Little Evil (2017)

Little Evil (2017)

Evangeline LillyOwen AtlasAdam ScottMarcus Terrell Smith
Eli Craig


Little Evil (2017) is a English movie. Eli Craig has directed this movie. Evangeline Lilly,Owen Atlas,Adam Scott,Marcus Terrell Smith are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Little Evil (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Gary, who has just married Samantha, the woman of his dreams, discovers that her six-year-old son may be the Antichrist.

Little Evil (2017) Reviews

  • Actually not that bad!


    I laughed. I cried... okay, I didn't cry, but this movie actually wasn't bad at all and the neither was the acting. The plot was funny and obviously done many times before, but I enjoyed the cast chosen for the roles and I enjoyed the movie all together as a whole. I watched it on Netflix and if you have a Netflix account I would recommend that you do the same!I wish IMDb would update their rating system. Let us type in a number from 1-10, so we can adjust the rating and not just give it a 6 or an 8. I want to say that this movie isn't a 7, but its better than a 6. So I would say that it is a 6.5! Enjoy !

  • Cheesy, but delightful


    This film is hilariously entertaining if you recognize the intended allusions, particularly the nods to THE OMEN. Adam Scott and Owen Atlas are charming as step-father and son, especially in the water park scenes. Evangeline Lilly is surprisingly perfect as the ditsy mom; she delivers her lines with impeccable comic timing. I've never seen her outside of LOST and her performance here is spot-on. Yes, some bits are campy and silly, but the overall message is touching and relevant.

  • Decent Premise, mediocre execution


    I wouldn't have watched this if I hadn't loved "Tucker & Dale vs Evil" by Eli Craig, which like "Little Evil" is a parody of a horror sub-genre. Unfortunately this film is entertaining enough that I was never bored, but it lacked the creativity and fast- paced humour a premise like this should have. It begins promisingly with a lot of funny jokes, but after the first 15 minutes, the jokes kind of take a backseat to the exposition, and the humour becomes less crafted, and more akin to an Apatow joint. Adam Scott is great as usual, and though I expected his sidekick Al to be incredibly annoying, Bridget Everett was having so much fun I warmed to her after a while, Clancy Brown is also good. The rest of the cast is pretty average, Kate from LOST phones it in, and Turk from SCRUBS is distracting, as he's cast as one of the 3 useless comic relief step-dad friends that never have an impact on the story. The kid that played Lucas was also really awful, even by the standards of child actors. Why didn't anyone give this kid better directions. Nothing he or any of the other child actors said or did were well-done at all. The direction was much better than any modern Apatow-esque comedy. Craig used a lot of horror conventions to his advantage and I wish the script he wrote paralleled his direction, even if the cinematography still looks like a cheap Netflix film. He does however, use identical speed-cutting transitions to Edgar Wright that is incredibly distracting, like with the same sound effects and pacing and everything. The structure was not great, it lumbered in parts and then sped through the climax at an insane rate. The film also stops several times and repeats aspects, like expositional scenes. I wish this were as strong as "Tucker & Dale" which I strongly recommend, yet "Little Evil" lacked a great supporting cast, or any innovative way to spin the subject matter. Instead, it's just a funnier version of the Omen, which was already kinda funny to begin with.

  • Pick a tone, any tone


    Everything is technically fine here. Good acting, surprisingly solid special effects and it looks pretty good. But the actual content of this is quite tiresome. It doesn't want to go fully goofy like Hell Baby but also doesn't want to be a full-on horror. It wants them both and that's when it started to grate on me. This part they want to be funny, this part is supposed to be scary and then we're supposed to care about the characters. Perhaps someone could or has pulled off these tonal shifts successfully but this movie does not. It's boring, predictable and neither funny nor scary. I'm starting to feel like Netflix wants more original scripted movies but isn't doing a very good job of deciding what is actually good. Don't watch this. It's not terrible, it's just not worth anyone's time.

  • Little Evil: Shockingly bad!


    Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, Clancy Brown, Tyler Labine, Donald Faison in a comedy horror?! Sign me up I thought, this is going to be incredible I assumed. I was wrong, I was very sorely wrong. It tells the story of a man who marries only to start believing his step son to be the anti-christ. Hilarity was supposed to ensue, why didn't it ensue? You see when it's funny it's funny, in fact in a few places it's hilarious but the vast majority of jokes miss their mark to embarrassing degrees. The film is full of unlikable characters, the plot is rushed, the editing is shoddy, the soundtrack is baffling and for some reason they though adding Edgar Wright transitions would be a good idea. I mean come on! A comedy horror with that roster! How did you balls it up to this extent? I cringed multiple times throughout the film, why is it so bad? On paper this is diamond dust, in reality its a soiled cubic zirconia. The Good: Great cast Some decent ideas The Bad: Everything is executed poorly Concept is wasted Soundtrack is confusingly awful Just not funny Things I Learnt From This Movie: Eli Craig needs exiling from the movie industry Someone shrunk ACDC's Brian Johnson When Evangeline Lilly is made to be unlikable in a film it's game over man, pack up your stuff and get the hell out!


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