Love to the Rescue

Love to the Rescue

GENRES TV Movie Romance

Love to the Rescue is a movie. has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Love to the Rescue is considered one of the best TV Movie,Romance movie in India and around the world.

When two families want to adopt the same rescue dog, single mom Kate faces her fear of falling in love again after agreeing to shared custody of the pup with single dad Eric and his son.

Love to the Rescue Reviews

  • Fun to watch and a little bit different!

    MIssM19 2019-03-24

    Kate is an animator, free-spirit woman and mom to Sophia. Eric has a type A personality who loves laminating things, following rules and is also a single dad to Owen. Both parents agree to adopt a dog, the same dog, so they co-foster the adorable Bruce. You can imagine who this thing goes: they spend time together, become close, become friends and in the end start feeling things for the other. What made me rate this movie with a 9 is that they wisely chose not to include the typical cliches they always do. Plus, it was so much fun to watch! I actually laughed out loud more than once. Sophia and Eric both have the same personality as well as Kate and Owen and I thought that was beautiful, the four of them coming together, sharing experiences while spending time with the dog: (Don't shop, adopt!) The fact that Sophia's parents are separated, but still have a great friendship, and they even talk about new relationships, kudos for that! Nikki Diloach was so much fun to watch and Michael Rady excels at playing this type A personality. Great chemistry. The children were adorable and did amazing! I'm just so happy they avoided the cliches and came with new ideas for once (even the flash-forward), well done!

  • So SWEET

    elliep-46475 2019-03-24

    Okay, y'all, this one was a winner: -Nikki DeLoach was in a movie without Andrew Walker-- (not that he's not wonderful, but they needed to switch that pairing up imho)-- and the world kept rotating -Michael Rady. What a guy. -the film was ACTUALLY filmed where it was set (in the gorgeous Savannnah, GA!). Also, according to a lil Insta detective work (btw, Hallmark, I am willing and able to write/star/direct my own series about Insta investigations; Lacey Chabert has a series based on crime crossword puzzle solving and it only seems fair) this movie wrapped filming about a month ago?!? How does Hallmark do this? They're a well-oiled machine and I was so impressed, for real. -Their children had personalities and weren't just plot devices (though I did think they had a bit of an unrealistic amount of time to get ready before school in the morning, but that is a very small critique). They seemed to have a genuine friendship and I was here for it! -There wasn't drummed up drama in the last 15 minutes or a misunderstanding-turned-jumping to the worst conclusion- moment trope. AHH! Hallmark plz do this always. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Such a winner!! A very well-worth a re-watch!! Well-done, everyone.

  • I loved This Movie.

    wolfamy-59732 2019-03-25

    I love all of Nikki Deloach films but this one is completely becoming one of my favorites. The chemistry between the two lead characters was fantastic. The dog was cute and the children were fantastic.

  • I loved this movie!

    wolfamy-59732 2019-03-25

    I love Nikki deloach and all of her films but this one is my favorites. I loved the chemistry between the lead characters. The dog was too cute and the kids did a great job.

  • This is the Citizen Kane of love stories involving a dog

    jdnjtx 2019-04-05

    Nikki Deloach (Nikki) delivers once again in this "barktastic" love story. The on screen chemistry between her and Michael Rady was reminiscent of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky. You couldn't help but root for Nikki, the supremely talented cartoonist and erstwhile scorned lover, to find the true love she so deserves. Michaela Russell and Max Ivutin play the adorable children Sophia and Owen, whose love for the same dog is the catalyst for their parents to find love in each other. Set against the stunning backdrop of Savannah, "Love to the Rescue" will melt the heart of even the most steely Hallmark connoisseur. On top of the impeccable script, the casting and direction of the extras was spot on, with the performances in the café, office, and theater scenes being exceptional. Director Steven Monroe elevated his game to the level of Mervyn LeRoy's "Quo Vadis" or DeMille's "The Ten Commandments" with a stunning aesthetic that is sure to remain a benchmark for decades to come. Bravo, Hallmark!



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