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Love in Design (2018)

Love in Design (2018)

Danica McKellarAndrew W. WalkerAlvina AugustJan Skene
Steven R. Monroe


Love in Design (2018) is a English movie. Steven R. Monroe has directed this movie. Danica McKellar,Andrew W. Walker,Alvina August,Jan Skene are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Love in Design (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Hannah McElroy is the host of Los Angeles based Love in Design, a nationally broadcast home renovation show, where she completes one home renovation per episode. Hannah's design style is modern, she seeing it as not having any design boundaries to whatever the possibilities for a space. Despite strong albeit slightly declining ratings after four years, Wally, the head of the network, wants to try a different format, where Hannah will do a more extensive renovation over several episodes, the first taking Hannah back to her small New England home town of Lewisburg to renovate the historic Lewisburg Manor, the owner, Margot, wanting to convert it into a bed and breakfast. Hannah would have five weeks to complete the renovation, Margot wanting a specific completion date to reopen for the manor's sesquicentennial. Despite this renovation not being up Hannah's alley being a historic building, she has no other option but to agree to appease Wally and the network. Also hired for this ...


Love in Design (2018) Reviews

  • Nothing new intros movie


    Having seen the ads for a movie starring two of Hallmark's most popular regulars..Danica McKellar and Andrew Walker, this viewer could not wait to see this couple in a new film. Sadly, their names and star status did nothing to make this movie worth watching. The characters were formulaic. Career girl who leaves her small town to make it in the big city comes back to oversee a huge and challenging project. Surprise, surprise, the man she left in order to pursue her big city dreams is assigned co-partner with her and to add his talents to her work .Predictable, old angers arise, who really left who, and old unfinished business gets note way of their working smoothly together. How often will Hallmark bring out this old premise in order to make a movie try to feel new? These two stars are magnetic, each in their own way..McKellar is a forceful power in her private life as a mathematics genius, author of math books for girls, and even with a math theory named after her. Walker is a talented actor with great variation in facial expression and with sparking eyes. One of his best films, from some time ago, is Bridal Wave, If you have never seen it, look for it. It confirms his acting talents and his romantic appeal. However, in Love in Design, none of this is visible. He is overshadowed by McKellar's perky, bouncy manner and her take-charge style. His role becomes one of a passive bystander with very few interesting lines, and even fewer opportunities to show any passion or romantic gestures..other than being remembered for brushing her hair off her face. Oh,my goodness..this is almost embarrassing. The relationship between the stars falls flat. Of course, the ending is predictable, albeit contrived..This is a Hallmark movie,after all. But one is left wondering WHY?? There is no chemistry at all between the stars or their characters. The ending is overly contrived. Additionally, there is a scarcity of significant dialogue..way too many pauses, silences and frought facial expressions. McKellar's eyebrows turn upward, his face goes blank, no words are utter. They both give the impression they can't wait for the filming to be over. Another Hallmark cliche should be addressed here..The female character almost always has a best friend, supporter, cheering section. And recently, it seems to be role assigned to young talented women of color. I this a nod to diversity in films? Why not really become part of the new day and the new reality and make the heroine a woman of color and make her best friend a woman of any color at all? Time is fleeting..Hallmark needs to catch up. Another cliche Hallmark needs to address is the over-use of the heroine's parents as the ideal married couple, middle aged and playfully in love, an ideal she is sure she can never achieve. This harks viewers back to the old tv shows, Father Knows Best, Donna Reed Show, etc..and has very little to do with today's reality. Time for Hallmark to catch up or to be forever stuck in a cliche that may have gone by the wayside years ago. If you are looking for a bland, predictable, under-acted, under-written Hallmark movie, this is the one for you.

  • Hallmark home improvement


    Home improvement shows are really fun to watch so a Hallmark romance set in a situation like that ought to be good to watch. The leads are generally likeable Danica isn't too perky so that's good. Andrew Walker is her architect love interest. They have enough chemistry. Wish they would have shown more home improvement and less romance.

  • chemistry in design


    "The home makeover is a too crowded, we need to spice things up a bit" - I'm paraphrasing the comical TV exec in this remarkably fun and cute movie, but they did! The lead actors were well cast, they clearly had a lot of fun with the banter in the script. The chemistry was totally believable, and it zipped along at a good pace. A lot of hallmark movies are nice little nuggets that wrap things up, but this one, I'd be curious to see where this well designed pairing leads!

  • No Hallmark magic in this one.


    Hannah (Danica McKellar) is a the star of a home make over TV show. She is assigned to conduct a make over for a historic building in her small New England hometown. She has to work with an architect Jeff (Andrew Walker), who just happens to be an old flame from her high school days. The script is rather boring and most of the supporting actors provide little to spice this movie up. While McKellar and Walker are two of my favorite HM leads their chemistry is not convincing, so their isn't any HM magic in this movie. Will I watch it again??? Not likely.

  • Love In Design is a Great Film


    I always love any Hallmark film starring Danica McKeller and she has done it again with another fantastic film. It's such a creative film as I'm also a fan of design shows and it's a great way to combine two of my favourite things: movies and designs shows. Plus I found it to be so fun and interesting to watch the chemistry between Hannah and Jeff unfold as the film progresses. Overall, yet another great film where opposites do attract and people always find their way to each other.


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