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Love You to the Stars and Back (2017)

Love You to the Stars and Back (2017)

Julia BarrettoJoshua GarciaCherry Pie PicacheAriel Rivera
Antoinette Jadaone


Love You to the Stars and Back (2017) is a Filipino,Tagalog movie. Antoinette Jadaone has directed this movie. Julia Barretto,Joshua Garcia,Cherry Pie Picache,Ariel Rivera are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Love You to the Stars and Back (2017) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A girl named Mika decides to go on a road trip to look for aliens. During her trip, she accidentally bumps into Caloy whom she gives a free ride to until he reaches his destination. Mika then finds out that Caloy has cancer but despite it, he has learned to accept his fate. Both embark on a journey filled with adventures and misadventures not knowing they would fall in love with each other along the way.


Love You to the Stars and Back (2017) Reviews

  • One of a kind


    The movie was great and superb acting by the lead stars esp. To Joshua Garcia this movie has so many lessons about life. Well written movie Not your typical romance comedy instead the drama makes it look Interesting and you feel all the emotions they portray every time they Talk with each other or to their families. This drama teaches us Everything about life whether to accept it or not. Reality it is. I Must say they set the bar high for teens or millennials movie. Aside From that you need tissue here. Well done

  • Amazing movie!!!


    One of the best film I've ever watched. The emotion is real plus all the characters are perfect. I recommend it to everybody. You will like the story because it's happening in real life, just take a journey of your life to make it happen. This movie will make you laugh and cry. The most important lesson here is to love, love without limitation. That's it.

  • Stellar job!


    Totally blown away by Joshua and Julia's acting prowess! They knocked this one out of the park. Unbelievable! This isn't your typical Star Cinema movie,that much I can say. This is the creation of the writer and master storyteller Antoinette Jadaone. I cant stress enough how good it is! This one's for the books! I love it!!!

  • A Masterpiece!


    It's been awhile! Geez. I dunno where to start! I am so fudging excited to tell the world how happy I am with LOVE YOU TO THE STARS AND BACK movie of my JoshLia! Sheeesh. I am not being biased here. Yes, I am a certified Kapamilya but it doesn't mean that I am only saying these things because of loyalty. From the title to soundtracks to supporting cast to leads to their acting and of course the place! 100% is not enough. Joshua! My Josh... You are incredible! You made me laugh then cry! I cried a lot like super! You will definitely win an award for Best Actor soon. I can see a great future for you! You're such a great actor and you're still new in the industry! Keep it up! I will always support and love you. Been doing that since PBB days! Julia! Honestly, just been your fan recently in Vince Kath and James movie but it doesn't matter because I love you now. You are a beautiful soul and yes your acting skills too is awesome. You and Josh will definitely be one of the best love teams in history! I'll wait for the time when you already have a drama. Both of you are giving us pure happiness! So natural. The movie is not your usual romantic comedy movie! I know from the start it will have a lot of good reviews because it's Joshlia! The place itself. I so love the mountain, the scenery. You are promoting Batangas! I wanna go there! The supporting cast. All of them are amazing esp EA! Chuckles. The soundtracks! "Torete" and "Pangarap" are my favorites too! The story line! I love it! It's not just about love between a guy and a girl who met for the first time and fall in love. It's also about the loss of someone. The moving on stage where you need to accept that everything has changed but it doesn't mean that you need to give up. The worst thing that could happen between the son and the father and you can do nothing but to cry and forget about it. Family love! Your mother and siblings will always be there no matter what! The faith in God that no matter how painful it is you need to believe in Him coz He knows that you're in good hands. This movie made me travel. Roller-coaster for mixed emotions! Daebak! Suspense Drama Romantic Comedy. You will laugh (as in!) cry (super mega duper!!!) will make you kilig (to the bone marrow i swear!!!) I am not kidding! People in the Philippines and outside of the Philippines --- you better watch this movie! This is not your ordinary movie. It feels surreal! That bridge part is one of my favorite scenes in the movie... it's been a long time since I cried like that. The scriptwriter, directors and crews, supporting casts even extras, Goldie and of course the leads. My heart was stolen by this movie. JoshLia, please make more movies and dramas together. I'll be waiting! I am so proud my loves! Fighting! Two-thumbs UP Joshua and Julia... Caloy and Mika... A MUST WATCH MOVIE!!! A masterpiece! Phenomenal! Believe me! ???????? ????????❤❤❤???? ???????????????????? "Ashira grevinda mama ajaarum!" ???????? #JoshLia #LoveYouToTheStarsAndBack

  • I dont love this and back


    I'm a fan of the writer/director Antoinette Jadaone but this for me is the worst movie in her portfolio. Acting for me is okay nothing special, good enough maybe but the acting of the male lead seems dry at times and over acted at some scenes. Well I can be patient with those shortcomings but what loses my patience is the cringeworthy dialogue and story. This was one those movies I was really really ready to walk out but I was with someone so I had to endure.


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