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Mad As Hell (2014)

Mad As Hell (2014)

Cenk UygurGeorge W. BushConnie ChungWesley Clark
Andrew Napier


Mad As Hell (2014) is a English movie. Andrew Napier has directed this movie. Cenk Uygur,George W. Bush,Connie Chung,Wesley Clark are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Mad As Hell (2014) is considered one of the best Documentary,Biography,Comedy,Drama,History movie in India and around the world.

The Young Turks, one of the most popular online news shows in the world, has amassed a YouTube network consisting of millions of subscribers and billions of views. But that wasn't always the case. MAD AS HELL documents the tumultuous, at times hilarious and altogether astonishing trajectory of Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks' main host and founder, as he traverses from unknown Public Access TV host to internet sensation by way of YouTube. When he ventures into national television by landing the 6 PM time slot on MSNBC, Cenk's uncensored brand of journalism is compromised as he becomes a thorn in the side of traditional news media; his unwavering dedication to speaking the truth puts him at the very nexus of the battle between new and old media, and makes MAD AS HELL not only entertaining, but incredibly timely as well.


Mad As Hell (2014) Reviews

  • If you want to see a movie about the seeking of truth, this is it!


    This is a great documentary if you've been somewhat skeptical about how regular news networks has handled different subjects and scandals over the last decade. This documentary shows the journey that Cenk Uygur has been through to seek the truth from politicians and other news networks. It shows all the successes of his work and the opposition he has had to go up against just because he never fears telling the truth. Instead he fears lying or going too soft on people and subjects. Which can be problematic in the news culture we have today, when the news organizations are competing for viewers and want to get guests back to their channel to be favored over other news networks by driving viewers interested in the guests (that they've soft-balled) to their channel. Or when they want to fill their time space with pop culture (whether it is internet sensations or celebrities) to get more of the young audience to their channel, even though it is in no way newsworthy. Let's not forget how facts are distorted or completely fabricated to fit with the agenda of their political party. Here is where Cenk and his news organization "The Young Turks" comes in. They are the antithesis of the current news culture. They're never afraid to be hard on people with power or fame. They always tell us the truth and when they get facts wrong, they quickly correct themselves in the next show so that they don't lose any credibility. They aren't afraid to have controversial opinions and they won't make excuses for their political party unless it's warranted. Cenk and his show grew to such fame that MSNBC hired him. Of course this was short lived since he didn't want to lie or take it easy on guests. Cenk has since returned to The Young Turks as the boss man and they are more popular than ever. They have gotten to the point now that they are getting more viewers than many regular television news channels. Lately, Cenk has started Wolf Pac. Their goal is to try (and succeed) with getting big money out of politics so that the "One Percent" has less control over the political system. And they have already succeeded in some states! All in all, this is the incredible journey of an incredible man and the work he has done with his incredible co-workers to affect the corrupt political system and news culture in the U.S.A. A lot of work and fights that has gotten them (and us) results and they'll continue to produce results as long as they continue this fight and as long as people are ready to listen to the truth. Thank you Cenk, The Young Turks and the Wolf Pac for helping U.S.A.

  • The Future of News Media Is Here


    If you want to see what the future of news media is, watch this movie. What brings people to watch a program like The Young Turks it is because they sense that they are being lied to and that the current media is doing them a disservice. A lot of people may not agree with Cenk, but you have to admire how genuine he is. There is no deceit or hidden agenda. He tells you what he wants up front, and he tells you how the establishment is screwing you over. This movie does a great job of examining the strange career of this man and the windy road he took. Liberal or conservative, take the time to watch this movie. It is so worth it.

  • The story of Cenk Uyger is the story of the American dream


    I am only giving 9 instead of 10 because I feel I may be biased. As a fan of The Young Turks, there was no way I was not going to see this, but what surprised me was the storytelling. I'm big on storytelling, and Andrew Napier has weaved a specific tale with a moving narrative and more than enough scope to make it something you want to sink your teeth into. If you've never heard about TYT or Cenk Uyger (pronounced JENK EUGER), then this is a good introduction. Cenk had a desire to share his ideas and opinions, and he worked against steep odds to make it happen. He started in public access television as a conservative, opinionated personality, very green and rough but very real. Now The Young Turks, the network's flagship daily 2-hour news and politics show, is the largest online news show in the world, and Cenk is the voice of the progressive movement. If you like your news delivered in a teleprompter-free, off-the-cuff, 100% real way, then you should check them out on YouTube. The film takes you through the highs and lows of Cenk's career and the rest of the TYT crew, but more importantly it gives you an insight into the psyche of the man himself. Summed up, "Mad As Hell" is the story of the American dream.

  • Almost Everything I Wanted


    This Movie Is So Amazing! Although I did think it was missing a few things. I wanted to hear more about Wolf-Pac & the progress that has been made. I also wanted to hear about Cenk & Keith Olbermann's falling out (so to speak). Also some of the older videos like Cenk doing the car tire commercial wasn't present. I have a few more quandaries with the movie, but I guess I wanted this movie to capture in it's 1 hour & 22 minutes the same magic that I loved everyday for years watching The Young Turks, so that even my friends would get a taste of what the worlds largest online news show is all about. So in those regards it fell a bit short. I suppose my hype for this movie was far to high, & it couldn't have had all the content in it that I wanted without being several hours long. So all in all I would say the movie is still pure amazing, & despite it's minor flaws I would still categorize it as my favorite documentary.

  • Unintentional irony as this is a classic "Puff Piece" portrait


    I had gotten a freebie to see a screening of this last Spring from a Turkish American pal. I wonder if the film makers realize how ironic it is to do a non critical puff piece of a show and guy they are trying to portray as a hard hitting journalist? Look, the phenomena of Young Turks was interesting. A old story Howard Beale (the raving lunatic from "Network") imitator; combined with an old story yellow/sensationalist journalism; combined with a new story internet dissemination is an interesting combination of the old and the new. I get why it was popular, middle-low brow, few facts, lots of indignation and bombast. On style and substance Cenk Uygur is kinda like what you'd expect if Bill O'Reiley and Keith Olbermann had a fat baby. That is in fact entertaining -- for a while. The film lap dogs this guy's arc, but doesn't address why it burned out, not address place his phenomena occupies in partisanship (and he went from one kind of partisan to another with the wind) taking over the news business and the dumbing down that represents.


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