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Love, of Course (2018)

Love, of Course (2018)

Kelly RutherfordCameron MathisonMakenzie VegaGabby Douglas
Lee Friedlander


Love, of Course (2018) is a English movie. Lee Friedlander has directed this movie. Kelly Rutherford,Cameron Mathison,Makenzie Vega,Gabby Douglas are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Love, of Course (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

When widowed mother Amy moves her only daughter, Cara to her out-of-state college dorm, Amy finds herself searching for the next step in her life. While at the university, Amy gets an offer she can't refuse and meets Noah, a charismatic, well-traveled professor, and discovers a new life of her own.

Love, of Course (2018) Reviews

  • A good one by Hallmark!! I loved it!


    As with most Cameron Mathison movies, I enjoy the heck out of them. The past few movies of his have fallen off the mark for me a little bit compared to his older movies. This one is a keeper! Some other reviewers said there was no chemistry but I felt there was great chemistry between the actors. Kelly Rutherford's character was quiet and seemed a bit shy but I think it added to the realism of a new relationship being formed. The side story about Amy (Kelly Rutherford) taking her her daughter to freshman year of college hit home with me. It felt like I was reliving dropping our daughter off at college that first time all over again. I'll love watching this one again.

  • One of the better Hallmark movies


    Beautiful cinematography. Like that it was not too young a couple. Was curious to know if it's fall in the States; why it would be Spring Break in Australia? Appreciate the simple, clean movies of Hallmark.

  • It is worth watching


    I love it! The movie is great, good message, amazing chemistry between leads, I loved the back and forth between them, and that kiss was a damn good kiss. The kiss scene was my favourite, it gave me the feels. I hope they will cast again these two in a movie.

  • Loved this movie


    Cameron Mathison and Kelly Rutherford have so much chenistry. This movie had so much romance in it. I hope they make another movie together.

  • LOVED IT!!


    I loved it. The plot, the actors, the music...everything works out perfectly for this movie. tt¨s sweet, believable! And for a Hallmark movie that¨s a lot! The fact that the couple was not young and we, grown ups, can relate to it, was a plus for me.

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