Madtown (2016)

Madtown (2016)

Milo VentimigliaRachel MelvinAmanda AdayJohn Billingsley
Charles Moore


Madtown (2016) is a English movie. Charles Moore has directed this movie. Milo Ventimiglia,Rachel Melvin,Amanda Aday,John Billingsley are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Madtown (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A troubled young man details several murders at an open mic comedy night to a shocked audience. The crimes a result of a deadly web formed between his older sister, just released from prison after a 20-year stint, and the loving bond he now shares with a beautiful new co-worker. He must make the ultimate choice between them. Will the pull of blood ties drag him further down or will he be able to sever them and start his life anew?


Madtown (2016) Reviews

  • An Emotionally Powerful Movie


    This movie has a very powerful story and themes. It goes deep into the human mind and finds how relationships work. The characters are likable and interesting with more to them than what appears on the surface. It is paced very well and is very impressive. The only issues I have is the score is severely lacking in identity and doesn't feel organic and the ending, while has some very powerful moments, leaves some plot lines unfinished. I would recommend this to nearly anyone, the story (even if you can't find it too relatable) has a lot of things to say about love, family, and your past.

  • Highly engaging...much recommended


    I have not seen a movie this good in years. It was produced with a very small budget, according to the director and producers, but has the look and feel of a large studio release. The movie is well cast, the acting is excellent. The story is well structured and the characters are believable and engaging. Everything is well put together from the editing to the soundtrack. Not for youngsters for sure, and even if you think you know where the story is going, you will be in for a surprise here and there. No car chase scenes with vehicles flying over gorges, no over-the-top pyrotechnics, no super heroes with magic powers...just a good story, well told. I encourage you to see this film when it is playing near you, or ask your local independent theater to inquire about showing it at their venue.

  • A must see Independent Film!


    Great! Truly made an impact! Milo Ventimiglia is exceptional!

  • definitely worth a watch and your time


    Engaging characters and good story line, its a good independent film. check out reviews at rotten tomatoes. the story is very believable and engaging. quality actors

  • Amateur Night


    The film began with promise. A nervous edgy guy is about to perform his stand-up routine at a comedy club for the first time. We get the impression he has nothing to lose. What has brought him to this point? The rest of the film is flashbacks recalling his traumatic past, leading up to an improved present day situation until his incarcerated sister is paroled after 20 years and comes to live with him. Seems like she hasn't changed at all while he has. The problem I had was not in the storyline but in the contrived writing. The sister was a one-dimensional character. She was rough and angry as a teenager and hasn't changed, becoming a bully toward her brother despite their so-called intense bond. He claims to love her, inviting her to stay with him upon her release from prison but later on tells her he doesn't love her anymore. Which is it? The restaurant employers and employees are like a happy loving family. Every day is like a love fest. Difficult to relate to such an artificial situation. Employers don't generally treat their employees like family and vice versa. Milo Ventimiglio's acting left much to be desired. He couldn't quite pull off the heavily emotional scenes. He was, however, great doing the stand-up routine a la Lenny Bruce. The last part leading up to him deciding to go through with his performance strained credulity. He's just witnessed something extremely traumatic and then he runs off to perform. Very strange. Also very strange and very contrived were those two cops being the same guys from high school who used to torment Denny and his sister. Wow. Small world.


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