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Little Paradise (2015)

Little Paradise (2015)

Flula BorgLuke EdwardsAustin Highsmith GarcesAshley Crow
Natan Moss


Little Paradise (2015) is a English movie. Natan Moss has directed this movie. Flula Borg,Luke Edwards,Austin Highsmith Garces,Ashley Crow are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Little Paradise (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A former war vet, a misanthrope, and an illegal immigrant seek salvation in a pair of inexperienced drug dealers staked out at a run-down desert motel.

Little Paradise (2015) Reviews

  • Watching it felt good, just like any feel-good-movie should.


    somewhere in an unspecified desert village a couple petty crooks and drop outs encounter each other by a twist of fate in a run-down motel called "le petit paradis". everybody tries to make the best out of their lives, be it by stealing at their job, dealing with drugs, prostitution or contract killing. but when many suspect people behave suspiciously around each other things are meant to become complicated. a very atmospheric movie with a great buildup, if somewhat slow, but it definitely has a good payoff. the style it was made, the dream sequences and the cuts resemble a funny "once upon a time in the west" in a modern setting and with a story very likely to be happening right now somewhere. the trailer promises a more silly film and overall a less serious tone, but i'm happy they went this way for the feeling of really being in a deserted place where this very motel is the only one in a 100 km radius.

  • A little paradise of funny with a twist


    This collection of off beat oddball characters at a run-down desert motel will make you smile and then drop your jaw at what happens to them. The motel is rated three stars in their brochure but it really rates no star as that's how bad it is. Example, the free breakfast is one box of cereal, a bowl, a carton of milk, and a spoon, in the lobby for everybody! In my opinion what makes this film a success is the spirit each actor put in their role. Everyone is believable and they seemed to be having fun performing before the camera! The plot line is multi-layered with funny first then the suspense. Along the way a big twist comes and I wasn't prepared for it but I loved it. A low budget success that offers up a complex story with equally oddly complex characters that bring the story to a fun and surprising end. I don't think you can go wrong with this movie's simple comedy yet suspenseful twist.

  • Strange in a dull captivating way


    Just watched. I can't understand why I like this movie. The characters were all goofy losers in a very unguarded realistic way. Plain & ordinary but it wasn't drudgery watching this. They were all desperate in a casual sense but not too predictable way.

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