the cinema (as is now the case). Worth a buy on DVD but not to rush if its £7-10 - it will soon drop to the £3-5 supermarket price bracket with months. (4.5/10 - not allowed buy IMDb but there you go)!

  • This jungle adventure doesn't have enough to go wild over


    Despite my undying and lifelong love for animation and family films, 2017 has been very mixed when it comes to animation. There are gems like 'The LEGO Batman Movie', but for every gem there are atrocities like 'The Emoji Movie' (while not the cancer incarnate as described on release the film is near-irredeemable). You can do with far worse than 'The Jungle Bunch', which actually looks like effort was put into it and compared to some of my recent animated viewings is while still not particularly good one of the better-faring ones. At the same time, there's far better. 'The Jungle Bunch' is watchable and there are good qualities, but there is not much to go wild over. It could have been far better with a more consistent tone and making the story simpler. Starting with the good things, the animation is quite good. It's bright and colourful with some very nice attention to detail in the backgrounds and a real attempt to make the jungle world immersive, while the character designs are cute and much more natural than most animated films seen recently. The music is rousing and infectious while having a darker or emotional tone when needed. There are some appealing characters here, particularly Miguel and Maurice (an easy to relate to protagonist). There is also some very amusing comedy, nice suspense and some charm, and that the film sticks to its roots is laudable and worthy of credit. However, there are other elements that are misjudged. The lack of originality and general memorability can be forgiven, less forgivable is that the story is one that is likely to leave children and adults alike baffled, things could have been much simpler and the film should have done less which would have solved the issues with the story being over-complicated. 'The Jungle Bunch's' tone is also problematic, with some light comedy and cute characters juxtaposed with violent action and scenes that some may (emphasis on may) find confusing or too darkly upsetting what the film was trying to do and who it was aiming for is too often not clear and with too much of a disconnect, like it was trying too hard. While there are amusing moments other gags do fall flat, mainly because some of it is awkward and childish. The villain Igor is only okay, not particularly memorable or interesting and his psychopathic nature unbalances the tone somewhat at times. Some of the dialogue doesn't quite make sense and like it was translated oddly, while the voice cast is just adequate, nobody is terrible (fairly competent actually) but there is not a lot that's remarkable and there is a lack of energy. Overall, watchable but not enough to go wild over. 5/10 Bethany Cox

  • Enjoyable but not memorable


    Most of the audience with whom I saw this movie were small kids. They seemed to like it. I thought it was fine, but not memorable. The graphics are nothing special, and pale against something like Bambi or Ernest and Celestine. The movie involves a lot of violence,things getting blown up, though no one is really shown getting hurt. I've seen better in its genre.

  • Not for anyone over 6


    A variety of jungle animals act as masked superheroes to protect other jungle animals. They are tested to the limit when an evil koala thingie burns the jungle down. This CGI feature is adapted from a French TV series (it says here). If you are 6, it will appeal - it is bright, colourful, and full of movement and action. If you are not a child then it isn't going to appeal very much because there is little here for anyone over 6: the character design is adequate, the animation is adequate, the voice casting is underwhelming, and the whole thing is fairly forgettable, assuming you managed to stay awake throughout. You could do worse than buy the DVD cheaply and put it on to keep your 6-year old quiet for an hour and a half.

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