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Lost Fare (2018)

Lost Fare (2018)

Alexis RosinskyAaron HendryAnnabelle KavanaghCharles Ambrose
Bruce Logan


Lost Fare (2018) is a English movie. Bruce Logan has directed this movie. Alexis Rosinsky,Aaron Hendry,Annabelle Kavanagh,Charles Ambrose are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Lost Fare (2018) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A 11 year old disabled girl, routinely pimped out by her prostitute mother, is saved by a suicidal cab driver. Together they go on a journey of redemption that forever changes their lives.

Lost Fare (2018) Reviews

  • A little gem you shouldn't miss.


    After watching Lost Fare on Amazon, I checked out its website and several of the interviews with the cast and director. I was pleasantly surprised to learn the film was inspired by the abusive childhood of the original writer and details both the dark and light sides of her life, especially they way she learned the value of time and how to make the most out of every moment of every day. In spite of the film's micro budget, it looks amazing. Great ensemble cast, especially from the story's lead, Alexis Rosinsky -- who's already won several awards for her performance. She plays an abused 11 year old that's been forced into prostitution by her mother's pimp. To me, this little gem is what indy filmmaking is all about, original stories told with a unique vision.

  • Gritty realism meets magical realism in a touching film.


    I was very moved by this film, with its well-crafted mixture of gritty realism and magical realism. Exceptionally touching. Bruce Logan is a world-famous director, cinematographer, speaker, writer, colorist, and special effects wonder. His first film job was on Stanley Kubrick's classic 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and -- he blew up the Death Star in the first STAR WARS film! Out now is Bruce's new film - smaller in scope but large in emotional resonance. "Lost Fare" is based on true events and characters. An 11 year old disabled girl, routinely pimped out by her prostitute mother, is saved by a suicidal cab driver. Together, they go on a journey of redemption that forever changes their lives. Well done, Logan and your creative team!

  • An Interesting premise. Yet, falls short.


    Part autobiography, part morality tale, this coming of age "life as a pre - teen prostitute" story has all the familiar elements audiences have come to expect from similar films. For example... A down on his luck loner takes an at risk youth under his wing on a quest to seek redemption in a from their penury existence in a world filled with hatred, murder and revenge. As they embark on their journey, the question ultimately arises as to "who is saving who?" That is where the comparisons end. There are many story components to the film that have promise, unfortunately the lack of verisimilitude in the world created, coupled with underwhelming cinematic craftsmanship undermines a competant cast who labor under the burden of one dimensional characters unjustly enslaved by stagnant and well worn expositional dialogue. The film's saving grace is the interaction between actors Alexis Rossinsky and Aaron Hendry who manages to forge a believable performances out of some challenging material dealing with difficult subject matters.

  • Very likely to be the worst movie of 2018


    Lost Fare very likely to be the worst film of 2018. This is a shame because it is made by an accomplished filmmaker involved in many great films over decades & the movie does has some attractive and memorable cinematography. However, the script is appalling: The actors didn't stand a chance.

  • Amazing breakout role for Alexis Rosinsky


    This 11 year old actress was perfectly cast as an authentic, but resilient victim of child sex slavery. Pitch perfect, child-like acting with thr soul of a seasoned actor. Watch this one's career--reminds me of Young Jody Foster. I would love to see this film remade with some real money behind it. It's a painfully true story that deserves a big voice. I'm not a screenwriter, but as a viewer, I thought the ending needed a more logical ending for the brother. I thought the ending was headed I to magical realism, but not quite. I love the potential of this movie, hope for the content, and enjoyed the lead actors.


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