Love Under the Rainbow

Love Under the Rainbow

GENRES Romance
TIME 2019


Love Under the Rainbow is a movie starring

Lucy wasn't sure if she would find true love, until Jack moves to town with his daughter Sophie. Together they teach her it's never too late to start chasing rainbows.

Love Under the Rainbow Reviews

  • Love under the rainbow shines bright

    treakle_1978 2019-03-10

    With all Hallmark movies we always get what we expect a happy ending. This movie didn't disappoint at all except as always is I want the movie to be longer and I would like some much more needed drama. Dakota Duppy was the stand out in this movie along with Jodie Sweetin. I love the rainbows and the ending was beautiful. Definitely check this movie out!!

  • Another Hallmark Classic

    lindaridder 2019-03-17

    I loved the interactions of David Haydn-Jones, Jodie Sweetin, and Dakota Guppy. I can easily see the plot happening in real life. Loved all of the normal Dad jokes, puns, and kidding around even the ones that ended in groans. Like I said --real life. Dave is a personal favorite of mine so I am eager to see what is in store for him next in Hallmark Land.

  • Absolutely love this movie

    tleannesutton-46317 2019-03-17

    Absolutely love this movie because it proves that a hallmark movie can be amazing and it doesn't even have to be cheesy and unrealistic... The amazing one liners or so funny! More movies like this please, Hallmark... and often!!!

  • Love under the Rainbow Shines Bright

    treakle_1978 2019-03-10

    Like all Hallmark movies you know what you're getting. That's why I love these movies. Dakota Guppy and Jodie Sweetin are the standouts in this movie. Her interest in her students is great. She shows she cares about each of them and makes them feel welcome especially new students. I really enjoyed this story,characters and directing. The cinematography. Definitely check this one out!

  • Stars' chemistry saves it all

    ladyemma 2019-03-10

    The plot on this one is pretty weak. He's a widower whose daughter is obsessed with rainbows, they run into each other a lot, including her being the daughter's teacher. The CGI rainbows and everyone's weird obsession with them is pretty cloying and completely silly. Although he keeps avoiding the topic of rainbows, leading my boyfriend to theorize "Rainbows killed my wife!" Alas, the truth was not as interesting or compelling. But Jodie Sweetin and David Haydn-Jones are great together, their chemistry is palpable and they keep the weak script flowing enjoyably. Put these two in a better movie, Hallmark!



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