Long nga (2008)

Long nga (2008)

Jing WuCelina JadeKara WaiZhanwen Kou
Chung Chi Li,Jing Wu


Long nga (2008) is a Cantonese,Mandarin,Japanese,English movie. Chung Chi Li,Jing Wu has directed this movie. Jing Wu,Celina Jade,Kara Wai,Zhanwen Kou are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. Long nga (2008) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

An assassin who is fresh from his latest kill becomes stranded in an island, when he inadvertently befriends a female police officer (Celina Jade). As the night progresses, the unspoken truth honored by the two sides of the law is broken. After the remains of a body that belonged to a drug lord and syndicate crime leader are found, chaos ensues and criminals ravage the once peaceful streets in a race against time to find the mysterious murderer that's loose and out for blood.


Long nga (2008) Reviews

  • Solid action movie with some nice touches


    This is not an art-house movie nor the most amazing action movie you will ever see. But it is a good, solid, entertaining action movie. The relationship between Jacky Wu and Celina Jade was nice, the café scene was both funny and with great action, the scenes at the police station were a mixture of tension and comedy, and the climax fight scene was ridiculous but who cares? I'd never seen Jacky Wu before and I found his silent stoic character rather enjoyable. This appears to be Celina Jade's first film and she was excellent, as well as rather attractive. Secondary characters played there roles acceptably (although the blonde policeman seemed to be in the wrong film). The point is that I was thoroughly entertained for the duration, and even my wife enjoyed it. Overall I think that's pretty good.

  • Waited almost a year for this...... and the scores don't lie


    Being a big fan of Wu Jing, I've waited nearly a year for Legendary Assassin after his dazzling moves in Fatal Move left me in limbo. I'm not sure how big a role he played as co-director in this film, but the direction and the story was fairly mediocre. It takes place on an island where he meets the girl cop (Celina Jade), and gets chased around by the bad guys. They are trapped on the island because a tropical typhoon has shut down all the ferries. It feels a bit like Assault on Precinct 13 but nowhere near as intense or exciting. A 6 to 6.5 rating is about right. The thing about Jacky is that he always seems to fall short of making that 'big break' movie that truly shows how great an actor he can be. In Legendary Assassin, his acting is pretty much exactly the same as in Fatal Contact, whenever someone talks to him he smiles and waits a few seconds before replying. He plays the underdog secret assassin/kungfu master alternate identity that is in danger of being typecast nowadays. The big difference is that he talks a lot less than in Fatal Contact, and therefore in my opinion it is a step back. He actually took a step back from Fatal Contact. There should have been much more dialogue between him and Celina. The fighting scenes were slightly above average, nothing spectacular. A lot of people knock Fatal Move, but I thought it was intended to be over the top and ridiculous, like something out of a Japanese comic, CGI blood spraying all over the place. His fighting scenes were much better in Fatal Move and SPL. I guess I'm a bit spoiled by Donnie Yen, at the moment if Jet Li is considered to be retired, then Donnie reigns supreme (both on the screen and as producer/director) and Jacky is just behind him. In a leading role, Fatal Contact is probably still Jacky's finest, so he needs to step back and evaluate which direction his career should be headed. Perhaps he should take on projects with a solid script and director. I'm a huge fan of Jacky Wu and hope his next project can truly take it to the next level, and break more barriers. A pleasant surprise is Hong Kong born newcomer Celina Jade making her debut, who is half Chinese and half American. Besides her natural beauty, she can also speak three languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin). Perhaps because of the fact that she was actually born and raised in Hong Kong, she performed admirably in Legendary Assassin and looked very natural on the screen, never fazed or looking out of place alongside a solid cast with some old time faces. Besides those dreamy eyes, her language and culture is her greatest asset, as despite playing a naive cop, you take her seriously as she delivered her lines with sincerity and realism rather than just being silly or trying to look cute. She also displayed a wide variety of emotions convincingly, and is definitely one to look out for in future Hong Kong productions.

  • Plenty of suspense, enjoyable martial arts


    Frankly I do not understand why this movie deserves such a pathetic IMDb score, given its decent plot and great story-telling. The movie reminded me of Infernal Affairs, which is not a bad example to look up to. It brought me back to the Islands District of Hong Kong, where life is much simpler. The dingy alleys, plainly clothed local police officers and a lone traveler from culturally different mainland China drew a picture in sharp contrast with penthouse office, high heeled diva and black suits donned gangs. The movie gave a successful preach that it's not appearance or wealth but compassion and dedication to higher ideals that makes the world a better place and life a fulfilling process. It thoroughly warmed my heart and plenty of unanticipated turns kept me absorbed throughout. I found it much more interesting than Ip Man, an over-hyped movie full of political correctness. I beg to differ with the other comment doubting Jacky Wu's performance and caliber as a co-director. I would definitely recommend it to my friends, who may even not turn out an Kung Fu movie fan.

