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Long Nights Short Mornings (2016)

Long Nights Short Mornings (2016)

Shiloh FernandezElla Rae PeckPaten HughesLayla Khoshnoudi
Chadd Harbold


Long Nights Short Mornings (2016) is a English movie. Chadd Harbold has directed this movie. Shiloh Fernandez,Ella Rae Peck,Paten Hughes,Layla Khoshnoudi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Long Nights Short Mornings (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

James breaks it off with Katie, but feels bad about it. He doesn't like hurting people. At least he's seeing Monica tonight, she's always fun. He doesn't connect with her though, not like with Sarah - but they're just friends. He was close with Natalie too, until she moved to LA. That reminds him, he's going to work with that actress, Anna something. She's probably too famous to talk to him though. And besides, Lily should be back soon and he really wants to see her. Sometimes he misses Lorraine, but thinking about her just makes him sad. Whenever he feels lonely, he texts Rapunzel - that's not her name, he just can't remember it. He should really delete her from his phone. But he can't.


Long Nights Short Mornings (2016) Reviews

  • A very real and captivating journey through the experiences of a young and single man in NYC


    It's very possible that many people will not relate to this movie but having lived a similar life in the past I can say that this one really hit close to home. It brilliantly captured the lifestyle and the feelings between various singles in NYC, with a very heavy emphasis on the man's point of view. Shiloh Fernandez being the man in this case, a role that he absolutely nailed. The movie was just very well done overall. It could have been cheesy but instead had a sophisticated Indy feel and swiftly moved through the many different situations and relationships. A very interesting part of the film is a not-so-subtle reference to 'Women', a 1978 novel written by Charles Bukowski. I'm only guessing here but it seemed pretty evident that writer Chadd Harbold was heavily influenced by this novel, and if that was the case he certainly did the novel justice. I'll certainly be checking out some of Harbold's other works. Don't be discouraged by the low IMDb rating. This one is much better than the 5.5 it had at the time of this review and definitely worth the watch.

  • What do i say about this raw, beautiful film?


    This movie is a very real and accurate portrait of the modern millennial man, and his disconnection from REAL relationships. I found myself weeping at the end because i saw my own face in James, as I'm sure many men our age will, and i couldn't believe that there was a film that so accurately depicted the culture of booze and one night stands. Searching for that great SOMETHING in life, but getting in your own way. I spent so many years on alcohol and drugs, going from one meaningless relationship to another, all the while leaving a trail of broken hearts in my wake.. Little did i know though that in the end it was my own heart that would be broken most completely. The scene where he has sex with lily in the hallway, then pulls out right at the end, refusing to even finish inside her, because he didn't really care about her, and that's all he wanted from her in the first place, not even looking her in the eyes or saying goodbye. The look on her face, knowing that she had been used, really made me feel like crap. This movie is absolutely aching in its honest beauty. From the acting, to the soundtrack, and the writing. Ill place this movie up there with some of my very favorites of all time.

  • a young man in distress


    I rate this fairly highly because the film is well written and the protagonist is well described and delineated. Everyone should watch this film so you can learn to avoid men like him. He is very unhappy and ungrateful and takes advantage of people (spoiler) especially women. So watch and learn. And if you meet and recognize him, or someone like him :Run!

  • great thought provoking and easy to identify with piece of art!


    Well i don't usually write reviews but seeing a movie like this get an IMDb score of 5.2 is frustrating to say the least. you don't have to live in NYC to relate to James and the fact that we know nothing about his previous life makes it even easier. in fact we only know how he spends hid nights since he broke up with his girlfriend. he could be me or you or anyone. He is a really handsome guy thus having lots of success with random girls he flirts. but this happens to be the problem, he gets trapped in superficial relationships and the pleasure of having sex. his ego is huge and seems unable to form any kind of spiritual connection. his only way of dealing with the problems he faces is alcohol and women even when that's exactly the problem, he responds with even more women. In general it's a great movie that shows exactly the vanity that overwhelms our world and how superficial and temporary human relationships can get. How alone you feel deep down trying to fill that void with sex and drugs! it's a 9 from me. maybe i am not that objective with this one but it's definitely 7++

  • Representative of an Era


    This is a good film that I suspect will live on as one of the most accurate depictions of what dating is like for millennials, particularly young men. Raw and brutal at times, soft and tender at others, it will speak directly to the heart of a certain kind of audience, therefore it is not for everyone. Side note: how is Helen Rogers not a star yet??


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