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Look Away (2018)

Look Away (2018)

India EisleyJason IsaacsMira SorvinoPenelope Mitchell
Assaf Bernstein


Look Away (2018) is a English movie. Assaf Bernstein has directed this movie. India Eisley,Jason Isaacs,Mira Sorvino,Penelope Mitchell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Look Away (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Fantasy,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Maria, a lonely 18-year-old high school student, opens up to her reflection because of the lack of support she has from family and her peers. She switches place with her supportive, but evil, twin that she discovers in the mirror's reflection, but the newfound freedom unleashes suppressed feelings.

Look Away (2018) Reviews

  • A surprisingly well done low budget psycho-thriller


    Novice (only his 2nd full length film) director, writer and producer Assaf Bernstein did a fantastic job with this film. Outstanding directing and cinematography, perfect score, and great acting by all cast especially India Eisley in her double role. Sure this story has been done before in many different ways, but I still enjoyed the constant thrill and tension throughout - even during the predictable scenes. The set locations (home and school) were great as was the winter scenery. I felt the length was too long for the pacing, and should have been edited down from 103 mins to 80-90 mins. Otherwise a great low budget production by Assaf Bernstein. A well deserved 8/10 from me.

  • Just fine but not that good!


    The film was fine but its end was absurd and unfinished story and director and writer were crazy to make the end of the film without value and no sense nor supplement. The film is not suitable for family watching becuse of the abundance of nudity in the film.

  • creepy


    Maria (India Eisley) is a timid high school senior. Her father Dan (Jason Isaacs) is a plastic surgeon who is obsessed with perfect looks. Her mother Amy (Mira Sorvino) is struggling with depression. At school, her only friend figure skater Lily is possessive of her boyfriend Sean. She gets bullied by schoolmate Mark and his friends. She starts having visions of her reflections acting differently and talking back to her. The reflection calls herself Airam. It has the tone of a good slow moody horror without the scares. It is a bit too slow and Mark really needs to die to set it off. Mark's bullying is problematic when the only person coming to her rescue is Sean. The skating party comes off really weird when everybody is laughing at her. There is one creepy aspect to this movie. While India is 25 and the character is 18, India looks really young and the sexual erotic aspect gets voyeuristic. It would be less creepy if she's playing a college student. She's a quiet actress and seems limited in range. She is able to play two separate personalities and that works better than expected.

  • Missing.....


    This movie seems to be missing quite a bit of critical information. It "hints" that the father is a vain killer. That Maria's mother struggles with mental illness, but does she? This movie doesn't provide enough information for the viewer to decide one way or the other as to what the truth is behind all of this hidden mayhem. If the story line was stronger it could have been a wonderful thriller that would stand the test of time. Unfortunately, most wont even remember the name of this film as it's not worth remembering....

  • All atmosphere, no substance


    This movie looks beautiful, the acting is great, the mood and music is great but it still manages to fall flat. Just like Maria, the film is beautiful on the surface, but underneath you see it for its deformed half-baked self.

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