  • 1980's style modern kung fu action drama updated.


    2008 would be a good year for HK style action films if it was just for "Ip Man" which takes the traditional kung fu film of the early 1980's and updates it. Here we have an updating of the typical police action film of the late 1980's. Looks like 2008 has been a banner year. Combining gangster genre with the sort of police action that Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock would be in, we have a well shot, exciting police drama with great kung fu action (no guns) and some light comedy. What takes this above the average film from the 1980's are the character touches that usually didn't happen in the older films. I found a lot of the films from that era to be boring or too stupid but this film held my attention for the full 80 minutes. Good acting, great to excellent action choreography, fine direction and photography. I highly recommend this film.

  • HK Neo Reviews: Legendary Assassin


    Tagline: An empty directorial debut from Wu Jing… Review by Neo: Wu Jing first comes into my attention when he first starred with the beautiful Christy Chung in Tai Chi 2 (aka Tai Chi Boxer). Since then it took him exactly a decade before he showed his head again. For whatever reason, he was one of the best things in the extremely engaging SPL and followed it up with plenty of leading and supporting turns. There is no doubting that this lad does have potential, but as a director, Wu Jing is too simple in scenes that should be more complicated and far too exaggerated in what should be more straight forward film-making. Having a bad story is alone a poor beginning, but that's not to say that Legendary Assassin is plain bad news. There are plenty of fight scenes that are alone worthy of the starving action fans' attention, including the restaurant fight which included a cameo by Ronald Cheng. A decent film at best, average acting, some quality fight scenes, but in the end, Legendary Assassin disappoints as it just never seems to take off. The movie is basically starts off with Wu Jing hobbling to a mysterious island off the coast of Hong Kong to state the obvious for the purpose of killing someone. In the process and somehow, he met up with this cute looking police girl (played by Celina Jade) and from there one fight follows another and before you realise, he is back in Hong Kong, gangster, police are chasing after him and eventually the cliché of a hero fighting to save his girl which is so obvious that it does not require a mention. So what's wrong with Legendary Assassin? The answer is simple, whenever there is a problem we should always try to find out by going to the root of the issue. The problem is the story, and then it comes down to some originally directing and the fact that this is an action film, where adrenalin is meant to be rushing. However, this is not the case and the result is leaving the audience with disappointment and perhaps something better from Hong Kong's lone action cinema new generation hope with Wu Jing. As mention before, there was one brutal fight scene that is of interest, in the restaurant fight during the heavy wind and rain, but apart from that those good moments are far and few in occurrence. Going on to the acting, there is no question that Wu Jing is yet to experience what it is like to actually act. Here he is as stoic as ever or perhaps as wooden would provide a better description. While he graces the screen whenever he attempts to fight, his character is rather boring to follow. It is a shame as he was so cool in SPL, as the silent assassin and there were times in the past couple of years, where I called him the young Jet Li. Then again, Jet Li used to act rather stoic in his early days before alighting the screen with some dazzling displays like Fearless, Hero (he was stoic yes, but there was depth with his underlying performance) and more recently in the critically acclaimed role in Warlords. Let's hope this lad will continue to improve and seriously one must mention if he is half as successful as Jet Li, it will be pronounced as some sort of success. Turning to newcomer Celina Jade, she is actually likable and decently natural for a first timer. There was plenty of rawness in her acting, but somehow he manages to pull through to become one of the few good things about the movie. On another note, she looks great in uniform too. However, supporting players like Alex Fong and Ronald Cheng, either overacts or leaning towards annoying than likability. All in all, Legendary Assassin is really a disappointment and even a step back from Wu Jing previous starring vehicles like Fatal Move or even Fatal Contact. Maybe Wu Jing needs more time and work with more different kinds of director before donning the hat of a director. Maybe Wu Jing need to start stretching his acting a bit more or even take a leaf out of Donnie Yen's unashamed style of overacting or even his restrained performance in Yip Man. Whatever the case is, Legendary Assassin is by no means good enough for both a Wu Jing's film standard and the potential he can certainly reach. While it may seem rather critical, but sometimes, when some needs to be said, it owe to be spoken, and the reality is that Legendary Assassin is disappointingly below average and a clear step in the wrong direction of a promising career … (Neo 2009) I rate it 5/10


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